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What was the inspiration for your username?

Lion Demon

Fairy Type Champion
I have a love for Lions. And Demon's are associated with magical creatures. So, I made a compromise with this Username.


In a comic I'm writing/drawing, all of the characters are sections of the orchestra. The main characters are brass and Strings. Put them together and you get Jazzy Strings.



First off, I think this is a great thread topic. I feel like usernames are an underrated expression of individuality, and it's really cool that, because this thread was made, people have had and will have the chance to share with everyone an example of their creativity that otherwise might not have been acknowledged. Too cool :)
That said, I came up with my username (which is pronounced KĪ-rin) when I was, honestly, just trying to think of a cool-sounding name, one that was unique and maybe a little otherworldly, like something out of Final Fantasy. It's pretty much what I've always done with Pokémon games, and I've been happy with it. I'm also a writer, and a couple of the names I've thought of in the past were recycled into names for my characters.


Smash Trainer
I like the DBZ series and Majin Buu is my favourite villain. Kid Buu to me more accurate. I also learned a couple of years ago, that ''booze'' is another term used to describe ''alcoholic beverages''. Since i like both these things, i decided to combine ''buu'' with ''booze''. That's how Buuz was born.


My name should be self-explanatory to anyone who's played Five Nights at Freddy's, although I have to admit Bonnie is my favorite animatronic.


Dark trainer
My username is such because I like the sound Rayz/Raise, but somehow I wanted a username that ends with 'n' or 'en'.

Contrary to what you might think, it's not because I like the word Ray or Zen, particularly.


Well-Known Member
The nickname of my Charmander from FireRed, (now a Charizard living on AlphaSapphire)

Didn't know 'flaming' was a internet term when I decided to use it here, so probably makes me sound much meaner than I actually am...


I’m Back...
When I was deciding for my YouTube channel name, I was deciding what username that I was going to use. I knew that I didn't want to make it too Pokemony but I wanted to keep something similar. I originally went with LucarioWolf but I dropped the Lucario part due to the whole thing that I didn't want it to be too Pokemony. DaAura was a cool way of bending Lucario into it somehow make it still be Pokemonish but not making it obvious.

Once the option to change username happened during that small frame, I decided to switch from LucarioWolf to my YouTube username since I wanted the co-relation between the two be more connected.


Be a Man!
It originated from my fave TV Show and character. Asuka Langley Sohryu! It's also the name of an japanese aircraf carrier. The Soryu! And I love ships!

Sir Spacebar

Time to change fate!
Sir Spacebar is a basically the only name I use, anywhere I go.

I'm part german, so when I was coming up with a username, I went with something german. At the end I decided on Herr Leerzeichen (lit. Mr/Sir Spaces) Because 'Herr' and 'Leer' have the same vowel sound.
That name eventually evolved into Herr Leertaste (lit. Mr/Sir Spacebar)
After a long while (2 years), I decided to drop the german stuff and just use an english translation.
I still believe 'Sir Spacebar' is one of the most original and clever names I have ever come up with.
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< The one and only
My favorite character in the anime is James (well I like Team Rocket in general). I liked him even more when he got a Mime Jr. (one of my favorite Pokémon). Thus, I decided to have both of them as my username
Well, I wanted a pun. So its cause it sounds like dragonflies, and also dragons fry things. Also had it for ages, and I'm terrible at names.