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What Video Game are you currently playing?

Selfdestruct Togepi

Fangirls Beware!
During the night I play poke'mon Platium and during the day I play Legend of Zelda: Majura's Mask

Despite some critics say that Orcaria of time is much better,I find this game more entertaining and nostalgic in a both scary and funny sort of way also...
I'm not sure if yo get it back though


ミッドナイト ミュウツー
I am now playing the legend of zelda orcrana of time... Just got it and im doing well. Its been years since i played it


Pokemaniac10 revived
Super Mario Brothers (NES; Virtual Console)
Super Mario Brothers World (SNES; Virtual Console)
Super Metroid (SNES; Virtual Console)
Paper Mario (N64)

Sucks playing the same games, but at least they're fun.

Zetta Awesome

Well-Known Member
Pokemon Diamond
Kirby Super Star Ultra
The World Ends with You
Pokemon Leaf Green
Warriors Orochi 2
Since I'm on spring break I might start another file in Tales of Symphonia
Playing a little Pokemon Platinum, along with another playthrough of Persona 3 FES which I plan to start in a couple days, the very same day the game's calendar starts.

I'm such a nerd.


Warning: Jokes!
Playing Runescape, after a year long hiatus. Only playing because I just found out my new friends at school play it too, and the game has been fixed since I last played. Not playing as seriously as I used to though. They're paying for my membership, so I might as well play.

Mariku -- kitten

Toshiya lover<3
I'm switching between playing Tales of the Abyss and Tales of Vesperia very frequently. I'm currently stuck in my file of Vesperia and I'm not inclined to play, as my healer had to go and get herself kidnapped and the other two who can heal SUCK. Very discouraging.
Playing those two makes me want to replay .hack//GU *_* Dist and Cumore have the same voice actor as Endrance, who is one of my favourite video game characters...Uwaa<3


Well so far im playing three games.
Pokemon platinum- im training before i fight the E4 again since Cynthia's Garchomp obliterated my team -_-
Fallout 3- Man this game is addicting im level 15 atm and so far i hardly progressed te story lol just exploring the wastes and doing side quests.
Resident Evil 5- Just started playing 2 days ago and though i haven't beaten the game yet Ive been playing online and met 2 people who are just as far as me lol.
Meh, I'm doing random things in Platinum since I already beat it... and playing Ruby on the side for the semi-nostalgic feeling :/ This time I'm playing as a guy since I'm always the girl (since I'm a girl >.>)


Dawn Patrol
I picked up Pokemon Diamond again recently. After I beat the Elite Four (which I did in about a week) and decided to explore a bit, I rarely picked it up afterward. Right now I'm trying to get as many Pokemon in my Pokedex and I just caught Giratina in Turnback Cave.

Mariku -- kitten

Toshiya lover<3
Pulled Time Hollow out of the votex I banished it to the last time I played.

Time Hollow is about a boy who has a pen who can change time. Unfortunately, he keeps making bad changes. ( One of his changes turned the best student in class into a drop out, and another put his friend in the hospital).

I made some progress, which is good. It's a game heavily based on gathering clues rather than fighting, so it's a bit different from my normal taste in game. All in all, it's difficult for me, but I adore it, anyway.


Not really here.
Playing Persona 3: FES and The World Ends With You currently. Both are too awesome to stop playing.


Spring-Loaded Fish
Instead of starting Lost Odyssey, I've decided to play FF9, seeing as I never finished it. Started again a couple of days ago, I'm about halfway through disc 2 of 4 now. I'm going to slow the pace down a bit now though because A. I have work the next 3 days, B. Revision needs doing and C. One and a half days of doing virtually nothing but video games is my limit.


Veteran member
I'm playing Sonic Unleashed.Or at least I'm trying to play it


Well-Known Member
Was playing Team Fortress 2. Now I'm busy with Pokemon Platinum. Must. Finish. Game. TONIGHT!!