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What Video Game are you currently playing?


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Watch Dogs 2 (New BIG update came out, and story DLC coming soon)
Hitman 2016 (Fun way of relieving stress)
Moon - Wonderlocke run
To celebrate Valentine's Day, me and my sister played quite a bit of Amnesia: Memories. We've successfully worked out that Ukyo, despite going a little psycho, is not the person who made us fall off the cliff. The moment we discovered the incident couldn't have been an accident, I was placing my bet on Ukyo, so I was surprised when it was revealed he wasn't the culprit. I'm now edging towards the culprit being, despite all circumstances, Shin. He's the only other character I can think of who'd have been able to, and we uncovered a memory of him by the cliff when he said he was never there. However, he'd have no clear motive, so at this point I'm really clueless. Unfortunately, my laptop reached critically low charge, so I'm gonna play a bit more later.

Overall, still really loving this game! There was an adorable scene where Shin, Toma, Ikki and Kent all had an air hockey match, and it made me happy to see Ukyo show up. Orion is still being quite annoying, but I guess I can live with that. Onwards!


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Just got a copy of Gex (PS1) but I've not got a chance to play it yet. The disk has a few scratches; hopefully it'll work.


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I just got poochy and yoshis woolly world today so I'm playing that and the other games I mentioned.
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Finished Child of Light, and I'm conflicted. The story's great and all, but there's so many unanswered questions and given that this game is a few years old now, I doubt we'll see a sequel come along to answer these questions. I hated the Interrupt function and almost never used the final playable character, but the music was phenomenal and the gameplay never felt like a chore. Overall, a B+ from me.
Me and my sister played more Amnesia: Memories today, and whoa whuuuuu? As it turns out, the culprit was actually


Us and Shin talked about the case to him, and he's admitted to trying to take us back up the cliff after we fell (which was definitely an accident) and merely slipping his grip on us and feeling too bad to do anything, but Shin says that he had malicious intent. However, Shin needs our memories to be recovered in order to prove our little culprit here guilty, but no matter how hard we tried, our memories didn't return. Culprit left, Shin left a little pissed and now Heroine feels really bad. Day ended with us going home, Orion ruining the atmosphere and us going to bed. Unfortunately we had to leave it there as my laptop wasn't fully charged at first and was extremely close to dying, and it was late anyway so we're stopping for now on a really annoying cliffhanger.

So, this game is still very enjoyable. The plot hath thickened... anyway, despite all the tension, there were some really cute scenes littered about the place. Shin and Toma tried to help us regain a few memories before the big reveal by playing rock-paper-scissors, and the loser got slapped with a newspaper. That was a really cute and funny scene. Either way, I'm really nervous about how the last four or so days are gonna happen, considering how tense the situation has gotten. Hopefully we'll finally be able to end this route on a happy note once and for all very soon!

Also, is it just me or is the Amnesia music amazing?

Edit: since nobody seems to be posting in this thread, and I have an Amnesia update, I'll have to edit my post!

So it turned out we just careened straight into the normal ending - the culprit did confess, but claimed it was an accident, and we didn't have any proof against him to say it was deliberate since we couldn't regain our memories. Three weeks later, Shin told us that he'd back away from us for a while, and give us a chance to choose another boyfriend. But he did warn us he'd try and "take us" again... we said we love him, Shin said to slow down a bit, end of route. Both me and my sister got extremely unsatisfied by what this ending held. And since we really want to play Ukyo's Route, and we need that by getting all the good endings, we realised we'd have to play through the whole thing again. While my sister said she'd rather do it at a later date, I was extremely impatient. So I told her I'd replay the route while following the walk through, and bring my laptop to her whenever there was a major change in the route.

So I spent around two hours flicking through text, selecting new choices and reading what the new text held. There were more scenes, too - all absolutely adorable scenes with Shin. One where us and Shin went out to a cafe, and in the evening afterwards he gave us a surprise kiss, one where he called us and told us how he wasn't sure about the relationship before we told him that it was fine, and one where he complimented us on how we sang in the band we were in before we lost our memories. All these scenes led up to where the big climax left off - except this time, we managed to remember the evidence. Turns out the culprit was mistaken for Shin by us, and he was so jealous of Shin that he was our boyfriend and not him, that the culprit dumped us against a rock, knocking us out. When the culprit was confronted with this fact, he at first denied it, but was forced to accept when Shin showed him images of the culprit's room - which showed small signs of him stalking us. He admitted to both loving us and the crime, but said he felt extremely bad about it. He then took the evidence to the police and turned himself in. A few days later, on August 31st, we had a heartwarming conversation with Shin where he mentioned how the culprit wasn't going to be charged or prosecuted, before he finally held hands with us upon our request and said that he really loves us. End of route!

I can say that the good ending was a lot more satisfying than the normal ending. The extra CGs that came along with it were stunning, and the adorable moments between us and Shin were some of the cutest things I've ever seen. Also, we said goodbye to Orion. For me and my sister, it was a relief.

