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What was the first Pokemon you ever caught?

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I didn't catch anything till outside mount moon, where I caught a Jigglypuff. This was only because that one with sing that a trainer has really bothered me iirc.


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I think it was a Pidgey. Loved that Pokemon, helped me beat the Elite Four and I loved it. It was like a friend to me ^___^


It was a pikachu in viridian forest :)
Then i forgot to save the game and i lost it =(

I gave up finding another one

Forgetting to save = EPIC fail!

mudkip master

Surf's up Mudkip
a ratata on pokemon blue with a pokeball
mine must of been a senret with a pokeball on pokemon gold ;161; lame much

The Fad

My first ever was a Taillow in Emerald...

My First 1st Gen was a Pidgey in Red


The Abysswalker
When I was way younger, I was playing Red. My attempts to capture pidgey ( because I wanted to copy off the anime ) were epic phailz lulz, so I went and captured a Mankey. :)

Pretty weird first Pokemon, eh?


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Nidoran Male - Pokemon Yellow - 2001

God, so long ago now. I remember that my save corrupted and I was absoloutely guuted. Still am really :/ :D


my rolfcopter goes..
1st gen: pidgey
2nd gen: the squirl pkmn
3rd gen: poochena
4th gen: starly

Henshin Haku

..Shinra Tensei.
The first pokemon that added itself to my arsenal with Squirtle ever was a wild Pikachu. I believe Lvl. 16..?


Mine was a caterpie, In yellow version...
I was failing badly, and I didn't know how to catch pokemon... I was in kindergarten xP
I used a pokeball and caught it, then I squealed in happiness, but I forgot how I caught it... lololol.
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