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What was the inspiration for your username?

Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Discussion' started by Silent_Vibrava, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. XYMewtwo

    XYMewtwo Rising Star

    Easy to Remember, plus I love Mewtwo and XY
  2. fairyprince

    fairyprince Pancham Lover c:

    I love Fairy Types, I have a huge ego. That's bout it. DX
  3. alphabeast18

    alphabeast18 Member

    its been my screen name for like 8 years.
  4. Nivinxus

    Nivinxus Active Member

    Mine is sort of based on the naming scheme of the Izzet League from Magic the Gathering.
  5. I think I got my username by looking outside my window at night, and seeing the moon. It was so beautiful, so I thought I'd include that into my name. Although, I first got this name from a different forum. I'm not going to say which, because some people may take it as advertising.
  6. Well, I like tacos, I like dinosaurs, and Taco Bell is my taco supplier. So I thought that I'd merge the two.
    Hence my username.
  7. Ghost94

    Ghost94 Collector

    Gengar = a Ghost type + Pokedex #94
  8. Victorian Rush

    Victorian Rush Sprint Master

    Mine comes from my being a fan of Victoria Justice. Her fans are called Victorians and I got the 'Rush' part from Big Time Rush, which I actually happen to like a lot.

    Also, my Twitter username is xVictorianRush, just to let you know.
  9. TheGuy131

    TheGuy131 The 131st Guy

    My username comes from the lack of creativity in creating usernames. Some time around five or six years ago, I got tired of using the username "LordGroudon9" and decided to use something that sounded better. Low and behold, TheGuy131 is born.
  10. darkpaladin2015

    darkpaladin2015 Shiny Hunter

    Mine's a tribute to my favourite card in YUGIOH :)
  11. Aurea

    Aurea Sees into your soul!

    Mine translates literally to 'Gold' in Latin, because I aim for first in everything I do. But if you take off the 'A' it becomes Urea which is what your wee is made of. The more you know.
  12. IMMUNIA!

    IMMUNIA! New Member

    Mine's based off South Park.

    Cartman said "Respect ma AUTHORITA"

    I liked the word Immune better so i made it into IMMUNIA and i always imagine Cartman saying it when i see it.
  13. TamagoSan

    TamagoSan Active Member

    Eggs and Japanese honorifics. I'm learning the language, so that also played a part in it.
  14. Lord Solrac

    Lord Solrac Active Member

    Well, I'm also a huge Star Wars geek. Lord Solrac was the name of my profiles on TOR.
  15. Nyter

    Nyter Island Challenger

    Neon Hitch when I was totally into her... Now I'm into Becky G
  16. supa-hero

    supa-hero Member

    Supa-Ninja was one of many stick figure characters I used to doodle in my boredom at high school.
    Can't remember why I changed it to hero for this site. Must've been taken. Or maybe it was too violent for U.K children.
  17. Well, its my name, Alex.
    And 2 of the biggest ladies men ever created. Brock, and Johnny Bravo.
  18. Ch'ding

    Ch'ding Member

    Seriously, everybody should own a Farfetch'd.
    And don't just keep it in your overcrowded Box, but include it in your main team.
    No, no. Not as an HM slave, but as your main Pokemon.
    Make it your lead.

    All hail Farfetch'd.
  19. Icarus Frond

    Icarus Frond Pokemon Wizard

    This is the name of one of my RP characters! Icarus was a random choice from mythology, while "frond" is a word from botany that is rarely used, which fit my purposes perfectly.
  20. Boots2a****

    Boots2a**** Banned

    The Rocks catchphrase.

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