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What Video Game are you currently playing?

Void Ventus

Sic Parvis Magna
•God of War Ghost of Sparta
It's okay. I'm just forcing myself to get through it since I have nothing else to do on my work commute. Pretty impressive visuals though for a PSP game. I like God of War, finished I-III, so I'm guessing the portable aspect just isn't doing it for me. Looking forward to God of War IV at E3.

•Pokémon Picross
Finally reached the credits after several months of playing. I still have 2 more levels though, so I'm just playing the daily missions to get enough to unlock the leftover areas. FOCK this F2P style. So dumb.

•Dragon Quest Heroes II
Game is great. Like the improvements from DQHI.
•Uncharted 4
So close to the plat. I should be able to get it by next week.


1 more day ^^
Currently playing acnl, acgc, pokemon platinum, and kirby superstar. I finished kirby triple deluxe today and on Friday will be playing kirby planet robobot =) it's a kirby kind of week ^^


Water&Grass Trainer
World of warcraft and allods online while I save up for a 3ds ^^


Turn my Swag on!
World of Warcraft- leveling up a couple alts for Legion
Overwatch on PC and XboxOne
Pokemon OmegaRuby- Catching all of the Legendarys


1 more day ^^
I got kirby planet robobot a day early so I'm playing that and I'm almost done with mario party 5 so I will be continuing with megaman.


Well-Known Member
3DS: Kirby: Planet Robobot
PS4: Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4

Not really playing anything on Wii U and it will probably stay like that until Zelda U (and there's always the chance I'll get Zelda on NX instead....). I will probably do a little bit of Mario Kart 8 & Smash Wii U this month, but probably no more than about 3 hours combined. June 2016 will easily be the worst month in terms of Wii U playtime for me and the first one where I played on Wii U for less than 10 hours.


1 more day ^^
I finally finished the boards in mario party 5 so I'm going to be continuing megaman. I have to say mario party 5 is probably my least favorite mario party beside 1 because of all of the terrible mini games >.>

Uber Sonata

Ruler of Uberland
I just finished Xenoblade Chronicles after 4 months (breaks included), and next I'm playing Bayonetta 2, as well as Phoenix Wright: Justice for All when I get it from Gamefly.


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J Stars Victory Vs.


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Bought the original RollerCoaster Tycoon on Steam. Almost 20 years old and still holds up as an amazing game.

Oh man, I had many good times playing that. I liked to make sick rollercoasters and put a street with nothing but bathrooms, trash cans, and handymen where the exit was so everyone could vomit there once they got off the ride.


What do I do now?
Pokemon X. I'm SO close to finishing the dex and finally getting the shiny charm. I have less than ten more to go, so I'm really excited. : )


1 more day ^^
I just bought digimon world 2 and 3 on amazon and eBay so I will be playing those soon. I've never owned digimon world 2 but I rented it once and thought it was pretty good. Also playing acgc, acnl, pokemon platinum, tomodachi life, and kirby planet robobot. I have to say even though I'm only on the second world it seems way to easy >.>