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What was in you last booster?


nothin' at all
not exactly a booster but these are rad



Comes out of Nowhere
Guy pulls a FA shaymin EX, not bad, 40$ usd is not bad I geuss.

I pulled a regular art shaymin ex from 10 boosters last weekend.
I thought it was $30 for Shaymin EX FA

Anyways I pulled another Shaymin EX, Mega Latios EX FA, Thundurus EX, and Hydregion EX.


Kanto Region Champ
Went to regionals, made top 36, so 15 packs, I got dragon mega rayquaza EX (fee for tournament and lunch, payed for), shaymin EX (to and fro from tournament payed for), full art gallade EX, thundurus EX (what, does not look like a thundy, I hope I trade it away forever, it deserves a better home then me).
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I got a Gallade FA on Thursday from a Mega Rayquaza Pin blister and another Gallade FA on Friday from a Regirock 3 pack.


New Member
I got a Rayquaza FA and VS Seeker SR from the Roaring Skies set

I got a Gallade FA on Thursday from a Mega Rayquaza Pin blister and another Gallade FA on Friday from a Regirock 3 pack.
Are blister pulls better or is it the same as any other pack?


New Member
I pulled a Roaring Skies, Shaymin Fullart EX today

fourth booster pack I've brought (first two boosters were from a different store) too; trying to decide what to do with it now


Kanto Region Champ
So pre-release was today, I pulled 2-2 ariados, 3 forest of giant plants, 2 ace trainer and people gave my cottonee and whimsicott saying (we know your strategy) fair, but who's gonna use it consistently to shut you down? This guy with the heart of the cards. I also pulled IMG_20150802_035318.jpg yeah... I don't want it, I wanted mega ray.

neo darkrai

Amateur YouTuber
The last pack I got had a Primal Groudon EX in it. That's about it. Kinda funny because right before I left the hobby store I said, "Screw it, I'll get a pack". My friend and I were not expecting that at all.


nothin' at all
my first two ancient origins packs /yooo/



My order of Ancient Origins packs came today and I pulled a holo Gardevoir, holo Jolteon, Giratina EX, and some other rare cards that I'm gonna sell on eBay.

the ash man83

Avid TCG Fan
Bought 2 packs of Ancient Origins. Pulled a Full Art Sceptile EX from the first, and a regular Giratina EX from the second. Can't complain about that.


Well-Known Member
It's been a long time since I last bought Pokémon cards ._. But last week I managed to find Legedary Treasures boosters cheaply from a shop that sells usually games and consoles only. They had only two of them unfortunately : P Today I went and bought Kyogre EX tin with one Furious Fists, one Phantom Forces and two Primal Clash boosters. And sometime earlier on this year I've bought two Legendary Treasures and one Flash Fire boosters, these have been lying on my table for ages. But anyway, here's the best pulls I got.

Heliolisk (FF 37/106)
Ninetales (LT 21/113)
Gallade (LT 81/113)
Garbor (LT 68/113)
Mismagius (LT 58/113)
Toxicroack (LT 63/113)
Beartic (FuFi 22/111)
Honchkrow (PF 52/119)
Diggersby (PC 90/160)
Whiscash (PC 41/160)

Seismitoad (LT 42/113)
Garbodor (LT 68/113)
Shinx (FF 32/106)
Duosion (LT 75/113)
Victreebel (FuFi 3/11)
Talonflame (PF 10/119)
Electrike (PC 59/160)
Spinda (PC 115/160)

Radiant Collection
Piplup (RC6/RC25)
Ralts (RC8/RC25)
Serperior (RC3/RC25)
Snivy (RC1/RC25) x2
Gardevoir (RC10/RC25)
Ursaring (RC16/RC25)
Pikachu (RC7/RC25)

Still no Radiant Collection Torchic ;___: I need to continue buying this series until I get that card! I was also happy to get many rare reverses, and that Whiscash card truly surprised me! I haven't been following new releases almost at all, so I didn't know cards like that exist. I was also happy to get promo Kyogre EX and I really liked how the tin looks like. I also got plenty of trainers: Shauna, Pokémon Center Lady, Prof. Birch's Observations, Teammates, Target Whistle, Trick Coin and Focus Sash. Still no Cedric Juniper or Battle Reporter ;____: I want those two as desperately as I want that RC Torchic!
We are going to be opening a booster box this weekend. We intend on weighing every pack before opening and then reporting back on the results. All in the name of science, of course :)