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What Video Game are you currently playing?


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Assassins Creed Valhalla. First AC I bought on day 1, Odyssey and Origins made me fall in love with the series all over after getting burned out and originally skipping Origins. It's topped Black Flag as my favorite, and I love how some choices actually gave consequences while you could pretty much do whatever in Odyssey as nothing came back to bite you.

Modern day was also great, I'm so happy Shaun and Rebecca are back. And the Order side quest felt rewarding and explained in the final act, unlike Odyssey where the grand master turned out to be some chick you met once and barely interact with lol

I treated myself with the Ultimate edition on my birthday and it was $120 well spent. Love my wolf mount! I hope the next game is the long anticipated China setting but if it's really Persia then I'm fine with that!

I 100% Watch Dogs Legion before that, can't wait for Aiden and Wrench to get added

Fallout 76. Love that they screwed up and gave Xbox the new SP content early and decided to let it stand instead of regressing to a later patch. Gives me more time to focus on Red Dead Online since the new update comes out the day this was supposed to have haha

GTA Online.... SO hyped for the new heist and island!

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I started Chrono Trigger for the first time last night. I'm so excited to see how the story unfolds.
The DS version? I started playing it as well but keep getting killed by one of the earlier bosses.

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No, the SNES version. I haven't had any problems with enemies so far, but we will see.
I think the boss I’m having trouble with is the Dragon Tank. I keep losing and I’ve done everything every walkthrough I’ve read and seen on YouTube do and I still lose.

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I've been playing Grey Goo, an overlooked RTS game developed by Petroglyph Games. Who was originally Westwood Studios that created the RTS genre in the 1990's with Command and Conquer.

So far I've enjoyed playimg the Beta and Human campaigns. But I hate playing as the Goo faction because of how much micromanagement is required for their economy and unit production. Since they dont have a stationary base I have to constantly move around to new resource fields and wait several minutes for their mothers to collect enough resources to produce even the smallest of units. So all of there campaign missions would last around an hour or more.

So I'm enjoying the game but hate the titular faction.

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I'm not at that boss fight yet, but now you have me a little worried. I'll see what I'm able to do later this evening against it.
Didn’t mean to put any spoilers but it happens right after you get back to the future in the beginning of the game. It’s really hard to figure out the weak point.


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Keep in mind this isn't a Chrono Trigger help thread, so you may wanna continue any future discussions in DMs.

I recently got back into Splatoon 2, because I can. Turns out Nintendo had a streak of falsely banning people from Splatoon 2 without reason, and mine was one of the affected accounts. After four unhelpful calls to Nintendo support two weeks ago, they just yesterday emailed me saying they acknowledged it was done in error and reversed it while also extending my Nintendo Online Sub by a month for free.

Good thing too because I was pissed I'd be forced to miss the Mario themed Splatfest after participating in every Splatfest up to this point.


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Xbox: Red Dead Redemption 2, Borderlands 3
Switch: Pokemon Sword, Super Mario 35, Super Smash Bros Ultimate

I have a back-log of at least 3 dozen games, and Christmas is coming up so this will change very soon. And i'll never finish anything :eek:


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Playing Salt and Sanctuary on my Switch. It was on sale, so I decided to double dip. I have it on my Vita and it plays well on there. Seems to do well so far on my Switch.
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Minecraft - modded versions with newest/rare texture packs and seeds. I also can mention that there are a lot of different mods which improve the game. Some of them I've found at guide-minecraft resource and I guess I will go on downloading mods.
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Lately, I've been playing Pokémon Yellow and FIFA 12 (yeah, I like old games xD).

