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What Video Game are you currently playing?

Right so Amnesia arrived early but it was the Japanese version so I might just replay on PC. Either way it arrived at the same time as Lost Dimension which I played and then finished - TWICE - over the last six days. (I was ill so I had time.)

As far as I can tell, LD’s original reception was mixed - not quite as bad as, say, Akiba’s Beat, but enough to leave it behind in the obscurity of 7/10s and so on. I played it because I knew Ben Diskin was in it, and I also thought the art style and concept were kinda cool. I’ll cut to the chase, this game is one of my new all-time favourites.

The music is by far the strongest point of LD - the opening is one of my favourites, the final boss theme is gorgeous, the ending theme is a really upbeat tune I love, there’s just so much to enjoy on that front. The gameplay is also really unique and fun, especially trying to work out who the traitor is on each floor. And the art style and character design... god they fit so well into the tone of the game. The characters aren’t exactly ridiculously complex but they have enough development for me to grow really attached to them (and as you can imagine I was in tears during judgement scenes). The story has a couple of issues imo (having to play twice for the True Ending, The End’s motive being a bit overkill when he has a better motive lying right next to him) but then good points really outweigh the bad. I recommend it a ton, it’s short but it’s worth it.


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Playing Okami right now. The art-style, landscape and villages honestly kind of reminds me of my own childhood lol.


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Currently the bulk of my time is spent playing Smash Ultimate, Yo-Kai Watch 3 and Fire Emblem Heroes. Was playing Pokémon Shuffle on and off though it is now “completed” for me since I have caught everything and have no intent of playing the remaining UX Stages (they were just for getting easy S-Ranks to unlock the remaining Expert Stages).
Tales of Vesperia: Defenitive Edition.
I never owned the original since I never had a PS3. I love Tales games though and got every one I could get for the consoles I own/pc so far.

It's a great game. Even though I never played it before it does give me some nostalgia cause much of the battle mechanics are quite similar to the Tales of Symphonia games and Tales of Phantasia. Much more than Zestiria and Berseria were.


The City that Never Sleeps DLC in Spider-Man. Not sure if I can complete all three episodes before KH3 releases.
I, uhh, started a third playthrough of Lost Dimension. I do have a good reason though, I’m gonna get the Platinum trophy for it. And I also want to carry Agito to the final boss for once.

Edit: RIP my hopes and dreams of carrying Agito to the final boss for once.
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Currently alternating between missions and roaming the map in Red Dead Redemption 2. I've been going through the story at a snail's pace - I bought the game on release and I'm still in Chapter 3.


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Currently I've been mainly playing Rise of the Tomb Raider though now the remake of Resident Evil 2 is out it may go on the backburner along with Red Dead Redemption for now. I've also Spyro Reignited Trilogy on the go for a nostalgic stop-gap though I've hardly touched it for a while.


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Pokemon Battle Trozei and Pokemon Shuffle. Hoping to play some Let's Go today and some other games as well.

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Currently playing The Binding of Issac: Rebirth on the Switch. I keep getting confused as to which direction each button attack in.
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I received Hyrule Warriors DE as a christmas gift and finally got around to playing it. I went through a couple of missions and gotta say it's not what I expected it to be. Compared to Fire Emblem Warriors its gameplay is rather slow and menus more difficult to maneuver.

Honestly this game isn't connecting with me so I'd rather go back to playing FEW instead.


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So after about a month of playing everything from christmas, i've narrowed it down.

Playing RDR2, Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, God of War (2018), and Black Ops 4.

Mostly RDR2 and Ultimate though.


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Super Mario Advance 4: Super Mario 3 (Mario Bros on it). Still love this game. :) Also played some Solar Striker, The Urbs, Mortal Kombat 3, Kirby's Dream Land and Castlevania Adventure (was testing them out after cleaning them -- minus the Urbs).
Been working through Akiba’s Beat a third time due to a lack of new games, honestly I’m just gonna embrace the fact that I love it now. Some of it is a mess but it’s an awesome mess and it’s my mess (not to mention those actual good moments and the most entertaining JRPG script I’ve seen to date).

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Lego Incredibles on the Switch. Just finished The Incredibles 2 storyline yesterday and did the first chapter of the first movie’s storyline. Weird how they reversed the order of the movies for the game but whatever.


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Just tried out Ice Climbers last night. It was pretty fun :). Also played a bit of Pokemon Let's Go and Stardew Valley.