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What was the best day of your life?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Shayminslicker, Oct 22, 2012.

  1. Shayminslicker

    Shayminslicker Comes out of Nowhere

    Post one of your more favorable days that you had ever!

    Mine was my first time ever going into an arcade and staying there for 4 hours!
  2. GreenKitea

    GreenKitea Pokemon breeder

    mine was running my first marathon and qualifying to run Boston Marathon at age 18 :)
  3. Autis-misc

    Autis-misc Abridger

    Mine was sitting down on the couch and watching TV.

    Wait, that's every day.
  4. The Benmeister

    The Benmeister Master of Magnet

    First kiss aside, most of my better days have been outstanding music gigs. Prodigy being an example.

    Passing my driving test was a day that started out being nerve wracking but ended up being amazing.
  5. Klizcool

    Klizcool GARBAGE DAY?!?!

    I should say Prom, but I despise social settings.

    I must say, it was the day that I got Halo 3. Best month of flunking school, ever.
  6. henryqueue

    henryqueue PkMn trainer

    It's not really one day per-se but I spent a week in Haiti this summer volunteering and it was literally the best time of my entire life.
  7. funrush

    funrush Elite Beat Agent

    What were you doing in the others? XD
  8. Steampunk

    Steampunk One Truth Prevails

    yet to happen.
  9. PrismaticPrincessAnna

    PrismaticPrincessAnna I'll do my Lilliest

    It still yet to come...

    But I did have a blast last Saturday. I met 3 SPPf friends there :)

    Then my birthday, I was given White2 from my mom :) nya~
  10. Savanny Killersaurus

    Savanny Killersaurus In Another Castle

    Graduation day. My class had 500 students, so there were about 5000 people in the arena we were in.
    All that cheering and excitement just made me feel amazing.
  11. Floette

    Floette Fennekin

    This. But, if I have to choose from past events, my community service trip to New Mexico to help impoverished kids. I swear, best week of my life <3 Had so much fun, saw so many cool things, really bonded with new friends.. I will never forget.
  12. Ferrin

    Ferrin Easily Lost

    going to the amusement park with my two best friends before they moved
  13. Airi-Chan

    Airi-Chan Falling Roses

    Getting highest score in maths, physics, chemistry. It always happened ._.
  14. -Nator-

    -Nator- Psyperiority

    Probably the day I discovered Pokemon.
    Sadly, though, those memories are vague in my head 'cause I'm such an old fart now.
  15. Still waiting for that one day that's worth calling "best day of my life".
  16. SmeargleRocks

    SmeargleRocks Reputable Trader

    Hmm, I can only think of 1 actual decent day, when got my job....yay..... It's not the worst job or the best its lore toward best, but I'd like a better paying job than $8 an hour
  17. Crimson Penguin

    Crimson Penguin Marchin' on

    One of them was when I went to the Pokemon Center in New York several years ago (before it became Nintendo World). I was so happy I nearly cried. XD I was even more obsessed with Pokemon back then, so I felt like I had died and gone to geek heaven.

    Another was when I had my 14th birthday party. I had invited a bunch of my friends to a waterpark, and we all had a blast. : )
  18. TeamRocketGrunt

    TeamRocketGrunt WobbWobbWobb Wobrudo

    I second that
    My life is boring
  19. VS

    VS ♡.♡

    June 25th, 2012.
    *points at bio*
  20. TeamRocketGrunt

    TeamRocketGrunt WobbWobbWobb Wobrudo

    damn it
    why didn't I think of that flirt.

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