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What was the inspiration for your username?

A friend of mine got called a beautiful savage by a guy in a snapchat and I thought it was hilarious


Average at Best
When I was younger, I thought the word "Meta" sounded cool and since then, I guess I've used it in every one of my usernames in some way or another (it's now more of a habit than anything). The "Raven" part came from the character Raven from Tekken. I forget why I included the "135" on the end.


Poké Sage
For the length of time I have been playing Pokemon, which has been nearly 17 or was it 18 years? Heck its been so long, I am, in a sense a veteran player. My username Pokemon_Veteran is essentially what I am, a veteran Pokémon trainer.
That is what inspired my username.

Chloe Cassandra

Long time no see.
My name is combined with two out of four of my all time favorite villains from another game (literally called the Chief Financial Officer and the Chief Executive Officer) and Lucario, my all-time favorite Pokémon. I abuse this combo a lot. :b

Alatar VGC

House Greyjoy
I love the Regi trio. Couldn't decide which one to name myself after. Then came up with a terrible pun on Regirock's name. It stuck and here we are o_O


Pokèmon Master
My name Lexy, which is a nickname. A is the first letter of my last name. 428 because it's the birthday of (a family member). It's not my birthday though. Not creative at all.


March towards love
This is usually the in-game name I use on mmorpgs, and if i ever get a ds, wii u, or any console,
this would be considered my gaming tag. The inspiration was where I was teaching kids in a
Catechist class they'd always call me Mr. Roland which was my first name instead of my last name.
My nickname was majority of the time ro or roo if you want to exaggerate the name a bit. Hence
MrRoo was born.


My will be done
I cannot precisely remember where I got my name, but it is my standard.


Shiny Hunter
Silver is my favorite color, and usually my username that I use is SilverDragon (due to the main character in the book I'm writing), but Rayquaza is one of my favorite dragon-types, so I chose SilverRayquaza.


Well-Known Member
Gabry is what my friends call me because my name is Gabriel.

00023 comes from the ID I had on my favoutire HeartGold run xD

Br0k3n s0Ul

Br0k3n sOUl
This is my imagining of what the stretch-out of Serebii is. Yep. SerenadingCelebi. You could say I really like music and Psychic-Grass types, but seeing as there's only three, those are probably not viable reasons.


AKA Snagger Outlaw
My first username, Snagger Outlaw, came from my love of the GCN games set in Orre. Not sure where the "Outlaw" part came from. It sounded cool when I was 13.

Then I namechanged to Sora since I was a hopeless Kingdom Hearts fangirl. Not so much anymore (love's still there, but everything outside of 1, 2, CoM, and BBS is dead to me) but I've grown kinda attached to it since I've held onto that name for like 10 years.


Man of many minds
I chose Magnaboss because it is an obscure character, from an obscure franchise, that I was sure no one had thought of when they made their account.
And I was right.
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