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What was your favorite new Type introduced in G/S/C?

Favorit New Type?

  • Dark

    Votes: 95 63.8%
  • Steel

    Votes: 54 36.2%

  • Total voters
  • Poll closed .


Is also a Naruto fan
Definitely Dark-type.

Think about Umbreon, Absol, Honchkrow, even Darkrai!

I'm not a huge fan of Steel-types.
I love both types. But, my vote goes to the Steel Type. I'm doing a Steel Monotype Challenge in my Pearl, and I was listing possible movesets off of this website, it was love at first sight, I guess. :p


Well-Known Member
I'm going with Dark Type because Umbreon is my favorite dark pokemon along with others such as houndoom. I like Steel types as well such as scizor.


Well-Known Member
Dark, because I love Umbreon, Sneasel, and Absol. Also because they gave Psychic another weakness besides Ghost and Bug, which they didn't have much of in Generation I anyway, and Ghost another weakness besides its own type. I like Steel types too but I prefer Dark types.

Cryptic Blaze

Blinded by the light
My favorite is Dark because my favorite pokemon is Honchkrow and it is just an awesome type.

Misty Lover17

Water Trainer
Dark is my favorite. I also like the second, Steel type.

The Dark pokemon were much better.. this is my second favorite type after Water^^
Steel is so much better. I never liked Dark.

Hikari Paradise

Forever Alone
Gonna have to go with dark on this.


Well-Known Member
Dark was my favorite back then even though Steel is better.


The Dark Shadow
My favourite is the Steel type.


An Inside Joke
I like the Dark


Scyther > Scizor
Dark has Dark/Ghost which has no super effective weakness.

But Steel has Bastiodon, so I like Steel.


<--Shiny Ono is Epic
I prefer Dark over Steel.


Bibarel's adorable.
I always thought Steel was more creative than Dark.


Sentimental Fool ;)
Steel, probably because I liked its designs better at the time.

That probably still holds true today, only because of what steel has produced since its introduction. Both of them might as well have been defensive types in GSC, Houndoom and Tyranitar's Crunches aside.