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What was the haxiest thing you ever saw on wi fi?


Professional Badass
When I was playing PBR Wi-Fi I saw someone with a Darkrai, Shaymin, Dialga, Deoxys, Lugia, and Ho-oh. I thought that i was gonna lose terribly to these guys.But thats not the haxy part. The Darkrai had roar of time AND spacial rend. The Shaymin had Eruption, The dialga had spacial rend.SPACIAL REND!!!!!!!!! And the lugia had the ability drizzle????????????? Turns out I win 4-0!!!(double battle)
Now tell me the haxiest thing you ever saw.


You do know its possible for a Darkrai to have those moves...

The haxiest thing i saw...hmmm

Magikarp with no weakness, Wonder Guard and the moves

Sheer Cold

I dont know the other moves but it 6-0ed me. Somehow i didnt run away or disconnect, just for the lulz


Mightyena FTW!
The last time I used wi-fi I battled a guy using a Blaziken with... DRAGON DANCE.

He d/c'd once I KOed it.
lol must be a glitch or sumthing a bug??? or maybe a virus.... mah never mind i rly dont know