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What Video Game are you currently playing?

The Admiral

the star of the masquerade
The most recent game I've finished playing is the Spyro Reignited Trilogy.

Here's a thing most people probably don't remember or are too nostalgia-blind to realize: most 3D platformers in the mid-to-late 90s and early aughts were trash. By the standards of the time, Spyro was pretty good. I was entirely expecting Year of the Dragon to go completely buck wild in terms of having way too much stuff to collect, but it was comparatively reined-in. There were probably too many playable characters/vehicles in it, but that's fairly minor. In overall quality order I think Year of the Dragon is the best, the original is in the middle, and Ripto's Rage is the least good, but also, Ripto's Rage seemed like the dev team was trying to expand past a model they'd basically mastered on the OG but weren't completely certain of what to do in some cases. However, these games are all good and the remaster was lovingly accomplished by Toys for Bob, who I'm so glad are no longer under the thumb of Activision. Highly recommended for people who enjoy 3D platformers and want to play some that are pretty good.

Otherwise I've been spending a lot of time playing a couple of mobile games (I'm almost upset Honkai Star Rail is good lolololol) and very occasionally Final Fantasy XIV, along with less-occasional Worms Armageddon, which is just fun even when you only have the computer to play against. (I recently discovered the computer can use the MB Bomb. Who knew?!)

A couple months back I beat Armored Core 3 again for the first time in a few years and I got the OP-INTENSIFY upgrade to let you use your cannons without kneeling (bipeds/hovers)/while flying (quads). One of the most brutal things I've done in a game in a while and I'm super stoked about having pulled that off.

Don't know what the next game I'll play next is. I might round out more of the Mega Man Battle Network Legacy Collection and play BN5. I've had that collection for over a year now and haven't 100%ed it yet because I get caught up in a lot of other stuff.

Mr. Reloaded

Cause a pirate is free


Lazy Summer
Played and finished Little Kitty, Big City, Full Throttle Remastered and got 99% of the achievements in A Little to the Left.

Far Cry 4 i think I'm about 50%-75%. I defeated half of the 4 generals.
Borderlands 2 as well, about 75%. just assaulted the control tower and "Things" Happened.
Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure is an "After work" relax game

Also bought and finished "Mario vs Donkey Kong" in about a weekend. Shorter than i expected

Xbox: Far Cry 4, Borderlands 2. Lego Marvel Super heroes, Twin Breaker: A Sacred Symbols Adventure
Switch: Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle