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What was the inspiration for your username?

Archangel Azazel

Fallen Angel
Well now with my new name...

I love Archangels and everything to do with angels. Armada comes from.. well when I first listened to Welcome Home by Coheed and Cambria, I really liked how he pronounced the word Armada. Actually the whole little phrase of "..scar the armada..'' It just popped out at me. I really like it.

Well that and the fact that I actually love names that start with the letter A for some damn reason.


Well-Known Member
The inspiration to my user name was from a wrestling gimmick that I liked. Also from the Movie Terminator and the 3 is from one of my favorite numbers.


It's the 2 first letters of my first name/last name
So... JOnathan PEtitclerc
And Game is for game haha


Twilight Princess
I just took part of my old username/ nickname and mashed it with my favorite pokemon...and I might just really be a Raichu
I happen to be a captain of the 7 cat seas... Or I am trying to appear as a male so I don't get that internet abuse(also fun correcting people that i'm a girl after having a heated argument about "guy stuff xD") (Captain just seems to be more of a male sounding nickname) and Asherz cause my real name would be Ashleigh and some get irrated when they forget how to spell it so i'm just called Asherz, in full CatptainAsherz of the 7 cat seas! (I don't really like cats that much though....)


Great Ball Rank Trainer
When I first joined Serebii forums years ago, Pokémon Diamond and Pearl were still in development, & Munchlax was one of the few Sinnoh pokémon (if not the only one) that was out at the time. Since I was excited about DP, & I fell in love with this little Snorlax-prevo when I first saw it in Destiny Deyoxys, I decided to create my username after Munchlax.


I love this name because of Rayleigh from One Piece who is a unique character. Also known for being one the most powerful characters in their universe in general. :]


Staying Real
I write graffiti, my alias is EVER, 4EVER.


The Alure of breaking the law will always be to much for me to handle.
Just your friendly neighborhood vandal. (;


Pug Walker
Jonny- Because my name is Jon and people use to call me Jonny Bravo.. L is for Lightning because in High School I drank a Blue Jolt every morning before Jazz band practice and everyone called me "Jonny Lighting" and then made a thunder sounds Tchhkkkckckckkkkkk!!!