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What was in you last booster?


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What was in your last booster?

My last booster was one from Diamond & Pearl Stormfront, and I got this Lvl X card ^^

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my last card packs were from platinum seires shortly after i stoped collecting


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I started buying boster packs for online play lately. The only one I remember from my physical booster pack was Krookodile. With the online booster credit, I bought a call of legends booster pack which contained a Groudon. Coincidentally this was the first rare that popped out to me on bulbapedia when I was trying to figure out which pack I should spend my credit on.

The chance to discard the top 4 cards of my deck doesn't seem to appealing though.


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I geuss that this is the new pack pull thread,

So today I got 14 packs of nobel and pulled

kyurem h
cobalion h
landorus h
leavanny h
virizion FA
virizion h
cofagrigus (ability)
archeops (ability)

Reverse holos
victini (victory star)

and 14 code cards.
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And another 10 packs of NV later

I got alot of repeat rares that aren't that great but the one's Id like to mention
Virizion FA (again)
victini (v-blast, hehehe)
2 kyurem, h and rh
beheeyem (idk, I like him)
2 evolite
2 chandelure (cursed shadow)


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2 packs of B/W.
Emboar and Reuniclus.
Both holo.
Good pull.
2 Triumphant
1 Undaunted
1 Uneashed
3 Noble Victories'

I Pulled
Machamp Prime
Espeon Prime
Rev Holo Seeker
Rainbow Energy
Rev Holo Super Rod
Not to bad pulls but I think it could have been better :p


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Just picked up the Zekrom tin to add to my promo collection.
Went through the first three boosters with nothing of note, in my final pack, a pikachu.

Awesome. I've already got one so I reckon ebay should cover the cost of the tin.
Today I went to TRU, picked up 12 tins they where on sale Buy one get one free
and the pulls where:

4 Ability Sereperior,Emboar
2 Thunderus
1 FA Thundurus
2 Tornadus
1 Ability Klink Klang
1 Coballion
1-1 Dialga Palkia Legened
1 Chansey Prime
1 Mew Prime
1 Smeargle
1 RH Magby
1 Shiny Suicuine
2 Metal Energy
1 Pokemon Collector
4 Darkness Energy
RH Rescue Energy
3 Pokemon Catcher

and thats about it for rares.


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I got a tin for me and my sister today during black Friday cause of buy one get one free. I got five packs inside and six TCG online codes cause my sister didn't want hers. I think the rarest thing I got was a tornadus card in which he covers the whole card.

Apparently one code card in each of the tins gives me five online booster pack credits in addition to the extra four I got in the emerging powers packs included. YAY.
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Yo! I got thirteen packs of Nobel today. I got... (the ones i wanna mention...)

Reverse Holographics
2 Mienfoo
1 Virizion (Full Art)
1 Cobalion (Full Art)
1 Druddigon
1 Tynamo
1 Durant
1 Axew
1 Frillish
1 Zweilous
1 Timburr
1 Archeops

2 Victini (and one is Full Art AND Victory Star.)

Just cool looking...
3 Hydreigon (these look like pretty good cards...)
2 Gigalith
2 Yamask
1 Cofagrigus
1 Blitzle
1 Litwick (super common card, only mentioning because i ****ing love Litwick.)

Also, I kept the online code cards... I think I might use 'em but can anyone tell me how the online play is? Do you battle against live players?
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I didn't really post what cards I got, so here goes.

Tornadus (holographic) (98/98)
Serperior (Holographic) (BW 20)
Leafeon (Holographic) (13/95)
Machamp (Reverse Holographic) (26/102)
Ditto (17/102)
Stoutland (83/114)
Simisage (2/98)
Musharna (reverse Holographic) (49/114)

Reverse Holographics
Fight/rock/ground Energy (93/95)
Cheren (91/98)
Gothorita (45/98)

Didn't think I would get a legendary.


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Picked up the Reshiram box with the figure in it last night.

Ended up with a pretty good pull from the four packs.


Full Art Thundurus
Reverse Sigilyph (my third!)
Holo Vizirion
Reverse Vizirion
Reverse Klinklang


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Got 2 Noble Victories, here's what I got:

Holo Bisharp
Reuniclus (52/101)
Reverse Pansear
Reverse Simisear (Think it's cool those were my reverses)

Pretty good pulss for 2 packs I'd say, got an Eviolite for my deck too! 2 more of those to go, was hoping for Kyurem(s). But I need to tell what I got before this, a Clash of Legends Dialga and Palkia. So I got the Dilga and Palkia G Lv. Xs, No actual holos, a Reverse Dialga G, and a Steelix Prime! Yay for Primes!
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Last boosters;

Noble - More goddamn Victinis. I'm up to 12 now.
Also bought a Platinum - Rising Rivals pack for the lulz and got a Charizard G Lv. X for my troubles.


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Just opened up a booster box so I got a tonne of stuff.
Still four cards off finishing the set :(

That's off 50 packs opened too.
(Booster Box, two three card blisters and the pre release event).

Enviolites are rarer than I thought, ended up pulling three I think.
Got full art Vizirion and Terrakion.
Best pack contained a holo Kyurem and a reverse holo Kyurem (which of course my GF opened as she always gets the best pulls for me, usually the full arts).
i bought my first nine pokemon boosters for quite some time today; 3x black and white and 6x emerging powers. my card shop doesn't have noble victories yet which is disappointing since i wanted a virizion. :/ anyway my rares are as follows:

tornadus full art
whimsicott reverse
leavanny reverse

pretty happy with a full art already, and i really like leavanny so getting two is nice.


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i just bought the new victini tins and out of the 5 emerging powers packs in it i got 3 rares and they are


and 1 reverse rares

plus the promo victini