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What was the most recent Achievement/Trophy you unlocked?


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LEGO Harry Potter Years 5–7:
Accordion to Grawp
Complete "A Giant Virtuoso"

A Sirius Family Issue
Defeat Bellatrix as any Sirius Black character variant in a duel

He's Back!
Complete "A Veiled Threat"

Phoenix Rising
Complete Year 5

Complete "Out of Retirement"


pain in the ***
Portal 2

Wake-Up Call
Survive the Manual Override (i.e. Wheatley slamming your room-cube through a wall)

You Monster
Reunite with GlaDOS

Complete the first Thermal Discouragement Beam test

Final Transmission
Find the hidden signal in one of the Rat Man's dens

Drop Box
Drop a cube onto a button without touching the cube

Preservation of Mass
Break the rules in Test Chamber 7

Bridge Over Troubling Water
Complete the first Hard Light Bridge test
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LEGO Harry Potter Years 5–7:
The Slug Club
Complete "Just Desserts"

Weasleys' Wizard Woes
Complete "A Not So Merry Christmas"

Complete "Love Hurts"

A Riddle Revealed
Complete "Felix Felicis"

Dumbledore's Demise
Complete "Horcrux and the Hand"

I am the Half-Blood Prince
Complete Year 6


pain in the ***
Portal 2

Launch a turret with an Aerial Faith Plate

Complete Test Chamber 10 in 70 seconds (this one took me a dozen tries before I got it. my yell of victory startled my mom)

Make a run for it!

No Hard Feelings
Save a turret from redemption

Scanned Alone
Stand in a defective turret detector

Stalemate Associate
Press the button!


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LEGO Harry Potter Years 5–7:
Cake or Death Eater?
Complete "The Seven Harrys"

A Wise Disguise
Complete "Magic is Might"

Hogwarts has Changed
Visit the Hogwarts Foyer in Year 7

O Children
Complete the scene where Hermione and Harry dance in the tent

Shedding Skin
Complete "In Grave Danger"

Soul Searching
Complete "Sword and Locket"

The Tale of the Three Brothers
Complete "Lovegood's Lunacy"

Here Lies a Free Elf
Complete "DOBBY!"

To Be Continued
Complete Year 7

"That's Unfortunate"
Complete "The Thief's Downfall"

Undesirable No. 1
Complete "Back to School"

You and Whose Army?
Complete "Burning Bridges"

Wit Beyond Measure...
Complete "Fiendfyre Frenzy"

Kick the Bucket
Complete "Snape's Tears"

Voldemort's Demise
Complete "The Flaw in the Plan"

All Was Well
Complete Year 8

Stand still with no controller input for 5 minutes

Knuts and Vaults
Collect 1 billion studs (Single Player Only)

Charizard Champion#06

Spiral Warrior
Been goin' nuts in Demon's Souls over the last few days. Went from the first two or three trophies to everything but those ones for Spells, Miracles, Rings, Rare Weapons, Moonlightstone and Darkmoonstone. With any luck if I have enough time tomorrow I should have it Platinum'd. But it's not a sure thing.


pain in the ***
Portal 2

Vertically Unchallenged
Master the Repulsion Gel

Schrodinger's Catch
Catch a blue-painted cube before it hits the floor


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Gran Turismo 5

That is what happens when you're in a Bugatti Veyron in an endurance race, and lose concentration during a long straight.


pain in the ***
Portal 2

Door Prize
Examine the 6 vitrified test chamber doors

Ship Overboard
Discover the missing experiment

Tater Tote
Carry science forward

Portrait of a Lady
Find a hidden portrait

Stranger Than Friction
Master the Propulsion Gel

White Out
Complete the first Conversion Gel test

You Made Your Point
Refuse to solve the first test in chapter 8

Dual Pit Experiment
Do the same test twice

Tunnel of Funnel
Master the Excursion Funnel

The Part Where He Kills You
This is that part

Pit Boss
Show that pit who's boss

That just happened


pain in the ***
Portal 2

Good Listener
Take GLaDOS' escape advice

Smash TV
Break 11 test chamber monitors


Lover of underrated characters
Gathered the rest of the Saints Row 4 achievements(Until the story DLC is released in two weeks).


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LEGO Harry Potter Years 5–7:
Halfway There
Unlocked on hitting 50% game completion (Single Player Only)

What if?
Defeat every Harry freeplay variant as Lord Voldemort

Pyjama Drama
Unlock every pyjama character variant (Single Player Only)

A Dish Best Served Cold
Defeat Bellatrix with Neville (Waiter) in a duel

Not "Fun Guys"
Defeat 30 Red Caps

We are the D.A.
Unlock all of the members of Dumbledore's Army (Single Player Only)

Tall Order
Unlock ALL of the Order of the Phoenix character variants (Single Player Only)

A Minifig's Best Friend
Unlock every character with a pet (Single Player Only)

Dark Times Ahead
Unlock every bad wizard (Single Player Only)

Unlock all witch characters (Single Player Only)


The Interceptor
Mark Of The Ninja

Hisomu's Heir
Kill one guard.

Save Azai from the mercenaries.

Distract 25 guards using environmental objects.

Stealth Assassin
Perform 25 successful stealth kills.

Use a dead body to lure another guard and then stealth kill them.


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LEGO Harry Potter Years 5–7:
Weasley Does It
Use a Weasley box with every Weasley

Collector's dream
Complete the Bonus Level

But... I Am The Chosen One
Complete the game to 100% (Single Player Only)

10 Points to Gryffindor
Collect all Trophies


pain in the ***

Ashes to Ashes
Defeat the Stygian (FINALLY!!!)

Treasure Hunter
Search 150 chests

Reach Out And Touch Somebody
Collect the Abyssal Chain


Lover of underrated characters
Darkness Returns (Might be the last achievement I get before GTA V :D)