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What Video Game are you currently playing?


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Playing through the Saints Row games(Apart from Gat out of heck cause that game sucks), hyped for the reboot!


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Decided to try getting back into playing Smash Ultimate after not touching the game for like 1-2 years due to being into other crap and mind was focused on other things as well. Having a mostly near or two hour gap between college classes sure gives me time to bother trying to get back in. Also decided to get Mythra/Pyra as a bonus since I had extra pocket money. Might consider another DLC purchase too, just can't decide who.


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Picked WarioWare Get it Together!

Yep, it's as wacky as you remember XD If you played Mega Microgames (back in the days), it's essentially the same idea. Each character has themed games instead of relying on motion, there is stuff to do post-game and high-score challenges return ^_^

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Started a new save in Bayonetta. I just wanted to fight a few of the bosses again particularly the final one.


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I finished off the Platinum for Life is Strange: True Colors, and it easily reaches the peaks of the first game. It’s also one of those games that leaves you wanting more and you wish had a few more hours instead of the other way around, which is both good and bad in a way

Hunter Zolomon

Into the Shadows
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I beat Days Gone. I poured a lot of time into the game and it was well worth it. This is honestly one of my favorite Playstation Exclusives. It's sitting right up there with Ghosts of Tsushima.


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I started on Tales of Arise a few days ago. I have to say, I'm really enjoying the story, but it's probably one of the darkest 'Tales of' games I've ever played.


Back when Tigers used to smoke.
No More Heroes 3.

The combat has improved immensely, the bosses are easily the best of the No More Heroes games in my opinion (there's a lot of classic Suda trolling), I like the enemy variety but do wish there were more enemy types even though it's a huge improvement over the last NMH games, and many of the minigames are fun. If you guys are looking for a hack and slash on Nintendo Switch after Astral Chain, No More Heroes 3 is great I think. Though I still like Astral Chain better. It's a Platinum Game after all, very difficult to top.

In terms of framerate, this game actually runs a buttery smooth 60 fps during combat where much of the meat of gameplay is. It's the open world that runs around 30 fps and it's okay I think, the driving is much improved that I kind of want to see what Suda would do for a racing game.


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I play Pokemon X Omega Ruby and Ultra Sun on a daily pattern. Fishing for GTS trades for pokedex completely is REALLY slow.
But my 3DS has taken over my gaming life until Pokemon Brilliant Diamond shows up.
Keep in mind i never intend to delete my saves in games like Ultra Sun would be a ridiculous loss of hours. I still remember i checked my omega ruby file and it says 96 hours.

and i still hate Rotom.
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The Amstrad CPC version of Atari's Road Runner via Internet Archive. It's an incredibly miserable arcade game based on the Looney Tunes characters where you're forced to collect every last piece of bird seed left on the road (and I do mean, every last one of them) while Wile E Coyote chases after you.

Not only are the controls super stiff but the difficulty feels super unfair which makes the game very one sided as Wile E will almost always catch you. It's guaranteed that you'll miss a lot of the bird seed too since you have to keep away from Wile E and the second level was just utter bull-crap which forced me to give up.

I bet we've all wanted to be like the Road Runner one day but if it's as super annoying as this, maybe I'll pass thanks.

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I finished Trails of Cold Steel 1 last night. Overall I did enjoy this game. I really did. The story was what kept me going for the most part. Plus it's just so much like the Persona series it's scary lol.

I struggled way too much with this game but I was told, repeatedly, that the first game in this franchise is the hardest so we'll see if that's true or not. Regardless I always ended up persevering eventually. The final couple of bosses in the game were a breeze. Which was nice considering the almost-impossible BS I ended up dealing with for the final Old Schoolhouse boss. Hopefully this won't happen with any of the other games. But again we'll see.

Either way I hate cliffhanger endings and I was planning on doing this anyway (because I already knew the first game had a cliffhanger ending beforehand). I'll be playing the next game in the series, Trails of Cold Steel II (2) as soon as possibly tonight. I'm hoping I won't struggle as much with this one and it'll be a lot easier. I guess I'll find out.


Panda Power
Xbox: Psychonauts 2, Red Dead Redemption 2, CoD: Cold War
Switch: Pokemon Sword, New Pokemon Snap

RDR2: i reached Chapter 3 for the first time ever. Resetting all my games every New Years Day and Open world things and dozens of games to play :p

Psychonauts 2: Never expected a Sequel to the original, Didn't even know about it till i saw it on the Xbox Store. Lost track of time first day playing it