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What Video Game are you currently playing?


perpetually tired
I'm currently playing Code Realize. Finished Impey's route which was eh, currently on Van Helsing's route, which has been pretty solid so far.

Actually, even though I say this, I still haven't played the Sky or Crossbell games (personally, I feel that the need to play them before moving on to Cold Steel 3 is exaggerated, but maybe I just don't know any better). Maybe I'll make Sky the next game I play... I had been planning on doing them and Crossbell back-to-back before Reverie releases, but all of those are still years out and have a lot of time between them (thanks, NISA!), so there's no real merit in waiting like that.
Mostly geared towards @The Mega Champion .

I'd strongly recommend going through Sky and Crossbell before continuing onto Cold Steel 3; Cold Steel 2 is mostly fine on its own (just don't read the crossbell newspaper). The analogy that CS3/4 are to Trails what Infinity War/Endgame are to MCU is 100% accurate. It's not just an issue of spoilers--there will be that--but a lot of *context* will be lost and many scenes will hit differently depending on background knowledge. The least spoiler-y example I can think of (albeit not the best) is late in CS2, a pair of jaegers will "stop holding back" (you'll know the scene when you see it), which will look incredibly silly without understanding what War Cry is from Crossbell. That scene is minor so I wouldn't play Crossbell just for that; rather take away that CS3/4 will have a lot of "should I know what/who this is?" moments. Unfortunately, Crossbell is the more important of the two, and in a weird limbo until late 2022/early 2023.
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Unevolved Mankey
Fast Food RPG
-The game got sued by the makers of the critically acclaimed FF game series known as an RPG and had to be renamed

The Mega Champion

Well-Known Member
No thanks. I was only recommended the Cold Steel games. The rest of the games won't even begin to be localized until 2023 I think? I can't remember honestly. Even then I may not get it unless the person who got me to get the Cold Steel games plays the other games and tells me they are also good.


perpetually tired
No thanks. I was only recommended the Cold Steel games. The rest of the games won't even begin to be localized until 2023 I think? I can't remember honestly. Even then I may not get it unless the person who got me to get the Cold Steel games plays the other games and tells me they are also good.
By the end of the day, it's your choice, but just a few things to keep in mind.
  • I feel the consensus is pretty much unanimous that of the three arcs, Cold Steel is the weakest. It's by no means bad, but I can't imagine any situation where you like Cold Steel but not the other arcs.
  • Sky games are fully localized, and have been since the 3rd came out in 2017. They're basically exclusive for Windows.
  • Crossbell's localization is complicated because NISA licensed the high quality "Geofront" fan translation. Details. Geofront did release fantranslations for both games for a time, so English versions resembling the final product are out there.
    • There's also a low quality "Flame" translation. It's serviceable to get you through the main plot.
  • The Crossbell arc was written with Cold Steel specifically in mind (sauce) as part of the "Phantasmal Blaze" saga. This comes full circle with Reverie (aka Hajimari), which is an epilogue to the Cold Steel arc and is Cold Steel 5 in all but name, where Zero/Azure are essential to Reverie's plot. There is reason why Reverie became the final push to finally localize Zero/Azure. You'll be playing the Crossbell duology eventually if you want to see the Erebonia arc to the end.
  • By contrast, Sky's main purpose is simply being the introduction to many of the series' myth arcs. It's helpful knowledge, but between Sky and Crossbell arcs, Crossbell is undoubtedly the more important one.
I'd seriously consider playing Cold Steel II through to the end, doubleback and go through Sky, find some English versions of Zero/Azure to at least beeline the story, then jump back in with Cold Steel 3 and 4.
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Back when Tigers used to smoke.
Just finished No More Heroes 3.

They couldn't bring Travis Touchdown to Smash Brothers. So they instead brought Smash Brothers to Travis Touchdown lol. What do I mean by that? Play the game. The numerous game references/parodies are hilarious. The joke about turn-based JRPGs is my favorite.


Dungeon Master
I'm now playing The Eternal Cylinder. I saw some footage of the game and thought the premise was really interesting, so I started on it yesterday.

It's kind of like EVO meets 9. You're in this dark, but really well-made world, with a constantly looming threat that gets more dangerous over time. I definitely recommend checking it out, because it would be hard to summarize the game here, since it's surprisingly involved.


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A Link to the Past. Currently going through the Zelda games I have access to and ranking the dungeons as I go. Pretty fun so far.


perpetually tired
Finished Code: Realize. In preperation for Sora's eventual landing in Smash, I'm playing through some older games related to newcomer in Smash U, starting with Donkey Kong Country on the SNES online.

After DKC1-3, I'll probably get around to Punch-out and Super Punchout (yes yes, Little Mac is Smash 4 but shhhhh), and Super Metroid before moving onto Castlevania and Megaman games.


Well-Known Member
WarioWare, Inc.: Minigame Mania 3DS GBA VC
Well i beat the end boss and now im about to making highscore to varios Minigames. For a Game that let you play Microgames it makes very fun.