Now that Shin's Route is all done and dusted, it's onto Ikki's route when we next get the chance!

P.S: I've seen a video of the second bad ending in Shin's Route.... damn, Toma, why you gotta do dis to us?
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Fire Emblem Heroes:
I got a 5* Ephraim! He is a pain to level up when there are mages. Why does his Res at level 19 suck.

Resident Evil Revelations Raid Mode:
Hunters can do their one hit attacks in Abyss.

Oh no.


Fire Emblem Heroes is on my list, but after Sun I want to get OR or AS, so it will be a while! Mostly at the moment, I am playing Diablo II. I've been playing it since I 2005, offline for the last 7 years, and I still love it!


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Fire Emblem Heroes, trying to get Ephraim because I love 8 or Hector to complete the 7 lord trio. But it's hard getting orbs when every lance knight can skewer my strongest units. And mages are also pretty bad for Lyn.

Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. I was reading the Nemesis book and since I don't have Nemesis, I decided to play the Echo Six campaign a bit because they have the Nemesis characters excluding Nikolai and Mikhail. Also did Wolfpack's Light's Out for fighting Nikolai.

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Tales of Berseria. Loved the game and long time Tales fan

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Final Fantasy X. Is it me or do the boss battles seem way too easy in this game? I mean so easy that the game seems to let you win no matter how poorly you choose your attacks? I cleared the second Temple Trial and still won within five minutes against the giant plant blocking the path to the temple. I don't recall the Shinra Tower bosses in FF VII being so easy and they are relatively early bosses being fought after you meet up with Avalanche in the bar. FFX is great in terms of graphics, voice acting and story but the way the game makes everything way too easy is disappointing.

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I've been playing nothing but Call of Duty Remaster as of late. I'm putting the finishing touches on my sniping montage.

I hope to get Sniper Elite 4 at some point, and then I want to continue playing Yakuza 0.


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Got Resident Evil 4, and beat the main campaign Sunday and beat Separate Ways Monday, so I've been going around as Leon and Ashley's special 2 costumes trying to get money for the Chicago Typewriter.
Woo! It's been a while, but I finally played more Amnesia: Memories! My sister said that she was becoming less interested in the "filler" stuff, the stuff that was more romance-y, and would rather just know plot advances and anything else that I thought might amuse her. So we agreed that I'd play it on my own, then tell her whenever something interesting or funny happened. I've also decided to use a spoiler-free walk through so I don't have to go through a normal or bad ending again.

So I did quite a bit today! this is gonna take ages

I started off Ikki's Route and yay! We're not in a hospital this time! However, I nearly instantly got a call from "Ikkyu" about a possible date. I agreed, waited, he was an hour late, I got impatient and ran out I house to see if he was there. And ooh boy, I think I just walked in on a harem anime within a reverse harem dating sim! As it turns out, for some reason there are tons of girls who are just falling over Ikki, and while he is flirting, he is denying all since he's currently my boyfriend. After this, I simply go back to my apartment in hope that he didn't see, then he comes up to the apartment and takes us out. The first day is pretty impactful since it showed me that the situation was already tense and there was nothing I could do about it, as well as it planting the seeds for the mystery of why everyone was falling over Ikki. As the route continued, certain characters who I'd met in Shin's Route showed up, predominantly Shin himself, Waka the ultimate boss manager, Kent and his ultimate bromance with Ikki (tbh I'd rather those two get a room together than me and either of them), and later Toma, who is now our once-stepbrother?! Also, Ukyo appeared to warn us of trusting people around us at one point.

As for Ikki himself, from the 17 days I've played so far, I've grown to really like his character. He was the character I knew the least about before playing this game, and I knew literally nothing about his route, and so the discoveries about his character that occurred as I played were very interesting. As it turns out, the reason why girls make a beeline for him isn't simply because everyone happens to love him to death - it's actually very strange and currently unexplained. As it turns out, there is a "condition" with his eyes that cause people to fall in love with him no matter how they previously felt about him. This was proven firstly when he wore sunglasses and nobody began falling in love with him, and secondly when Sawa fell in love while she looked at his eyes, but completely lost interest the moment he walked behind her and asked again if she loved him. As Orion stated at one point, it's completely supernatural, and I can't wait to get more explanation later. However, Ikki completely hates it. He feels awful whenever he has to reject someone since they always take it badly, and that makes it feel worse. He doesn't know whether to love one person, everyone or no-one - he just knows that either way, somebody will end up sad. So he limits himself to dating one girl for three months, then forcing himself to dump them and move on to another to make them happy. His character is a very interesting one to study, and once he reveals more about himself he actually becomes very likeable.

