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What was the inspiration for your username?


My username is literally "Shiny Snivy".


I Am The Law
My nickname is Ace, and a spade to me is the most important poker symbol.


Dedicated Trainer
Mine is inspired by a 'character' from my favourite anime that I've loved since I was 14 (I'm 22 now T.T). Also my name is Tom and fits inside the name Atomsk... Unfortunately some other Tom had the same idea as me, so the o in my username is actually a zero. Short and simple, I love it.


To Boldly Go Where No One Has Gone Before.
Staff member
I wanted a Manafi at the time. Simple as that.

The Magic Emperor

Malum Veneficus
Mine is from an old RPG game for the playstation called Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete.

The Magic Emperor is the protagonist of the game.


Shadow of nothing
Nothing really specially, as I recall I was gripping about my lack of muse the day I made my account and I slapped soul on the front for some reason.


Elebug disaproves
i play this tcg called magic the gathering,and there was this set that had this very OP,iconic card.the sets name:worldwake,so i called him the worldwaker,hence,my username
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*pours beans down the waterslide*
Mine is not really that inspired at all. I just took my favorite color and favorite animal and stuck them together. Though it does refer to my two favorite Pokemon (Flareon and Piplup, if you couldn't already tell) somewhat.

Damn...imagine..being..that...unoriginal...*shifty eyes*


be your own guru
This thread again? Super Mario Bros.


Flaaffy Master

I just used my real life name. Usernames that are just a first name always have nice simplicity to them.

What username would you have if that name was took? Perhaps Zazie04 or something? Nice name by the way =D
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Still Dirrty
I just used my real life name. Usernames that are just a first name always have nice simplicity to them.

I was going to say, "Who names their kid 'Zazie'??"

But then I remembered that mine is Kreis. :(


So 1991
What username would you have if that name was took? Perhaps Zazie04 or something? Nice name by the way =D

I probably would have went with Zoicyte, one of the villians from Sailor Moon. That was what I was going to go with for my username, but an alt account managed to swoop in and take it after the name change thread was closed.

I was going to say, "Who names their kid 'Zazie'??"

But then I remembered that mine is Kreis. :(

Not sure, probably French speaking people, since that's where the name appears to have originated. I changed my name so it would match my gender identity better, so I wasn't really born with it.

Kreis isn't a bad name at all honestly. It's not common, but it sounds like an actual name and doesn't blatantly rhyme with something unpleasant.


Still Dirrty
It's pronounced the same as the name Chris.


Uh, I didn't do it..
A long time ago I was obsessed with Phantom of the Opera, and over time my friends caught on and started calling me Phantom. I sort of kept it. Now my username anywhere I go is Phantom.


No life till leather
Umm... Gosh. I loved lucario back in '07 and I decided that i was a master of them, hence MasterLucario.


I'm 26 now, why am I still here?
Dragoniss is something that I've had since I was 13.

It comes from the title of a painting that I did for art class in school. It was called "The Dragon and the Dragonis" It was of two dragons, one male and one female flying through the air. I had also done a lot of looking into dragons, at the time I was really big into them. I had quite the collection of dragon statues, sadly I had to sell them all due to moving a long ways and not having room for them. I was trying to think of a name for my first Gaia Online account and Dragonis came to mind. Sadly the name was taken so I just added an extra S at the end and the name has stuck for 7 years. I use it for basically everything, so in case I wanted people to know where I am they know who to look up.

Though now I have begun to break that habit. I'm trying to come up with new names now. On some places, like my youtube, I've gone by The Antagonist Green, because Green is my favorite antagonist and I like to Role Play as his character. I've also just started using Cafemocha on Smogon/Showdown, because I like the paring and...Cafemocha just sounds delicious. Plus I wanted a name that sounds a bit more mature and doesn't have to be looked at in terms of Pokemon. While I see it as a Pokemon term, someone else that doesn't know about the paring or Pokemon in general won't know the difference.


Ban this Trainer
Me and my friends were one day talking about if Obama ever was secretly a member of any particular forum and no one knew what would his username be?