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What Video Game are you currently playing?


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Still playing Rebirth, almost 90 hours in. Hoping to finish this week.

I'm 55 hours in and just met Cid. Still need to do a lot of things in Gongaga but I'm ready to move on. That region is so hard to navigate.

Also I’ve been watching too much college basketball and I want to keep calling it Gonzaga instead.
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The Mega Champion

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At long last... I have finally finished, survived and escaped Tales of Arise HELL and it's DLC. If this doesn't tell you how this is going to go... then I don't know what will. If I gave my true full thoughts on this game... IT WOULD BE A REALLY LONG ASS POST. Which apparently nobody likes or wants to read anymore. I'll try to summarize things to the best of my ability. However... it will likely still be a little bit long so apologies beforehand.

First of all... TL;DR... I'm sorry but this game doesn't feel like a true Tales of game. It just doesn't I'm sorry. What this feels like... is that they wanted to make a new IP and dumbass Bandai Namco executive higher up (whose likely an SAO simp) said no and told them to slap Tales of on it. Conspiracy? Call it whatever you want... some of my discord friends told me they felt the same exact same way so it can't just be me.

The story was not that interesting to me in the slightest in any way whatsoever I'm sorry. Very 'bland' and nothing was very memorable or 'stuck out' for me. The characters fought with each other CONSTANTLY to the point where it detracted from pretty much everything that was going on and got the point of annoyance. I get that Tales of party members can fight BUT NOT THIS MUCH AND NOT AROUND THE STORY. It's always HUMOROUS AND ENTERTAINING AND ABOUT STUPID CRAP THAT ISN'T INVOLVING THE STORY. THAT'S WHY IT'S HUMOROUS. It legitimately felt like the party members didn't actually like each other. When an argument happened... it would be stopped in the worst possible way. 'Let's focus on the task on hand' Oh really? Really now? Wow. Just wow. Who wrote that? Seriously? Absolutely ridiculous. The world of the game was very 'generic' too. The environments were pretty yes but there was nothing really 'memorable' about the worlds and the environments in the game could also be found in Biomutant or any other JRPG. Not great. Not great. Also... I don't really 'get' why people claim space is all that great. Them going to space... felt shoehorned in. In other words... it felt like they had them go to space... just to have them go to space. That's not a good enough reason I'm sorry. Find a better reason. Another horrid ass excuse. Ridiculous. The space areas weren't even that big either and it's not like it was a completely different planet or something. Why do space areas always have to be 'futuristic'? That's way over-used and just makes it so great!! Not. Give me a break.

I don't like the art style in the game I'm sorry I just don't. It's not 'anime-like' enough for me. CGI=/= anime-like I'm sorry. Tales of, to me at least, is supposed to be a fusion between an JRPG and an anime. This CGI crap doesn't cut it I'm sorry. That's not anime-like. At all. It only felt 'anime-like' during the anime cutscenes. That's not good enough I'm sorry. The skits in this game are the WORST SKITS I THINK I'VE EVER SEEN IN A TALES OF GAME AND HAVE NO CHARACTER TO THEM IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER. It's just more CGI crap and that no feeling, emotion, or character in them or to them. That's not a skit. That's a cutscene. What a joke. Give me a break. I don't care about customization I'm sorry. So the outfit and weapon stuff in the skit means nothing to me sorry. The skits have to be 'anime-like' end of story.

Can someone please explain to me what the point of the battle system is? Seriously? I'm being serious here and not joking. What's the point of it? Is it fun? Sure... at times. BUT THEN THE WHOLE GOD DAMN BATTLE SYSTEM IS THROWN OUT DURING BOSS FIGHTS. IF YOU ARE GOING TO THROW THE WHOLE GOD DAMN BATTLE SYSTEM OUT FOR BOSS FIGHTS THEN THERE IS NO POINT TO THE BATTLE SYSTEM. I'm sorry. The enemies TAKE WAY TO GOD DAMN LONG TO BEAT I'm sorry. They are literally damage sponges. There is no excuse for this. That's not a random enemy... THAT'S A BOSS. They shouldn't take longer than thirty seconds to beat. Maybe a minute depending on the enemy. Not a minute to two minutes or longer. What a god damn joke with this ****. Give me a break. The bosses are even WORSE. Each boss takes at least ten minutes to beat. That's not a boss... that's an optional super boss. Who came up with this seriously? There is no excuse for this BS. What a joke. You only get in-game money from side quests. That's it. Not money from beating enemies on the field like you are supposed to but from side quests. I like side quests. But THAT'S how you get in-game money? Seriously? That you instantly run out of from weapon and equipment upgrades and don't have enough for items THAT I HAD TO USE A LOT OF. I can't with this. Seriously. There's no excuse for this **** either. Seriously.

Who in the hell came up with the final dungeon? Seriously? I would like to strangle them. THE WORST FINAL DUNGEON I THINK I'VE EVER SEEN IN A TALES OF GAME. I was literally playing the game on normal... UNTIL THIS BS FINAL DUNGEON. THEN... I JUST HAD IT WITH THIS GAME AND IT'S MULTIPLE BS. I HAD NO CHOICE BUT TO DECREASE THE DIFFICULTY. I SHOULDN'T OF HAD TO DO THAT. It has 'boss type' enemies in the field in the final dungeon. Which made the item and money situation even worse.

All in all... whatever this **** is supposed to be... it ain't it. Sorry. It's just not. But this is just how I personally feel okay? Just utterly ridiculous and no excuse for all of this BS. But don't believe me I'm just a stupid person on the internet that most want to claim is wrong 95% of the time.

Next up is Pokemon Brilliant Diamond finally. My first Pokemon experience since Crown Tundra DLC. Two **** games back to back you say? Another hell you say? Maybe. But Arise had good reviews. Do you see why I judge games for myself now? Let me judge Brilliant Diamond for myself thanks.

Told you. Sorry. I had A LOT of issues with Arise.

Tales of list:

Xillia 2
Graces f
Symphonia 2


Long gone are the days
Pokemon Platinum


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Pokemon Violet, been doing some training, item gathering and Pokemon catching; Palia, been gardening; Harvest Moon, been working on making some gardens; Pokemon X, been shiny hunting; What The Golf?, been trying out some new levels, they're pretty fun.
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Lazy Summer
Finished Assassins Creed Mirage with all achievements, Open Roads on Gamepass, and Also finally finished Mario Brothers Wonder.

I also got about half way through Assassin's Creed Syndicate and Borderlands 2.

started playing Borderlands 2 DLC before finishing the story, but then started a new character so I'm back at the beginning

Then i got hooked on Far Cry 4 and forgot all about Syndicate.

Xbox: Far Cry 4, Borderlands 2
Switch: Pokemon Scarlet

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free
Persona 3 Reload.

Halfway done and can't put it down lmao


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
Been playing some of my older DS and 3DS games today. Sadly Smash Bros 3DS doesn't work. But the rest work ok.


Togekiss Enthusiast
Currently, I'm replaying Pokemon Quest. For such a simple game it's quite charming and I wish that Nintendo had done more with it. I'm jealous of the bootleg Chinese version- it has so many more features than the vanilla Switch version. Also, playing a lot of NSO Gameboy and SNES stuff. There's a Kirby embossed puzzle game that I've been spending a lot of time with. And, while I haven't gotten to it yet, I plan to start Snake Rattle N' Roll. (The nostalgia!!)