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What was your first gaming experience?


Probably Megaman or Pokemon on the gameboy, I don't remember which versions of the game I played first though lol.

Tactical Squirtle

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I would hang out with my uncle as a kid and we would play the NES. My first favorite games were: Super Mario 3, LOZ, Castlevania, Life Force, Metroid, Contra and more. It was an old system by that time but I still enjoy those games, and it made me appreciate gaming and how far its come.
Pokemon Red on the Game Boy Color

Hunter Zolomon

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When I was 4 years old the first two video games that I played were on the SNES. I played The Legend Of Zelda: A Link to the Past, and Super Mario World!
It was either watching my grandfather play Ocarina Of Time, or stealing my broths GBC so I could play Pokemon Gold.
I deleted his save with a Mew on it and he was so mad.


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I think it was the N64. As for what games, I remember playing Goldeneye, Beetle Adventure Racing, Pokemon Snap, and a few others.


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Mine was when my grandparents bought me a Gamegear for christmas one year,that thing was the collest.It was my first handheld system and my first experiance overall.I had a Sonic game for it.Me and my sister ended up sharing it since she sawing me playing it and wanted a game too,my sister got a Nintendo 64 the next year.Those days were the best ever.


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Mine was this weird brick game from my grandma XD Then it was GB-B/W of super mario, I guess thats it. When I move here my cousins were playing Red, nya~

Archangel Azazel

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I think it was between getting a SNES with Super Mario World. Didn't really played it even though I saw it being played by my brother. I did play Aladdin on it though which was technically the first game I played? D:

My mind is foggy on ths a lot since I do remember a lot just not in the right chronology.


So long
Really wish I could remember exactly. I'm pretty sure it must have been one out of three games, but I'm not sure which of them. The first was when I was visiting my uncle and noticed that he had a PC with games, there was one game I wanted to play but he didn't let me and tricked me into playing Tetris instead. If not that, then it must have been when I started playing games on the first PC we had in my family, the two games were SimPark and one other game which I don't think has an english title. So it's was of those three, and I'm not sure which.
I think it was Pac-Man when I was about six years old. I remember going to the arcade with my father, and he just kinda let me play it. I don't remember it that well, but I'm pretty sure it was that.

Then there was also the first Super Mario Bros. on the NES. I remember that one a bit better. Probably because I was a bit older. It was my first home console game. I remember playing it a lot and later even beating it. I was eight at the time, and really, the game wasn't all that hard for me. I hear people saying how difficult it was even when they were kids, but to me, it really wasn't once I beat it. Well, except for 7-4, which was really confusing, and took me a while to get through. I did manage to figure it out all on my own, though.
My first video game system was the N64 which i got for my 6th birthday in 1996. First games were Shadows of the Empire and Chameleon Twist. Surprisingly, i never owned Super Mario 64 until probably 1998-1999. Would literally go over to my best friends house to take turns playing that with him.


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I got a curse. I got Gameboy, then I was given a PSP, then my gameboy broke, then I bought 3DS, now its my PSP the one got broken! Then last year I bought PS3 then my 3DS got broken too, but I was able to repair it unlike my Gameboy and PSP


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Back when I didn't own my own handheld, I used to try out my older brother's video games. The most notable first experience I remember is playing Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages on his GBA SP. That game has become such a prominent form of nostalgia for me ever since. When my brother traded that game in at Gamestop I didn't realize how much I would miss it at first. I've yearned to play it again for so long until it came out on virtual console for the 3DS. I actually haven't finished that game when I was a child or even now since I got so lost on different parts. But holy crud so happy to have that game again!
My very first gaming experience would have to be when my dad brought home a SNES for me and brother and sister.
We pretty much just screwed around with the games that it had (Super Mario World, NHL '95, ESPN Baseball Tonight, Batman Returns and Street Fighter II - Turbo)

My first gaming experience playing one entirely by myself was playing the original Wolfenstein 3D and Doom 1 and 2, back during the good old days of MS-DOS.

Dr. Cooper

I played Wii Sports about eight years ago for my first taste of gaming. It was quite fun. Then I tried out other types of games, but I'm always more of an entertainment guy and not much of a competitive gamer.