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What Video Game are you currently playing?


your wish is my strong recommendation
Me and my sister where playing some Sonic 2 iOS re-release multiplayer, and man is that thing extremely buggy.

Emerald Hill
- Fairly sure something happened here, can't remember what.
Chemical Plant
- Fell through one of the tubes in Act I after my sister hit a random monitor (Became the switch places one) right near it. Became stuck of screen not dead, and if we walked left/right for a bit we could see our characters running along the top, not going anywhere.
- I got stuck in the wall in Act II.
Casino Night
-Got stuck in the floor in Act II.
Aquatic Ruin
-Got stuck in a wall in one of the Acts.
Mystic Cave
- Fell down the inescapable spike pit (Entrance to Hidden Palace in iOS) and didn't die. Even when my sister Game Over'd it wouldn't leave.
Oil Ocean
- Stuck in a wall in Act I
- Cannons in Act I literally shot me into another wall, getting me stuck.

I also got pushed into the floor in single Metropolis Zone Act III.
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At the beginning of Nocturne; haven't had a battle yet.
Get ready for the most frustrating 60 hours of your life lol. Fun, don't get wrong, but frustrating.

Personally, I'm still just playing OR. There are sooooo many games out right now that I want to buy I'm just kind of not buying anything in fear that I'll buy too much!


Turning that frown all the way down
I've made it to Creature Campaign in Fire Emblem:The Sacred Stones and chapter 20,Living Legend, in Fire Emblem:The Blazing Sword.In The Sacred Stones,I was on floor 7 of Lagdou Ruins until Glen screwed me over,making me have to restart.I didn't even get Fado yet!It's going to be fun trying to beat floor 10 three times to get Lyon...

In The Blazing Sword,the RNG did not screw Hector's defense growths,and he has joined Lyn and Kent as my group of strongest/throw them at it units.Even Lyn's poor defense growths had kicked in most of the time.
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Final Fantasy IV, the one with Cecil. In the waterway to Baron. Also Super Mario RPG, Monstro town.

Ice Lock

I've been a bit burnt out on ORAS lately, which is weird since I've been enjoying it way more than XY. I guess I'll come back to it when I feel ready again.

I've been carrying on with my Dark Souls play through and lately my brother has got into it so, i've been helping him out playing the game and I bring along my faith build character to help him out with the bosses. On my side with things, I've reached sen's fortress. I can run through all the other areas in the game just fine, but this place is hell for me for some reason. I really, really, really hate this area.

I got fantasy life recently which I will start playing either tomorrow or the day after that.
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I've been feeling old school lately. I'm playing the orginal Mario, Castlevainia, Zelda II (the horrors).

So far Death is getting my butt in Castlevanina -.-'


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Just started this game today. Haven't done a whole lot, mostly just fighting monsters. But now I have to go talk to Dan... or something. At the very beginning of the game.

Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.
I beat the game today. Ehhh, my team was kind of overleveled, so the Elite Four wasn't TOO hard. But the credits afterwards sure were nice.

Xenoblade Chronicles
I beat the Mechonis Core not too long ago and now I am actually kind of sad... it's just not the same without the Mechonis looking down upon Shulk and friends... anyway, I've mostly been doing sidequests as of late, but maybe I'll proceed to the Bionis' Interior soon...


Lover of underrated characters
Fallout New Vegas and Watch Dogs.


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Super Mod
Had to restart Dragon Age: Inquisition because all my saves disappeared (thanks, Origin), luckily I hadn't gotten too far so I've pretty well already caught up to where I was. Gave me the opportunity to try playing a Warrior rather than Rogue anyway, which I'm finding better.


Turning that frown all the way down
I started my difficult file on The Sacred Stones and I'm doing pretty well.I'm surprised Ephraim is the one getting me Game Overs and not Eirika.The RNG just screwed him,I guess.I got Colm up to level 18 pretty quickly as well.Using him against Saar while having Eirika behind him to take all the javelin hits during enemy phases.He's one of my best units.I'm planning on making him an Assassin because I think Silencer will be helpful.Joshua as a Assassin would have been a great idea because the man basically forgets how to do normal attacks and just crits all over the place.Too bad he had to be an idiot and go for Eirika,my strongest unit.
Jehanna's screwed.


your wish is my strong recommendation
I decided to start another file in Fire Emblem: Awakening, with +Luck and -Skill. It's not that bad of a setup, because high Luck means more criticals (Helpful against Grima in FP3) and Skill lowers enemy crits, but enemy luck is usually really low (Unless it's a Streetpass team.)

