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What Video Game are you currently playing?


Panda Power
Pokemon Omega Ruby for the 3DS

Fallout 4, The Division and Cod: Black ops 3 for Xbox one

Fallout 4 and Division both have DLC this week. BO3 is just for when i get tired of the other two


1 more day ^^
Just got monster racers and digimon dusk in the mail today. I used to have monster racers but sold it and I forgot how fun it is, even though the gameplay is pretty simple.


Lover of underrated characters
Fallout 4's DLC bored me, don't feel like hunting down meat and leveling up to get Wasteland Whisperer. I'll play again next month when I get Far Harbor.

Until then, time to play Sunset Overdrive. It's free and I always wanted to try it


Went through the GOTY version of Shadow of Mordor.

I swear, other games need to start ripping off the Nemesis system, it's fantastic.


your wish is my strong recommendation
Resident Evil 5. On mission 6-3. The easiest way to deal with Gatling Gun enemies is Explosive Rounds. Got onto the Wesker fight. Got mad because he kept turning the lights back on when I was gonna shoot him with the rocket launcher.


Wake me up inside
I'm currently playing The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

I think it's pretty good so far, even though I've only gotten past the first real dungeon, and I'm looking forward to completing it.


Well-Known Member
I'm currently playing Minecraft, just to get the new achievements. A few of these are actually going to take some effort and time, unlike basically all of the rest.


Shiny Hunting!
I picked up Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar once again and immediately wondered why I'm playing it and why I ever stopped. I've already 100% the game, and yet I keep farming and making products to sell... It's far too fun for how simple and silly it is.


your wish is my strong recommendation
Resident Evil 5:

I decided that instead of beating the actual game first, I'm gonna fully upgrade the whatever the gun that you need to fully upgrade to get the Gatling gun then beat the game. Getting the Gatling Gun. It's pretty easy when you just play 6-3 up to the first Wesker fight, you get two power stones and a dead brides necklace, which sell for quite a bit.


your wish is my strong recommendation
Ohoho I got both Lost in Nightmares and Desperate Escape for Resident Evil 5 so guess who's gonna take longer to beat the actual campaign?

I also got the Map Pack Bundle for Resident Evil 6 so I'll fool around on the Mercenaries on that.

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
Staff member
I started playing GTA 5 Online again. I've been playing around in open lobbies. I'm in a military type crew, and we're always doing battles and stuff with other crews. We also do deathmatches, it's a lot of fun. Getting good at combat can be a challenge, but I've been playing GTA Online since it's release. Practice makes perfect lol.


your wish is my strong recommendation
The only thing I need to beat now in Resident Evil 5 is Desperate Escape. I keep getting so close (To when Doug needs to take a detour) but I keep accidentally standing too close to the Chainsaw Majini.

Fire Emblem: Fates. Training my Wifi team so they have stats they use capped (Which is all but mag). I missed both Yukimura's and Nile's birthdays. I am a bad wife.


Petal Blizzard
I've just undusted my old copy of Animal Crossing New Leaf, and kinda got obsessed with furniture and room decor all over again.

Man, I really should get the HHA spin-off.

Too bad I'll be writing my final essay for the year for the next two weeks, and literally two days after the deadline Fire Emblem Fates comes out in my country so... a new AC game's not gonna happen anytime soon XD


1 more day ^^
Right now I'm playing acnl, acgc, tomodachi life, disney's magical world, pokemon x wedlocke, and mario party 5.