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What Video Game are you currently playing?


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I wanna join :). I am playing Catherine (tho taking a break because that darn baby...that darn baby) and Rune Factory 4 (I love this game so freaking much I wanna explode with joy, no clean up necessary)


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I just bought Wolfenstein: The New Order on Steam so I'll be playing that after work tonight.


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Torn between Rune Factory 4 and Wind Waker on WiiU. Just not enough hours in my day for these and Pokémon xD


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Finished Ni no Kuni. Back to Dragon Age: Origins for Awakening. Then I'm going to read Asunder and The Masked Empire. Just in time for Inquisition.


Lover of underrated characters
Saints Row 2 getting the rest of the single player achievements. I just need some people to help with the co-op and multiplayer ones. xD


pain in the ***
I finally got around to starting BioShock Infinite. Me likes :D

epic mew

Zorark + mew = death
Kirby's return to dreamland for the Nintendo wii.


Panda Power
This week

Playing Sniper Elite 3 and Watch Dogs on Xbox 360


Playing Pokemon Platinum and AC: New Leaf on DS

Getting Sick of Watch Dogs, because i get 3 friend requests a day because of it.
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Kirby's return to dreamland for the Nintendo wii.

Ahhh is it good? I wanna play another Kirby game.

Been playing Titanfall a lot recently, getting reps. >W> It's really fun haha.
I've also been slowly making my way through Ocarina of Time 3DS and planning on trying out Link Between Worlds. Also Sid's Civilisation 5 from time to time- when I have the time! Sheesh, that game absorbs you.

Mario Chase from Nintendoland, anyone? Das some good fun.

lol Watch Dogs online can get pretty intense though. xP


buys meat
Started a White Dragon monotype run, but lost hours of progress due to... well, let's just say I shouldn't have let my habit of saving every few steps slip.

As consolation, I've been working on my Collection in Pokemon Rumble Blast. Boring, but somewhat fulfilling.


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So, in order to learn the game a bit, I started a game as Mexico in Darkest Hour's Kaiserreich mod. So far, I'm doing pretty nicely, and have made Cuba into a puppet while annexing the rest of Middle America with the exception of the Panama Canal (as it is in the hands of the US, which I'd rather have on my good side). Now I need to figure out what I want to do next: charge into some of the South American alliances or puppeting some of the other Carribean nations.


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Eternal Sonata
At the last dungeon... with Retto's best weapon and a 20% additional exp accessory, I'll probably be overpowered by the end of it...


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Decided to go for Dragon Age II after all, despite all the resistance I initially had to playing it. Wanted to get a firsthand account of how the Mage-Templar War was instigated rather than a Wikia account. Might as well, seeing as Inquisition has been delayed (Andraste's Spoiled Horse Radishes!)

I'm about 10 hours in and it's...not awful. Worse in almost every way than Dragon Age: Origins, but far more playable than all the things I've heard about it would suggest. Then again, I'm really not that far in and I hear the rest of the game is just more of the same.


I'm mostly drawing now rather than gaming, but i'm playing TF2 atm.
On that new Payload map called Cactuscanyon, and having fun with my b.a.s.e. Jumper. ^^


The Interceptor
Currently stuck on Dahaka in Final Fantasy XIII. Man this mofo is tough, looks like I need to grind like hell to even have a chance.
i keep bouncing back and forth between terraria and pokemon emerald, each one has their beckoning call and i keep getting torn between the two of them xD


I got both Terraria and Starbound a few days ago been playing them a lot as well as Minecraft.
I've also been playing Pokemon Emerald off an on waiting for the release of Pokemon OR/AS. Doing all that is also keeping me busy until Fantasy Life's release on the 3DS.


buys meat
After reading Chewbot's somewhat infamous Oregon Trail LP, I've played a bit of the game myself. I don't live in the US, so I've never really gotten a chance to practice as a kid, and man, this is difficult. Who knew buying 21 oxen and nothing else was a bad idea?