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What Video Game are you currently playing?


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After years, I finally got the hang of Civilization IV. I still hate the minimap and the high upgrade costs, but I finally managed to get more oversight in what's happening and have a sufficient military to defend myself, the latter also being a problem for me in Civ III (not so much in V, actually).


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Been playing CoD Ghosts. I know I'm late to the party with that game but boy was the campaign amazing and the ending thrilling. Bring on the sequel!


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More of Xenoblade and Xenogears, along with Tales of the Abyss and Symphonia Chronicles.

In Xenoblade, I'm basically just doing end game side quests. Probably not going to do a whole lot more, though.

Right now I'm in the Nortune Sewers. Seems like some kind of monster is going around killing everyone. Also those fights in the Gears tournament are pretty interesting. Kind of like a fighting game...?

Tales of the Abyss
Ion died... and it seems like more replicas have appeared. But I think I'll be putting off the story and go off to do sidequests.

Tales of Symphonia
I beat Sheena at Ossa Trail and now I'm off to Palmacosta. The boss battle was kind of annoying since two of my party members managed to die... so I had to use a couple of Life Bottles in that fight.>_>

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Currently obsessed with Persona Q. The first chapter wasn't great but after I unlocked the second cast it became addicting!

Also it helps that I'm using the Waifu Dream Team™



Panda Power
Still playing

CoD: Advanced Warfare
Middle Earth: Shadows of Mordor
Assassins Creed Unity

There was one day last week, i literally played nothing but Mordor. Started at 8am and before i knew it, it was 8pm.

I also tried to throw Halo TMCC into the mix, but i'm having trouble with it. I'm dying every 5min in the campaign. Im also having tons of trouble with the controls, since they're not the same as 95% of the other games i play. Matchmaking also take 10min to find one game
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Aura Sensei™

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Xbox One
Grand Theft Auto V
Forza Horizon 2

Xbox 360
CoD Black Ops 2
Just Cause 2
CoD Black Ops
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Destiny- Trying to reach Crota's Bane rank 4. Just 2000 more to go.

CoD AW- Finishing up SP.

Super Smash Wii U- Amiibo farming lately. I'll get back into completing challenges.
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Turn my Swag on!
Super Smash Wii U- Trying to decide who to main, Fox/Captain Falcon/Rosalina & Luma.

Pokemon Omega Ruby- Level grinding before 8th gym

Borderlands 2- Just finished beating Captain Flynt


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Pokémon Alpha Sapphire - Duh.
Super Smash Bros. 3DS - Also duh. And also, Villager is the shiznit.
Tekken Tag Tournament 2 - I'm enjoying the game a lot, but I wish the equipment wasn't so expensive. I play through Arcade Mode twice just to buy one pair of pants.
Little Big Planet 2 - I decided to play out this one before I get the third one. I think I'm done.
Marvel vs Capcom 3 - I'm not playing it that much at the moment, but I'll probably get back into it soon.

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God of Lightning
Super Mario Galaxy- Started in 2010 and still haven't beaten it. I started over last week.
Persona Q
Smash Bros Wii U

Also Super Street Fighter 4 AE. It becomes a lot more fun once you start using your own music. SF4's soundtrack is painfully boring.
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your wish is my strong recommendation
SF4's soundtrack is painfully boring.
Nothing is as boring as Yoshi's New Island's (I really like Yoshi's Island because the Shy Guys are so cute tbh) soundtrack. Try the main theme of the game remixed for EVERY SINGLE SONG.

EDIT: Tried played a bit of Smash Tour (I think it's decent.), 20 turns on the big map. I had Shulk, my main, for 19 turns, surviving about 5 Tingles. Last turn, I had about 10 fighters, SOMEONE used a Tingle and I lost Shulk ON THE VERY LAST TURN *Silent Tears*
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I'm been playing Suikoden II. I'm at the end of the game, and today I just beat WWE 2k15 My Career mode on PS4. I just bought Smash Bros for my 3DS a few days ago, and I'm been playing that. I'm also going to start playing Pokemon Omega Ruby again.


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I have finished Medal of Honor: Warfighter. The game is actually really good IMO and I cried at the end, it was so sad...
Right now I'm playing through Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon (nice soundtrack and hilarious scenes) and I also started Fallout: New Vegas (but I don't think I will complete it very soon, it seems really long + it's quite boring sometimes...) and I'm also playing Risen 2: Dark Waters (nice RPG with pirates and magic stuff).

I have each of these games on my PC BTW


your wish is my strong recommendation
In Smash, trying to get a bit better (And money) to try 9.0 Classic as my main in solo. It's not that I'm bad as Shulk, I just have a tendency to not hold the control stick fully up when I try to Air Slash back to the stage, so I end up Back Slashing. Also if I can't find myself on a stage, I usually end up Back Slashing off -_-'