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What was the point of Angie and her Shinx?


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What's the point of bringing it up now? Angie was just another character who showed up more than once. It's not like it was a bad thing to have another girl actually show more interest in Ash in like forever.


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What's the point in bringing this up now? Angie was just another character who showed up more than once like alot of others did in the past. It's not like it was a bad thing to have a girl show more interest in Ash in like forever.


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Angie was the girl with the Shinx that debuted during the Summer School arc and then reappeared for a single episode running her parents' Pokemon Daycare while they were away?
You make it sound like every reocurring character HAS to be a league rival.


Previously Iota
I do wish some characters had continued to reccur. Holly. Up until the Brock episode last week, I was actually on many levels hoping she'd show up in the episode, ready to spend her life with Brock. I'm a little sad we'll never see her (I guess), because I liked her character. I also liked her team.



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I'm happy how Angie was treated as I'm sure if she was to be a main rival to Ash everyone would have been complaining that she's boring.


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I was actually surprised that Angie didn't go to the league tornament in the beginning like the others. But the writers made her a one pokemon side character.


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I think Angie had a lot going for her, she was a recurring character that actually had a life for more than one ep. Usually we see random CotD that seems important but are not. Now we had a character that was un- impirtant BUT fun to watch and with an actual life. I think that is better than showing a character that are made more important than he/she really is.

She is the perfect example of a character whose life at the moment are important for the group but when they part ways she very naturally goes on with her life. In many cases we see characters that are thrown in the main group, does a few things and then just are waved goodbye to.

I read a reference to Casey, and while I think Casey was great she is a symbol of a time when recuring characters were shown to have much potential but slowly faded away. Had they done Johto better Casey and Sakura should have been in the series up until the ending of the Johto arc. Now they represent one of Johto´s failures - bring in great recuring characters into the series.

Angie on the other hand is a symbol of progress, she clearly had no important part in the series BUT was fleshed out nicely and we actually got to meet and know her. Then she could leave with no complaning, she had been a nice chracatre to meet and know but nothing more.


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Because she is the future Mrs. Ketchum...or not. Don't know, I guess there was a need to create a character especially for camp, but Conway could have provided that necessary rivalry without the awkward tension for Ash, thereby increasing the awkward tension for Dawn.


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I think Angie was just an interesting Charactet of The Day. Viewers really disliked the amount of filler eps. Angie is different that most CoTD, which made the Pokemon Daycare filler ep a lot less filler-like, and more interesting.


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I think the point of Angie was to show tomboys like her and anabel are more unlikely to crush on Ash and have the best chemistry with him, she was a one shot character cause she couldn't end Ash's singleness.