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What Video Game are you currently playing?


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A buddy of mine wanted to see if he would enjoy playing Fallout 76 again, so I decided to play along with him. We started from scratch.

Besides that, I’ve been trying to finish all the Pokémon games I own, before the new ones drop.


Lover of underrated characters
Mass Effect Legendary Edition, easily the best $60 I've ever spent. So much fun playing a trigger happy renegade Shepard, I still can't betray Wrex though. That ain't never happening, I spared Kaidan in the first game for once SOLELY so I could shoot him in 3 lmao! Whenever I finish up with 3 I'm gonna replay the trilogy as a female Shepard for the first time, once I find a good facecode for one. It's the first time I've played Mass Effect in so long, I've held off on it as the game had been rumored/leaked for quite some time before finally getting revealed. Wanted to be able to play with a fresh mind! So excited for Mass Effect 4, they put a lot of love and care into this and fixed some errors too like changing a human into a Turian like he was supposed to be all along, updating Pluto's appearance to be more modernized... I've never played Dragon Age before but if they do a legendary edition of that, I'm sold!

And Red Dead 2, whenever I want a break which isn't often I go to the wild west! It's even more impressive looking on the Series X, man I hope the rumors about the first game getting remade is true cause I'd love to visit Mexico again and maybe see it ported to Red Dead Online too!


Panda Power
Xbox: Red Dead Redemption 2
Switch: Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, New Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Sword
PS4: Spyro Reignited Trilogy

Just got "New Pokemon Snap" today, so the other two Switch games might have a few Weeks off.
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I play Mystery Box game right now, it's pretty entertaining too. I found info about it here www.themysterybox.org/. It's a win-win game where every player get a random stuff from the box. Sounds promising. I've already bought one box, wish me luck.
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I started Disgaea 6 on the Switch today (I doubt it's going to be a permanent exclusive on that console in the US, but for now it is). I had my reservations, since number one, it was designed for a console with higher specs and this is technically a port (there are framedrops, but the game's settings actually have a measure to cut down on that during grinding), and number two, the game itself radically changes many aspects of the formula from the previous entries. Some creatures take up multiple spaces on the battlefield, levels now go into the tens of millions, aptitudes are now invisible (sort of like EVs and IVs in Pokémon, though they probably won't affect things all that much), and there's an auto battle system in the game that is actually somehow more complex than the Gambit system from FFXII.

It especially took some time to get used to the way leveling up works, because it's very different from previous entries. Veterans playing this for the first time will likely be shocked when they see the stats they start out with at first level (with everything in the five figures). And they'll be even more shocked when they go through the first battle that actually gives experience and all of their units suddenly gain several levels upon completing it. Battles award experience at the end of the battle now, instead of after each enemy kill, meaning it doesn't matter who gets the kill as long as the unit was on the battlefield, which actually makes leveling up newer units much easier.

It is no exaggeration to say that the main character will be well over level 100 at the end of the first Episode. This makes several tricks that people used in previous Disgaea games to power level pretty much useless. The level 99 power leveling trick that's been a staple of the series really doesn't accomplish anything this time around, because you're going to be outpacing it almost right out the gate. This might scare some veterans because the power leveling station they're used to using to sail through the main story battles effectively dries up because of the changes. But with the other systems, this really isn't an issue at all.

Overall, it's still a pretty good game, and it still feels like Disgaea, despite the changes. There's enough humor and the constant in-story metagame references are always entertaining to see.
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Captain Jigglypuff

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Recently started a new game in Shield and have the first two Badges. I bred a Galarian Darumaka with Freeze-Dry and it really helped take down Nessa. Drednaw took a bit but I had first used Toxel’s Nuzzle to Paralyze it and then Dynamaxed Darumaka as soon as Drednaw’s wore off to set up Max Hailstorm which really put a damper on Drednaw with damage in between turns. I am sort of doing a Disney Princess nickname run.

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I finished Nier Automata finally last night and obtained the Platinum trophy. Hm? What's that? Did I use the in-game trophy shop? lolnope. Completely legit. I didn't buy a single trophy. I honestly wasn't expecting to get, go for, or obtain this Platinum but am so happy I did. :D


I mean it's moot now I suppose. Technically. But this keeps happening to me lol. I always find out about AMAZING games/series way late. But better late than never? I guess?

ALL OF IT. JUST ALL OF IT. ALL OF IT WAS GOOD. WAY TOO GOOD. WAY TOO AMAZING. Story, Gameplay, SOUNDTRACK, just ALL OF IT. ABSOLUTELY ALL OF IT. I never found myself not enjoying myself when I played this game (except near the end when I had to do the annoying as hell farming for the last remaining trophies but even that didn't really ruin my overall experience)

So... yeah... new favorite to win my personal GOTY for this year. RIP Ni No Kuni II. I mean 2nd place is good too I guess (really probably 3rd place with Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 1 close to beginning for me)

Up next for me... is the replacement for Hollow Knight due to dropping and getting rid of it due to it's way-to-high difficulty for me. It's still a Switch game though. Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition on Switch. Hopefully it'll give me a good enough 'break' before IT'LL FINALLY BE TIME FOR IT. Final. Fantasy. 7. Remake. Part. 1. (PS5 Upgrade too no less thanks to me finally having one) :eek:


Kaleido Star FOREVER in my heart <3
Just bought The Sims 4 from the Steam Summer Sale.