I've been doing a nuzlocke in Yellow with one additional rule: if one of the 3 Kanto starters (the Bulbausaur, Charmander, and Squirtle lines) dies, it's game over. Simply because I wanna go to the pokémon league with all 3 of them. I'm at my third attempt. In the first attempt, my Charmeleon got wiped out at lv. 35 (yes...) by a friggin suicidal terrorist Electrode. And in my second attempt, yesterday my Ivysaur got killed by a Dugtrio because it happened to be the first pokémon I encountered in Diglett's Cave. Now at my third attempt, hopefully I'll finally be able to avoid these traps and get to the pokémon league... :p

As for FIFA 12, I have more recent versions, but the reason why I keep coming back to it is because it's the last FIFA game where you could use your virtual pro in career mode (as a manager, I'm saying, not as a player). On the one hand, I don't really like playing with just one player, I prefer to control the whole team (mainly because I'm a big football tactics geek, and I love to experiment the weirdest and most outlandish tactics in FIFA) ; but I also like having a virtual pro that can improve drastically season after season. In that sense, FIFA 12 was the last to offer the best of both worlds.


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I recently beat the Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga remake.

I don't feel like doing the Bowser's Minions side for right now.

I might do some things in Ever Oasis, or take on Samus Returns next.


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Started Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (was lucky in finding a pre-owned copy) about a week ago, also played Pokemon Sword evolving Pokemon for the Crown Tundra Dex and hunting down Legendaries in Dynamax Adventures.

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Well... I finished Tales of Zestiria and it's DLC last night. The regular enemies in the final DLC dungeon started getting overly ridiculous and I just wanted to finish the DLC/game in general so it got to the point where I just tried to get to the end and only fought when I had to.

So... this game...

Most people hate it for whatever reason. Or from what I've seen anyway. After completing it........... I still don't understand or get it. At all. I really don't.

Is it the best game? No. But no game is. Is it as good as Berseria? No. But Berseria appears to be top of the list for most peoples 'Best Tales of' game so comparing it to it is unfair IMO. Does it have bad camera angles during battles at the worst possible time? Yes. Is the difficulty overly ridiculous sometimes? Yes. Especially during the final main game boss and the final dungeon in the DLC.

However... is it as bad as people claim and state that it is? No. Absolutely not. It isn't. HELL NO. NOT AT ALL.

I really enjoyed my experience with this game for the most part. I just didn't see the problems that apparently everyone else says they did. The characters were great. The skits were hilarious at times just like in Berseria. The plot was pretty decent overall too. It got even better near the end of the game just like it did with Berseria.

So I don't see the problem with it. I really don't. AT ALL. But this is coming from someone who loves what appears to be all of the games that most other people hate. So what the hell do I know? I guess?

But whatever. The one thing that's become abundantly clear to me is that people complain about way to much when it comes to video games anymore.

Anyway I'm done. Rant over. TL;DR... Tales of Zestiria isn't as bad as people state and claim that it is IMO.

I'll probably start playing World of Final Fantasy tonight assuming I have nothing else better to do. It's literally Video Game Fusion between Pokemon and Final Fantasy. YES PLEASE. :p


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.hack//G.U. Vol 1: Rebirth (or rather the Last Recode release as before the PS4 release, none of the .hack//G.U. games saw a release in the UK. It includes all 3 PS2 games, the brand new Volume 4, a recap on the other .hack PS2 trilogy and some parody clips)

Pretty good start to the story and an enjoyable enough RPG (I did try the first one from the other trilogy but found it too slow for my liking). Haseo is a bit of an asshole at the start but I know for sure he'll gradually improve as the series goes on.

It's the kind of game I just couldn't put down too (unless for dinner or teatime of course) especially towards the end where I would always think of putting that game down for a while but then continuing on just to see how things would pan out.

Needless to say, the cliffhanger ending had me on the edge and having just started Part 2 I'm quite curious to see what the story has in store for me next.
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I recently ordered a copy of Medabots: Rokusho Version (2003) for the GBA. Sadly it took longer than expected due to delays by the mail service but now I have it!

After charging my GBA SP I put the cartridge in and restarted a game I enjoyed as a child. Best part about playing such an old game is I can rediscover all its features. So far it's as entertaining as I remembered it being. But... this time I'm not going to worry about trying to collect every single part of every single Medabot.

As a bonus I've started rewatching the anime on YouTube since its available for free.


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Medabots was such a good cartoon, probably the best of the "collect-'em-all" wave of the early 2000s. It's strange how most of the games were never localized; over a dozen have been released for handheld systems in Japan, to considerable success.