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What was the very 1st Pokemon that you've known?


like pepsi cola

I was in a toy shop, and saw a bouncy ball with what looked like a cute, fiery sheep in.

I bought the bouncy ball without even knowing what pokemon was, and then when it started on tv a few weeks later, I watched it out of curiosity to see if the cute fiery sheep would be in it, lol.

That was 12 years ago...and I still have that bouncy ball.


Charizard, because it was on the front of the Pokemon Red box.


Lost in Ilex Forest
My first pokemon.

I think the first one i knew was...
Well, my dad bought Gold version for me when I was 4. I had no idea what the random bird on the cover was... But then, I saw the intro and everything and learned what a pokemon was, and technically the first pokemon I knew was my starter in Gold... So, I guess it was Totodile!;158;


Evil Genius
The first Pokemon I ever seen was either Blastoise or Pikachu, I can't really remember.

Blastoise from the cover of Blue Version or Pikachu from the anime.


God of Snow
the first pokemon i saw was mewtwo, I saw him in the movie that he was feutered in (cant remember title) and he had this beastly armor and he was my favorite pokemon, but then when he took of his armor i immmediatly disowned him because i thought he was ugly. good times...
The first Pokemon I've ever seen has to be Blastoise.
I remember an ad a while ago that was advertising Pokemon Red and Blue, and the only one that really stuck in my head was the Pokemon Blue box art with Blastoise on it.

The first Pokemon I knew by name has to be Pikachu.


~Setting Sail~
Treeko was the first Pokemon I ever knew about, but seeing the cover that was on Pokemon Emerald made Rayquaza the first Pokemon I ever saw before playing Emerald.


I see dead Pokemon..
The first pokemon that I ever saw was Charizard, becuase it was the cover of Red Version. The first pokemon I ever knew its name was Charmander, because that was the first pokemon I choose.


The DNA Master
Voltorb. It was always so fricken awesome to me, back when i only had the Pokemon Cards. Haunter introduced me into the TV series, and Mudkip introduced me to the game.


Pikachu was the first Pokemon who introduced me to the franchise thanks to SSB64.


Big charmander fan!
Pikachu after seeing some clips of it on tv, getting pokemon yellow version as my first game, and various pokemon cards pikachu led my way to franchise. Although i thought pikachu was cute i always liked raichu better. My sister was the one who liked pikachu. I then proceeded to like various different pokemon after that eventually to charmander :).


Emerald Mew
Ninetales. I friend of mine brought her Pokemon cards to a Girl Scout meeting to show them off. Ninetales was the first to catch my eye. It was so cool. I asked more about it, and discovered that there was also a T.V. show and a video game series.
From there, another friend loaned me his Red version for a week (the first video game I ever played), and I liked it enough that I decided to ask for my own game for Christmas (I got Blue Version because that's the one Vulpix was in).

The rest is history.
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I... do not remember.
I know thie first game I got was Diamond, in 2007, and before that I had seen Pokemon. But I honestly ddon't remember what the first Pokemon I knew was, probably Diagla, seeing as he was on the front of the box, lol.


Well-Known Member
the very first pokemon i ever saw was Growlithe, i watched that episode when the trio go to the growlithe police training school, and i remember my very first pokemon in the games was bulbasaur