EDIT: Got Avatar/Stahl S support, on the last chapter of 'The (second) Mad King's War'. Also decided to play on my new file in Golden Sun, with my team being around level 4-5, and just started Kolima woods. I was debating whether or not to get Mia, but the Treat boss inside gives you some EXP which is helpful later on. Also Garet got K.Oed by the first Mars Djinni you get.

EDIT 2: When trying to make Issac a Paladin (I like the Swordsman classes, and the Wish series Psyenergy) I stumbled upon the combination of the Djinni for Ronin on Mars Adepts! Ronin has the highest HP, a fairly good PP, and usually caps attack at level 99. Which is good. Because Garet is level 99 and I made him a Ronin.

EDIT 3: Issac just has to show up Garet and cap his Attack, Defense, and Luck. What a nice friend.
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Dust: An Elysian Tail on PC (Steam).

Gameplay is amazing I love RPG styled games. Great storyline and hand-drawn 2D Graphics. And really love Fidget too. ^^
Currently at level 14 and i just started with Chapter 2.
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Panda Power
Since Christmas ive been playing

CoD: Advanced Warfare
Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor
Assassins Creed Unity

Had some trouble getting used to Unity's combat system at first, but now im enjoying all 3. Might throw Halo: Master Chief collection into the mix, if/when i get tired of CoD.

King Lawliet

Cero Miedo!
Just finished Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes on the Xbox 360 and what a disappointing game. Not that I really expected it to be amazing or anything. Now I'm probably going to go ahead and play either Shadow of Mordor or Dragon Age: Inquisition


Turning that frown all the way down
I finally made it the chapter after Scorching Sands due to a new plan to have both Vanessa and Tana rescue Ephraim and Knoll and have Dussel be death-fodder.I was playing through that said chapter after Scorching Sands and finally beat the person on the throne with Eirika,so I had to wait another turn.Just my luck,Knoll,who was doing pretty well,was critted by one of the berserkers,killing him.Since I was using Knoll,I had to reset.I'm getting frustrated with difficult.


Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
The 3rd Birthday
-Solid gameplay. Have yet to repair Aya's clothing because I want to keep staring lol

Bleach Heat The Soul 7
Haven't played much, but it's fun. There's so many characters I have to unlock!

Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
Finished Raiden's story last night. Am halfway through Bladewolf's DLC story. Then I have Jetstream Sam's after that.

Crimson Penguin

Marchin' on
I'm actually playing more games right now than I have been in a very long time. Kind of refreshing.

Super Smash Bros. for Wii U - Just working my way through Classic with all the characters, as I always do when I first start a new Smash game. Once I'm done with that, I'm going to try out some new potential mains. Right now I only main Pikachu, but I'm thinking of picking up Samus and/or Charizard for some variety. (I don't play competitively, I just want to keep myself sharp for when I play against friends.)

Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker - Started playing this today, and it's pretty fun little puzzle-solver (and Toad/Toadette are adorable). My only concern is that there's only about 70 levels in the game from what I hear, and I'm already up to level 13, so I hope I'm able to get a good amount of playtime out of it.

Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze - Also started playing today. I haven't played a DK platformer in a long time, but wow, I'm really impressed with this. The graphics and music are great, and so far, the game is just challenging enough to keep me engaged, but not so much that I'm tearing my hair out. I just beat the first world (although I still need to go back and collect/unlock everything) and I'm excited to see where the game goes from here.

I'm also playing SoulSilver, X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire, but I'm just hunting for various shinies on all those games right now, except for Alpha Sapphire, where I'm slowly trying to complete the Pokedex... so I can get the Shiny Charm and shiny hunt on that game too. (Yes, I devote entirely too much time to shiny hunting.)

Shouting at the Morning Sun

An Overwhelming Surplus of Diggity
Etrian Odyssey - Bought all three DS games recently since I finished Untold, figured I'd see how the series changed from then to now. Starting to realize how different Untold is from the original, now.


The Forgotten Man
Bought Heavy Rain to experience for myself. I'm a real fan of psychological thrillers and I've played Beyond: Two Souls before and really enjoyed that.