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What was your favorite 4th Gen game?

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soulsilver, definitely. i don't think anything else is needed to be said.


Death Scythe
Diamond was my favourite, but that's probably because it was the first game I really got into. (Though I had others before it.) Also Dialga is my favourite legendary with his steel/dragon awesome typing so I loved being able to get him at the end of the game.


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Mine is Soulsilver. I absolutely adored my Crystal on my GBC so when Soul Silver came out i spent 500 hours on it.

Archangel Azazel

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SoulSilver ^>^ pretty great and Lugia is my favorite legend. Also the Kanto soundtracks are nice to listen to X3


I like SolSilver - as many of you do -, too, because you can travel into two different regions and your Pokémon is following you. Furthermore there are many interesting locations as the Pokéathlon! :)


Face Oblivion
Actually, this is quite the tricky decision between two games! Platinum was fantastic, because the storylines became quite intense when Team Galactic travelled to Mt Coronet to create the new universe, and pretty much everything in the Distortion World was awesome. The music is one of my personal favourites, and the battles against Cyrus and Giratina are good. After the storyline ends, there's the Battle Frontier, the subquest at Stark Mountain and some extras too.

On the other hand, SoulSilver...well, it was great. Most, if not, all of the routes and cities have some beautiful music. Personal favourites include:

- Mount Silver (Outside)
- Route 47/48
- Lugia's battle theme
- Route 32
- Seafoam Islands

But the music isn't everything, and I have more great things about SoulSilver. There is Team Rocket's invasion of Goldenrod Radio Tower, which had the funny tidbit of dressing up in Rocket Uniform. The Ruins of Alph are good too. The general feel of the game reminds me of when I played the game a few years back, so there is the nostalgia in a sense. There are some awesome extras, including the Pokeathlon and, of course, the Bug Catching Contest and the Safari Zone. On top of that, you have the Pokewalker and the pokemon following you in the overworld.
And there's more! The inclusion of Kanto is great, because there is more great music in the region. The gym leaders offer a fresh challenge post-E4, and the ability to rematch all of the gym leaders from Kanto and Johto is great for grinding for Red. Plus, HGSS also have the Battle Frontier (and easier to pay move tutors!).

In conclusion, Platinum is awesome. But, as the above shows (biiiiig paragraphs), SoulSilver is arguably better imo. I think that SoulSilver edges Platinum due to the great music, neat extras and general aesthetics too.


Just another guy
pearl, because it was the first main series pokemon game i properly played. i will always be attached to it. i really enjoyed playing it and i doubt any games will take it's place.
Definitely SoulSilver. It was a nice revamp from the original Silver version. I also liked how you could interact with your Pokemon in the game; it was pretty neat. The other new features in the game were pretty cool, too.


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Soulsilver. Interacting with your Pokemon was cool, and the Pokeathlon was way better than contests.




A Giant Robot
That's a hard question, it's a tie between SoulSilver and Platinum for me.


Shiny Addict
Platinum, hands down. I thought everything looked better than Diamond and Pearl. Not to mention, I do the vast majority of my shiny-hunting on my Platinum.


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HeartGold. Didn't like DPP. But HeartGold brought back all my nostalgia from Gold (which was my first game) and didn't ruin it by adding too much new stuff, while adding just enough new to keep it different and make it its own game. Still loving that Pokeathlon! I'd love to see that return in the future in the same sort of role that contests had in gen 3.


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I liked Platinum best because of superior graphics to d&p and new region.



Silence is Purple
Platinum! Why? That's simple, for introducing the Distortion World.


There's no way I can choose between Platinum and Heartgold. Too much invested into one and much hardcore nostalgia love for the other.


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SS, My only 4th gen game anyway :p
Interacts with pokemon
2 regions
Cool pokemon
But... no training spots. Seriously Nintendo you cant make games to good to be true :(
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