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What Video Game are you currently playing?


a paper man
Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth
Juuuuust picked this one up today. This one will actually be the first SMT-related game that I've actually played, after so many years of humming and hawing over trying to pick up either P3 or P4.
It's really fun so far, though.


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Pokemon Alpha Sapphire
Tried out the Contests today. I failed my first try by just a little bit, but I won the second time. It was surprisingly fun!

Also, I made it to Mauville. Maybe going to train my Pokemon a little bit before I take on the next gym.

Xenoblade Chronicles
I made it to the Fallen Arm a few days ago and I've been doing mostly sidequests and trying to level up Affinity between party members with the newest one. Now I have to go to Mechonis Field.


I managed to pick oup AC: black flag, and Metro: redux, both for the PS4.

Ive only played Black flag so far, and I can see why people think it saved the series after the AC:3 disappointment.


Turning that frown all the way down
Still playing Fire Emblem:The Sacred Stones along with shiny hunting on Y.On SS I manged to get Ephraim and Eirika's B,which is so moving/adorable you can't even.I've read their A,and omigosh it has so much ship tease it's like Ephraim x Eirika is canon.I started on River of Regrets,but I got sidetracked by some other games.I should try to beat Final:LightES in the Blazing Sword or start a whole new file to get a good tanky Hector because the RNG screwed him over by giving him more speed growths then defense and resistance growths.But,I think I'll at least get to Creature Campaign in the Sacred Stones first before I do that.And maybe get Fado and Lyon.Screw logic.Yay.

EDIT:I started Ephraim's route on another file instead.I also read Ephraim and Eirika's conversation in It's a Trap!,and there's a lot of ship tease.
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Shadow XD001

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ORAS and Smash Wii U currently. I do plan on finishing up my current runthrough of OoT3D soon, and do some more stuff in Hyrule Warriors.


Radio - On Air!
Alpha Sapphire. Have been all week! XD Though I did play Smash Wii U with my siblings on Monday. :)


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Been playing Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, seeing it's just come out in Australia. I beat the P4 story mode, but I've spent most of my time just playing versus mode with my brother. I'm still getting the hang of the quarter circle combos, but apart from that, I'd say I'm doing alright. My main man is Junpei, but I also enjoy playing Chie, Labrys, and Yukari. I'd like to get good at Kanji, Aigis and Ken.
Shadow of Mordor, gta V, recently found Saonts row: The third, and playing Assassins creed, 1-4 before I get an Xbox one and get Unity and Rogue.

Thinking about getting the Dragon's Age: inquisition. Any one play it yet? Is it worth the money?
GTA 4, Assassin's Creed 4: Black Flag, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, Luna Game and The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D.

I've almost finished AC4.


Haven't had much time to play, but I've been glued to Persona Q every spare moment I have. I'm currently at the second dungeon, trying to figure out if my team is good enough to try the boss.


2021 chill bro
Pokemon OR- Gonna take on the victory road and elite four soon!

Smash Wii U- Still completing classic mode with all characters

Destiny- I finally beat the Raid for the first time. I thought we were gonna finish it for hours. Turns out we finished about 45 mins. Can't wait for The Dark Below this tuesday!

CoD AW- Reached lvl 43


your wish is my strong recommendation
I broke Sonic Generations. In Seaside Hill Modern's car section, there is a one up that I keep touching but don't collect it, same with some rings, and I screwed the Metal fight so hard. Zero rings, didn't make it up to the platforms, decided suicide jump to attack him, died, then the 'You beat Metal' cut-scene started playing with no floor. I also got all Red Rings in Seaside Hill Modern, so now I have Planet Wisp Modern, and I don't even have one on it.

At least I'm finding Red Rings quicker than in Colors. (One year with a guide)


Shiny Hunter
I'm always playing Skyrim. There is no start or finish, there simply is playing. I'm also playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire, though I've been only soft resetting for shiny Treecko since the game came out, so I don't know if you'd really call that playing it. :/

Meowth City

Staff member
Pokemon Omega Ruby - I'm really enjoying it. Not as exciting as I expected it to, but still great fun. I've been spending a majority of the time playing around with the DexNav feature. Love this new addition to the game.