As for other characters, a certain young woman named Rika has become a lot more relevant since last time. As one of the girls falling over Ikki, she almost sees herself as a rival to me. What made her character especially relevant is that the moment we go back to our apartment after witnessing an Ikki harem moment that's interrupted by Rika, she calls us and tells us not to think that Ikki is ours. What makes it relevant is that a certain soundtrack, notably the one called "Peril" stated playing - the theme that normally only plays when a character is in serious danger. I'm not going to be trusting Rika at all any time soon.

Overall, today had a lot of playing, a lot of development, but most of all, a hella lot of girls trying to get in Ikki's pants. Had to stop at the beginning of the 18th, just as a voice in the cafe was asking if I could have a moment... the extremely distinct voice of Ukyo. Well, I'm hyped to play more, to discover more about Ikki, what the **** is going on with his eyes, what Rika will do to make Ikki hers and whether Mine will become depressed at more Ikki rejections! And also if Ikki gets together with Kent but that's not the point

As for new best quote ever:

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I've been playing Zelda Breath of the Wild on the Switch.

I've also been playing Sniper Elite 4 on my PS4. I have so many other games to play and beat.

I've been spending more time on Zelda though. I'm absolutely hooked.
I have been on fire with Amnesia today. Already successfully finished off Ikki's good ending! I really enjoyed this one :D

These posts are just getting longer and longer... sorry.

So, on day 18, Ukyo told us something about being wary before leaving. That was it. That was his appearance. This is why I need to finish off the other routes soon - I want to work out what the s**t is happening with Ukyo.

Right, onto actual dating and stuff.

Day 19, and me, Sawa, Mine, Ikki, Rika and thirteen other people packed their bags off on a three day holiday to that one mountain lodge from Shin's Route, for... billiards? Ok, not the most romantic of sports, but I guess that's fine. Stuff happened, then it was the evening and I refused to go play a cards tournament. I was gonna go since I thought Ikki would be there, but this walk through says otherwise so I'll roll with it. Sat with Orion for a bit (good god he's annoying), before- oh hello Ikki's here. Riiiight! So it's gotten to the point where he has to hide from his rabid fangirls because they're stressing him out too much, and he wasn't expecting me to be in my room. There was some heartwarming exposition, then next day was some kind of "rite of passage" set up by Rika. I was paired off with a random girl before heading off into the woods. The girl abandoned me, Orion freaked out and then oh wow another surprise Ikki! That's two days in a row now! He came to check on my safety since the girl he was paired with quit, and then there was romantic stuff happening under the stars. Cue next day, Mine says that the rite of passage thing was a ruse to me and Sawa to threaten me since I was Ikki's boyfriend and everyone else was jealous. I guess I can thank Ukyo now... whee, let's return, a lot of confession and anger happened in the next few days that I won't elaborate on here, all resulting in Ikki finally telling the girls to f**k off (although he said it more politely...). Satisfaction at its finest. Route ends by Ikki taking me to outside the train station and kissing me to show that he's grown a lot more confident showing how much he loves me.

Overall I really enjoyed this Route! It has some really great character development with Ikki, and it has a really satisfying ending. We finally met our dad for the first time, and he tried to take us to where he lived far off, but then Ikki stepped in and said him and me would live together, which was pretty neat. Toma felt a lot less relevant this route, although that might just be because of his prominence in Shin's Route. Also... I want there to be a parallel universe, or possibly it happening in Shin or Toma's Route, where Ikki and Kent just freakin confess their love for each other already. Jeez, they might as well already be a couple in every route.

About Ikki, though. His character became especially interesting. We finally worked out what the s**t was going on with his eyes - and I had a suspicion it was what it was revealed to be. Apparently Orion's higher-ups in the world he comes from have the ability to grant wishes for humans, and this in turn gives the, more strength to grant more wishes and the cycle continues. When Ikki was a child, he once wished upon a shooting star to be popular with girls, and the wish became granted. The rest is pretty much history. I found that interesting, since it's the first time in the game that a supernatural entity has done something to someone other than the main character. The fact that Ikki never intended for what happened to happen makes him an even nicer character. He's really grown on me since I first started playing the game. Something I did notice is that nobody is falling over Ikki in Shin's Route, he's simply just a bit of a flirt. It seems that granting a wish to a human only happens in the parallel world in which the person wished that... hmmm...

Anyway, next time I'm playing, it's gonna be Toma's Route! I've heard Kent's Route is the best, so I'm saving that one until last and skipping it in the order for now. I don't know how much I'll enjoy Toma's Route based on the fact that I know he's got some yandere tendencies, but I guess at least he's otherwise pretty nice!

Another intriguing thing, though, is that Orion mentioned how the god he serves, Lord Nhil, has been absent for a while. Is this foreshadowing? I'll keep my eye out, just in case.

Honestly though, Waka is a breath of fresh air in these routes. He never fails to make me smile whenever he shows up. For a character with little substance, he is the ultimate boss manager.


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I'm currently playing DmC: Devil May Cry, on the pc at the moment I'm very much enjoying the hack and slash.