Wow, this game really makes you think of your ideal house.
Omg I used to really love The Sims......
Played it since 2001 when the first one came out. Building houses were my fav part, but The sims 4 was my leaf fav. No toddlers, like seriously? It felt like a drawback from The sims3 which had an open world and more options


Luffy x Nami: A match made in heaven
The base game for Breath of the Wild (100% completion mode)

Other rules

No starting a new game until beating the final boss
No rage quitting or throwing the console across the room or out of the window

Who knows, I might attempt doing the DLC for Breath of the Wild eventually.

Progess as of July 23rd, 2021

Obtained the Master Sword and Hylian Shield
Vah Ruta, Vah Medoh, Vah Rudania and Vah Naboris are done
Waterblight Ganon, Fireblight Ganon and Windblight Ganon are the most easy bosses.
Fighting Thunderblight Ganon was a royal pain in the rear end.
On a positive note, let’s go wreck boatloads of Guardians and send them back to the scrap heap!
There’s plenty of shrines and side quests left for me to complete.
I’m still looking for all 900 Korok seeds which is also a royal pain in the rear end.
Korok Seeds found: 20 out of 900
Shrines found: 67 out of 120
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Putting the finishing touches on Dark Souls 2, finished up the first and second DLC, and started the 3rd. I gotta say, this game was a mess. While Dark Souls 1 felt like a good but flawed game, Dark Souls 2 felt like a flawed game with occasional good points. The early game is a major slog and it really takes forever to get going. Bosses are forgettable and many feel like filler; after about 30+ bosses only about 4 of them felt like actual challenging and thoughtful fights... and 3 of those 4 were in the second DLC. Enemy placement feels less thoughtful and more like "How many times can we hit copy and paste in one room?". Hitboxes are janky as hell and don't match up with attack animations at all. And don't even get me started on Agility/ADP... Whoever thought locking Iframes behind stat investment was a good idea must've been out of his mind. The hollowing process was definitely punishing early on with the aforementioned enemy placement issues, although it became less of an issue later on when I just wasn't dying. I will say though it would be a hellish issue for newer players, because running out of Effigies and being stuck at half health early in the game would probably turn people off.

That's not to say it was totally bad. I liked the variety of weapon options, it did feel better than DS1 in that respect since it feels like more weapons are viable and fewer are throwaways. Having fast travel enabled from the start was a blessing as well as it felt like there was less pointless backtracking, not to mention the fact that you can fast travel to pretty much every bonfire (primal ones not withstanding). Majula was also great; it was nice having a centralized hub for most of the services, and the visuals/music of Majula were spot on.

I didn't hate the game, but it definitely felt like a step backwards from DS1 in many ways. But I hear DS3 is more of a return to form and that's next on my list after wrapping up the 3rd DLC of DS2.


Dark trainer
Omg I used to really love The Sims......
Played it since 2001 when the first one came out. Building houses were my fav part, but The sims 4 was my leaf fav. No toddlers, like seriously? It felt like a drawback from The sims3 which had an open world and more options
The sims 4 do have toddlers, they were added to the base game after an update a few years ago.
I never use toddlers in my storyline though.


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Xbox: Red Dead Redemption 2
Switch: New Pokemon Snap, Mario Kart 8

Beat New Pokemon Snap and started a 2nd Playthrough.

until 4th of July Snap was about all i was playing 98% of the time


Lover of underrated characters
Watch Dogs Bloodline
Man the DLC story is SO much better than the base game, why couldn't the main game be Aiden and Wrench centric while 'play as anyone' was DLC? I was actually hoping the Watch Dogs 2 DLC would be like that when they let us play as Wrench and Sitara
It felt so great to have the homies back, I hope that they can star in future titles and I'm glad people are actually appreciative of Aiden now rather than saying he's trash. Seeing Wrench and Jordi interact was also hilarious, I hope we get to see more of that and maybe see Aiden actually speak to Marcus and the others from San Francisco too.
No T-Bone reference, name drop or even appearance/voice line was sad though. I hope they didn't kill him during the time skip :(

Wrench deserves to be the main protagonist of a full game!

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I finished Ori and the Blind Forest Definitive Edition on Switch Friday night. I mean... it was very pretty, cutesy, and admittedly fun. At times anyway. Other than that though... I can't really say much else about it. Except that it was overly and unnecessarily difficult most of the time. Ridiculously so during some instances.

I guess getting 'breaks' just isn't something I ever get anymore :rolleyes: (unless I'm playing a Life is Strange game)

So it's pretty god damn clear that it was good thing I got rid of/dropped Hollow Knight without even trying to play it. Because if I got annoyed with the Ori difficulty... I most certainly would have outright ragequit Hollow Knight.

I started playing Final Fantasy 7 Remake Part 1 PS5 Upgrade (Intergrade) last night. I've only completed chapter one so far but... GOD. DAMN. This is probably the best graphics I've seen in a video game... ever? Potentially? The best since FFXV I guess. Plus... IT WAS EXTREME FUN. :D

I'm going to enjoy every moment of this. I just know I am. :cool:

Wait a minute.....................