Yoshis Island 3DS GBA VC
Now im in World 6-7. Its very hard for me, cause im not very good at jump and Runs.

Dragonball FighterZ Switch
Im about to do the third Story Arc and i try beat the muscle Tower with A in any level.


Lover of underrated characters
Far Cry 6
It's a really fun game, focusing on the side missions and all that now. Didn't want to take things slow as I was spoiled the day before release that a certain fan favorite character is revealed to be alive in the credits, and I'm actually all for it since much like Darth Maul there's actually a believable way to say he survived unlike 'Somehow Palpatine returned' :rolleyes:

My only gripe is that Hurk, Willis Huntley and Longivus aren't in it. Willis and Longivus were going to Cuba(Which Yara essentially is in all but name!) and Far Cry 4 and 5 brought old characters back for sub missions or as part of the story.... and yet all Willis and Longivus get are phone calls in which you hear a new guy talking but not them as it's not on speaker :/
The rebels are even working with the CIA which made me go "Oooh, Willis is going to show up!" and I theorized that Longivus might be the 'special weapons dealer' the devs talked pre-release yet it's some random new character with literally zero backstory or character! Annoying they hyped up their next trip and neither of them even showed up!
Hurk was just a straight up sin, he was in every game from 3 on until now. I miss my favorite redneck! :(

Hopefully those three show up if Far Cry 6 gets a year two like Assassin's Creed Valhalla


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Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania and god, it's just so much fun.

It's a remake of Deluxe with content from both 1 and 2 and the newer levels from Deluxe but it's so nice just seeing an entry like the originals again instead of the weird gimmicks they tried pulling off with the other more recent entries.

Adventure had the story mode, Banana Blitz with the motion controls, Step and Roll with the Wii balance board, 3D with the um.... 3D on the 3DS and Banana Splitz being released on a console no one cared about.


Luffy x Nami: A match made in heaven
Resident Evil 2 (Xbox One edition)

This game is super freaky and has a creepy atmosphere to it. I can already expect to see a ton of messages saying You Are Dead during my initial playthrough.


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Continuing to play Pokemon FireRed (via flashcart ofc cause authentic copies are expensive af and extremely difficult to obtain, I have no shame.). Over halfway done, just need to do the last two gyms and the first set of the sevii islands plus the league and bingo.


Generation 4 was how I got into Pokémon
Been playing Animal Crossing New Horizons since I heard there is a new big 2.0 update coming in November 5th, 2021 and that will give me a lot of time to experience before BDSP comes out soon.


Crimson Dragon
Still playing maximum tune 5 arcade version. On handheld versions it digital crystal 3ds and I recently found the Crazy Taxi/Taxi Chaos game for the switch. Don't have a dependable console to play original crazy taxi but $30 for crazy taxi is a fairly decent compromise.

I'm not looking forward to diamond remake but likely will??? Get because dawn is in the game... hate the huge chibi head design.


Panda Power
Xbox One: Borderlands: Goty, RDR2 & CoD Cold War
Switch: Pokemon Sword, New Pokemon Snap, and Smash Bros Ultimate

RDR2 has been Poker, Dominos, or BlackJack in the background while playing the Switch games for about a week.

Borderlands: Goty was because it was on sale for 10$. I already have it on 360 with 95% of the achievements, but why not.

The Mega Champion

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Well... finally... at long last... I finished Trails of Cold Steel 2 and started Akiba's Beat last night.

In the end... I struggled way too much with Cold Steel 2. More than was needed, more than was necessary, and more that made sense honestly. Don't get me wrong... I still enjoyed the game. For the most part at least. The story was just as good, if not better, than Cold Steel 1. However... I would have enjoyed it a lot more if I hadn't struggled with it as much as I did. It was just completely unnecessary, and at times, I felt like I practically had to force myself to keep playing it. That's... not good. To put it mildly.

If this is how the rest of this franchise is going to go... then I'm not going to take the unnecessary BS anymore. By that... I mean I'll play the rest of the games on Easy and nothing you say can or will stop me. :rolleyes:

I'm also not against playing the other games in the franchise either... but if they are as bad difficulty wise as Cold Steel is/has been... then I'll play them on Easy too. :rolleyes:

Regardless... I finally don't have to suffer with this game anymore... and that's really all that matters.

As far as Akiba's Beat goes... it's actually fun so far and the fact that I can actually have fun and enjoy a game for once... is actually nice. It's like Tales of, Persona, and TWEWY all mixed into one game. It's so self aware too with it's anime culture, references, and fourth wall breaking and that just makes it even better and funnier. I think I'll like this one. :D


Master Zoroark
Since I 100% Breath of the Wild last time I posted on this thread.The current games I am playing are switch game even thought I had to buy a new wireless controller because of my joy cons drift badly. The games I play vary in what I feel like if it's Super animal battle royal or Skyrim or anything really I have including pokken DX on switch, but I have played the original on Wii U an still have it today.