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What Video Game are you currently playing?


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Dissidia and Spectrobes since my brother's hogging the TV so he can play Maximo and Metroid Prime Trilogy.


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Also, thinking about starting a file on ToV. My sister has (and has nearly beaten it...), but I think it's time for me to actually bother with it. I may as well... pretty soon I'll only have weekends to play on my 360.


It's worth it. Best JRPG this gen imo.


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Metroid prime trilogy. I think I'm almost done with metroid prime.


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The World Ends With You (Almost got turned off at the start, the main character's a dick)
Men of War
Empire Earth II


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It's worth it. Best JRPG this gen imo.
I know, I've watched my sister play through it (and joined in a few battles as well).

Metroid prime trilogy. I think I'm almost done with metroid prime.

MPT. Amazing game, and I'm at the Phazon Mines.
Metroid Prime Trilogy, currently playing Metroid Prime. Nearly done. Going to head off to Phendrana to acquire some items I may have missed and attempt to "clear" it. I know that Magmoor will have to wait until after I've cleared Phazon Mines. In which case, I'll be on my way there shortly to take down the Omega Pirate and get the Phazon Suit.

Pretty soon, I'll be on Metroid Prime 2: Echoes.

Also... today I've just bought Halo: Combat Evolved, Alter Echo and Zak & Wiki: Quest for Barbaros Treasure. Thinking about going with Halo first, as I've never actually played it before.



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Also... today I've just bought Halo: Combat Evolved,


Just a note: if you play it expecting BioShock, you will be severely disappointed. But if you play it just for a nice, fun, lengthy, and extremely replayable campaign mode, then you will very likely enjoy it.


Shin Megami Tensai: Persona 3: FES. Best RPG I've played in quite a while. Kinda like playing an animé.
Donkey Kong 64 and Banjo-Kazooie. Once I beat those, I'm going to finally play Disgaea: Hour of Darkness. I'm also on hunt for a copy of Tales of the Abyss.


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I was playing Halo not too long ago. So this is where the general control scheme for most modern day shooters comes from....



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Mass Effect, before my stupid brother got the X-Box taken.
Also, Horde mode on Gears with Dimentio and fhqwhgads.
ive been playing alot of goldeneye for n64, kicking it old school


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i'm currently playing Spectrobes: Origins. First: Nintendo vs Sega. Nintendo wins. Now it's Pokemon vs. Spectrobes. Who will win the title of the ultimate creature capture game? I'm thinking POKEMON!!!!