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What was this one-shot about?


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I've heard of a Pokeathlon based manga by Shigekatsu Ihara. It's one chapter only but that's about the only thing I've heard of it.

There's only like one (mediocre) image of it online.


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I found a post about that manga here. Apparently it was just to advertise the Pokeathlon feature in HGSS.

I tried searching elsewhere on the internet for more information, but I couldn't find anything unfortunately.

EDIT: Okay, I searched more and found this Bulbapedia talk page that says that Ethan/Hibiki was named Takashi in this manga.
But that's pretty much all I've been able to find.
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Dogasu apparently has got this thing.

I asked him to make a synopsis a couple of times (it was over a year ago). And he replied that he would some day but he never did.