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What was the first Pokemon you ever laid eyes on?


Well-Known Member
I started to like Pokemon in the Second Generation... so Pikachu wasn't it. I just started to like it, so I got a Pack. Those GSC ones where you got a Japanese Reverse Holifoil pokemon card with it. Golbat was the first one in there, and I got Pichu as the Reverse Holo. Twice.


Well-Known Member
The first pokemon I ever saw was a pikachu that some one was drawing in my kindergarden class a long time ago.


The Anticool
Oh gosh. I wanna say either Pikachu, Ivysaur, or gyarados... How the heck should i know? I was like 5 when poke'mon was first introduced to me.


Did it on 'em
I belive it was either Bellsprout or Zubat. For some reason, I keep thinking I had a discussion with some friends in Kindergarden about nameing Bellsprout Bell or Bella, which was kinda stupid. But I never found out about Pokemon until I was in First grade...

I remember almost exactly: In [first] grade, I and everyone else were working on a bat project, 'cause we were learning about 'em. One of meh friends named Garrett or something said to his friends: "Hey, this looks like a Zubat!". So, I asked them about it, and they showed me what it looked like on Blue version.


The Master...
Mine was voltorb.The show was on so i watched it.Later Ashes alarm clock is a voltorb...Yea but if you want a real one in the show Pikachu....


Thunder Pokemon User
The 1st pokemon I ever laid eyes on was Squirtle I think, I'm not sure why, but I do remember Squirtle 1st.


Well-Known Member
I think Dratini from when KFC was giving out those Pokemon plushes. Or, it may have been Pikachu. I can't remember. :|


I think it was Venusaur, on a Promotional card on a block of black diamond cheese o_O;

IIRC, there were four cards to collect, Venusaur, Charizard, Blastoise and Meowth.


Born This Way
I honestly can't remember, but I know that one of the first cards I got was a Tangela. Thats the best you can get out of me.


Belgian Waffles!!!
The first one I remember is charizard firing a flamethrower at Ash and co in the first season. I actually thought it was that big.

Meowth! That's right!

Cat Pokemon Trainer
It was probably a Charmander figurine that a Koreon boy in my class took to school before the Pokemon fad started... or I might have seen something else before then I forget....
It was Mewtwo, I saw him in an ad for the 1st movie. But what made me get into it was a card I found on the floor at a Denny's! XD