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What was the most recent Achievement/Trophy you unlocked?


The Ghost of Tsushima
Lacrimosa of the Distant Sea and End of the Blue Waves for clearing Ys VIII's final chapter and true ending respectively.


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

Tumult of Winter
Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 09.

Just Below Zero
Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 10.

Dimensional Collapse
Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 11.

Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 12.

Butterfly's Long Afternoon
Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 13.

Legend of Dark Days
Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 14.

Rescue and Return
Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 15.

Vanquished Boy
Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 16.

I Am Arcadia
Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 17.

Our Memories
Reached Yet Another Side Chapter 18.

Solved 50 BBS cases.

Renowned Tactician
Cleared five Domination Battles during investigations.

Cap'n Fashion
Equipped a Digimon with an accessory for the first time.

Changed avatar in online mode for the first time.

By Another Name
Changed title in online mode for the first time.
I got these achievements this week

Fallout 4 (Xbox One)

- Mankind-Redefined (Complete "Mankind-Redefined")

- Powering Up (Complete "Powering Up")

- Underground Undercover (Complete "Underground Undercover") (rare)

- Rockets' Red Glare (Complete "Rockets' Red Glare") (rare)


Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

I'm sure we'll meet again.
Cleared Hacker's Memory main story.

Vampire Hunter
Beat back the Vampire King in the depths of the Abyss Server.

Butterfly's Dream
Digivolved a Hudiemon.

Someone Special
Saw all good impression events with a human character.

Partner to You Only
Saw all good impression events with a Digimon character.
I got the following achievements this week

Neverwinter (Xbox One)

- A Hero Emerges (Reach level 10 with one character)

- Let's Ride! (Equip a mount)

- Adventure of a Lifetime (Complete the tutorial)

- Cornering Karzov (Complete the quest: Cornering Karzov)

- Fists of the Warband (Complete the quest: Fists of the Warband)

- The Strongest of Holds (Enter the Stronghold Map) (Rare)


Assassins Creed: Origins (PS4)
- The Siege
Complete Main Quest "The Aftermath".

- Elementary, My Dear Bayek
Solve a papyrus mystery.

- Shadow of Egypt
Kill 10 enemies in a row without being detected.

- The Arrow Whisperer
Kill an enemy with the predator bow from more than 60 meters while controlling the arrow.

- Reporter
Take 1 photo in 5 different territories.

- Circle of Life
Feed a predator with a corpse.

- I'm Done Learning
Activate a Master ability.

- Master Diver
Complete 15 underwater locations.

- Defy Authority
Defeat a Phylakes.

- The Crocodile
Complete Main Quest "The Crocodile's Jaws".


your wish is my strong recommendation
Portal 2
all of the story related ones i'm too lazy to put them all down/shortening the post
Preservation of Mass-break the rules in Test Chamber 7
Good Listener-take GLaDOS' escape advice
Scanned Alone-stand in a defective turret detector
Ship Overboard-discover the missing experiment
Portrait of a Lady-find a hidden portrait
You Made Your Point-refuse to solve the first test in chapter 8
Final Transmission- find the hidden signal in one of the Rat Man's dens
Door Prize-examine all the vitrified test chamber doors
Yesterday I got the following achievements:

Neverwinter (Xbox One)

- Four Dead Dragons! (Defeat all four dragons in the Dragonflight in a single encounter) (Rare)

- Plague Tower (Complete the quest: Plague Tower
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I got a number of achievements last week

Neverwinter (Xbox One)

- Paragon Hero (Reach level 30 with one character)

- Bandits (Defeat 500 Bandits)

- Ancient (Equip an artifact)

- Brillant (Earn 50,000 Astral Diamonds)

- Grimstorm Keep (Complete the quest: Grimstorm Keep)

- The Clockwork Guild Tomb (Complete the quest: The Clockwork Guild Tomb)

- The Sanatorium (Complete the quest: The Sanatorium)
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Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth - Hacker's Memory

Digimon Master
300 Digimon registered in the Digimon Field Guide.

