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What was your favorite Pokemon in Gold/Silver/Crystal?

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My favorite Pokemon is Misdreavus in G/S/C and perhaps for any Pokemon game. I love the design very much, game play and moves such as Perish Song, the scary but playful personality and to top it all off its National Pokedex Number is #200, a good and even number.


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the 3 starter pokemon and suicune ;P

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My fav was Pidgeot, but johto exclusive would probs be bayleaf lol. I only really trained my pidgeot, my favourite type was flying..back then.


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Umbreon was probably my new favourite Pokemon. Just because they were new, I thought Dark and Steel types were cool, though that has since then changed.


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There are a lot of great Pokemon from G/S/C. I really like Typhlosion, Scizor and Steelix. Actually, most of the Pokemon they introduced are really awesome.
My Favourite pokemon was Typhlosion
I have never really had a favourite type of pokemon, but i must admit, when there was dark pokemon, i thought they were pretty cool
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