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What Video Game are you currently playing?


I played this game a few times, and I wasn't impressed by it. I am not a card player lover, but when I have some free time - I play here. Besides, solitaire is easier to play and doesn't involve as much concentration, still, I believe that it is a great game for brain function and focus. I play it during my university breaks or in the evening before sleep. I find this and a great way of recreation!
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Funky Kong Supremacy
Best friend convinced me to actually try out BOTW so I'm playing that atm. Also revisiting Bayonetta 1 in anticipation for Bayo 3 and considering picking up Splatoon 3.


Black and White, Yin and Yang, Light and Dark.
Finished another run of FE7.


Lazy Summer
Xbox: Red Dead Redemption 2, Disney Dreamlight Valley
Switch: New Pokemon Snap, Pokemon Shining Pearl

I say i'm playing 4 games, but its mostly been Disney for the last week. I start at 8 am and next thing i know the day is half over

Shining Pearl i haven't played since Legends Arceus came out, so im in Valley Windworks with no idea what team to use.
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Well-Known Member
games Im playing

Mortal Kombat 10
Mortal Kombat 11
God of War Saga Collection for my Playstation 3
Ni No Kuni II for my Nintendo Switch Lite
Resident Evil 0 for my Switch Lite
Resident Evil 5 for my Switch Lite
Mega Man X7 for my Switch Lite
and various Final Fantasy games for my X Box One S, Playstation 3 and Playstation 4

The Mega Champion

Well-Known Member
I finished Trails of Cold Steel 3 last night. I don't have much to say. Fine, I guess. I had less of a ridiculous time than the first two games I can say that much at least. But there were probably multiple reasons for that. The most obvious one being that I played it on Easy because I refused to go through anymore BS after the prior two games in the series. It's probably how I'm going to play the Trails franchise because it's a little too over-the-top ridiculous in terms of difficulty at times. It was also probably because of changed mechanics and some new things I learned from a Discord friend from the prior two games as well. Either way I'm finishing this for good with Cold Steel 4 next. Yes I'm still playing it on Easy :oops:


Well-Known Member
Pretty much waiting on God of War Ragnarok to come out. Will probably even start S/V a few days after release so that I can wrap this one up


Well-Known Member
I like to play slot games right now and I play booming games at https://www.ilucki.com/games/all/booming a lot. Golden Lemon is my fav one but there are hundreds of games on every taste, I can play new game every day. The best part is that I can win money while playing, that's cool. Hope one day I'll win a jackpot, I try to improve my skills. Wish me luck.
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Avid Pokemon TCG Card collector.
I've been playing omega ruby recently. finishing the pokedex is a damn pain when the dex-nav isn't finding the pokemon you need i unlocked the National dex ages ago and Rattata refused to show up on Route 117. I'll be playing pokemon scarlet soon after it arrives 10 days from now.
I played the resident evil village DLC, not too bad, I expected more from a resident evil. It's not totally bad, but it's not totally good either. It's an in-between, a game to play when you have time and without any pretension.


Well-Known Member
game i just started playing

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond. the game will keep me busy for quite awhile before i even start playing Pokemon Violet


Well-Known Member
Pokemon Violet. Honestly not too crazy about
it atm but maybe when I dig deeper into the open world I’ll like it more


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Been getting back into Pokemon Shield. Doing some shiny Beldum hunting, egg hatching, wonder trading and some raids.


Avid Pokemon TCG Card collector.
Pokemon Violet. Beat it in 36 hours 20 minutes. A lot of it was grinding. Had to spam a lot of full restores (Just to make pokemon like Flamigo kill itself with Brave Bird recoil during one of the E4. The Dragon trainer is tough and a lot of the members have Poison moves if you bring a fairy including Psychic on a Sylveon)


Active Member
My wife bought most of the Resident Evil games (2-6) on X Box One using some of her reward points so we’ve started going through 2 this weekend. Enjoying it so far, feel like I’m about 2/3rds through my first playthrough with Claire.


Lazy Summer
Xbox: Rayman Legends
Switch: Pokemon Scarlet
PS4: Spyro Trilogy

after getting Scarlet i wanted to play "simpler" games, i guess is the word.

  • Beat the "Story" of Legends again, and working on the Return to Origins levels. about 1800 points from Max level, but 1 million lums is impossible.
  • about 36% through Spyro 1 according to the in game menu.
  • My Scarlet corrupted a day before the patch, but im back to 3/18 and everythings level 20-22
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