Jak II

Poor Kid
Protect Kor and Kid

Dead and Gone
Retrieve Banner from Dead Town

Blow up Ammo at Fortress

Signature Moves
Protect Sig at Pumping Station

Turrets Syndrome
Destroy Turrets in Sewers

Stripped Down
Rescue Vin at Strip Mine

Over Easy
Destroy Eggs at Drill Platform

Collect Money for Krew

Lost and Found
Find Pumping Station Patrol

Just the Artifacts Ma'am
Find 3 Artifacts in Mountain Temple

More Power to You
Turn on 5 Power Switches

Skip the Stairs
Ride Elevator up to Palace

Don't Let Him Get Away
Defeat Baron at Palace

Scout's Honor
Catch Scouts in Haven Forest

Destroy Equipment at Dig

Speeding Slowly
Win Class 3 Race at Stadium

Strip Mine, Not Yours
Blow up Strip Mine in Eco Wells

Sunken Ship
Destroy Ship at Drill Platform

Clap Hands
Get Seal Piece at Dig

Doggin' the Hellcats
Destroy 5 Hellcat Cruisers

No Man is a Canyon
Use Items in No Man's Canyon

Pass the Tests of Manhood

Grin and Baron It
Defeat Baron in Mar's Tomb

We're All Friends Here
Rescue Friends at Fortress

Bot Bot Boom Boom
Protect Hideout from Bomb Bots

Speed Quicker
Win Class 2 Race at Stadium

What's That Smell?
Escort Men Through Sewers

Destroy Drill Platform Tower

Speed Speedily
Win Class 1 Race in Stadium

I Heart Heart
Get Heart of Mar in Weapons Lab

Who Knew Krew Blew?
Beat Krew in Weapons Lab

Finders Keepers
Find Sig in Underport

Heavy Distortion
Attack the Metal Head Nest

Pedal to the Metal
Destroy Metal Kor at Nest

Head Over Heels
Collect 50 Metal Head Skull Gems

Head Cheese
Collect 250 Metal Head Skull Gems

The Collector
Collect 25 Precursor Orbs

The Collectivist
Collect 125 Precursor Orbs
I got the following achievements yesterday:

Neverwinter (Xbox One)

- Dungeoneering (Complete 10 Normal Dungeons) (Rare)

- The Drowned King (Complete the quest: The Drowned King)

- The Shadow Falls (Complete the quest: The Shadow Falls)


Kingdom Hearts II Final Mix

Ambitious Adventurer
Clear the game and watch the ending sequence.

My Hero
Get rescued by the King.

Win the Pain and Panic Cup.

Novice Hero
Win the Cerberus Cup.

Artisan Hero
Win the Titan Cup.

A Timeless World
Complete the Timeless River episode.

Above Honor
Complete the Land of Dragons episodes.

A Budding Romance
Complete the Beast's Castle episodes.

Hail the Hero
Complete the Olympus Coliseum episodes.

Lifting the Curse
Complete the Port Royal episodes.

What Friends Are For
Complete the Agrabah episodes.

The Gift of Love
Complete the Halloween Town episodes.

Return of the King
Complete the Pride Lands episodes.

Electric Spark
Complete the Space Paranoids episodes.

Always Together
Complete the 100 Acre Wood episode.

Kindred Spirits
Complete the Atlantica episodes.

A Taste of the Past
Complete the Twilight Town episodes.

Reunite with Riku and Kairi.

Nobody Know-It-All
Collect all Nobody entries in Jiminy's Journal.

Struggle Champion

Win by obtaining all of the opponent's orbs.
I got a lot more achievements in the past few weeks:

Neverwinter (Xbox One)

- Epic Hero (Reach level 60 with one character) (rare)

- Foulspawn (Defeat 500 Foulspawn) (rare)

- Kobolds (Defeat 500 Kobolds) (rare)

- Lycanthropes (Defeat 500 Lycanthropes) (rare)

- Sage (Collect 250 pieces of lore) (rare)

- Scoundrel's Retreat (Complete the quest: Scoundrel's Retreat) (rare)

- The Icy Guardian (Complete the quest: The Icy Guardian) (rare)

- Source of Corruption (Complete the quest: Source of Corruption) (rare)

- The Edge of the Underdark (Complete the quest : The Edge of the Underdark) (rare)

- Temple of the Primordial (Complete the quest: Temple of the Primordial) (rare)

- Illithid Enclave (Complete the quest: Illithid Enclave) (rare)

- Bump in the Night (Defeat 1 Beholder, 1 Gelatinous Cube, and 1 Mimic) (rare)


Snake Pass

Floor Is Molten Rock
Collected Two Keystones In Gatekeeper Gardens Without Touching The Floor

Wet Wisp Wonderland
Collected All Of Water's Wisps

Hot Potatoes
Collected All Of Fire's Wisps

Short Haul Flight
Used Hummingbird Take-Off Points 50 Times

Pulled Every Kind Of Face


Final Fantasy XV

Insomnia's Waking Nightmare
Completed the Prologue.

Learner's Permit
Drove the Regalia.

New Power
Learned first ability.

Survival Rookie
Improved survival level for the first time.

Photo Rookie
Improved photography level for the first time.

Just Hangin' Around
Performed first point-warp suspension.

Issued first ally command.

Blind Spot
Performed first blindside link.

Noct You Like a Hurricane
Initiated first link-strike after parrying an attack.

Spinning a Yarn I
Completed first sidequest.