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What was the inspiration for your username?


Spiffy ~ ^^"
Well, i am a perfectionist and want everything to be perfect without flaw, and thats where the flawless comes in. The azn basically means asian haha ...


Well-Known Member
I just like the word stark and I like mythical creatures too. My next name will be totally different.

The Unknown Twinkie

Lilligant is so cute
Originally I was TransDonald, which was a mixture of TransFormer and my name, Donald. But now my username, MCPokemon Fan, came from my two favorite things. MineCraft and Pokémon.

MineCraft? I thought it would be for McDonald lol^^


Staff member
Super Mod
I would say it's pretty straight to the point. Wouldn't you? :)


PJ & HoO Fan
Hmm... Hero of Olympus series of Camp Jupiter where the commander (leader or people in charge) are known as Praetor but since it's taken so i just flipped it around :D


Well-Known Member
Russell Bowman is the pen-name I plan to use if and when the novels I've written are published (I plan to start things off by uploading them to Amazon Kindle as e-books). I've even thought about actually changing my real name to Russell Bowman when I'm a bit older.


Fairy Princess
I commonly use 'Miss' in my usernames and then I picked a pokemon I liked. So MissEevee it is.

Wishmaker Latias

All Bridges Burned, All Lessons Learned
I picked mine because of all the surfing pikachu events.
And I thought why a snivy cant surf.
And somehow I got attached to the name.
I picked my name because I love Tyranitar and MechaGodzilla--as we all know, MechaGodzilla is way cooler when it is a MechaTyranitar. When I came to this realization, the name was born


Fly it all away!
Take a guess as to what my first name is.

I was called a pokemon freak at primary school by friends who were annoyed at my near perfect win-loss ratio to them, it then kinda became my online name.


Let's kick it.
I was playing minecraft with a friend of mine and I was spending a lot of time in a desert since I wanted to make a house out of sandstone, and it was hard for him to pronounce my real name so he just started calling me Sand. And 25 is just a number I've always used in a lot of websites before.


I like Lucario, and have used this nickname in several other forums etc. since I was a teenager. Therefor the smiley "xp" afterwards.


Hylden General.
The anatogis from Blood Omen 2 was the Sarafan Lord. And when I needed a username for RuneScape back in the days, I couldn't think of a cool name but then I saw the game lying next to me. Just thought: Hmm, Sarafan Lord sounds dull, lets change to Lord Sarafan, but that was was taken, and took Lord Sarefan instead. And since then, I use that name in all the RPG's I play. And on forums it is just Sarefan, because the Lord title is kinda dumb to use lol.

Medieva lTrainer

Active Member
I created mine through my love for medieval things. So I tried to use this and accidentally put the space in the wrong place before i realized it...