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what was your first level 100

Discussion in 'Past Pokémon Generations Discussion' started by cookies kill you, Dec 16, 2009.

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  1. deoxysdude94

    deoxysdude94 I'm gonna miss my boi Deoxys...

    Mine was a raquaza. That was way back when. I now don't really like using legendaries.
  2. slowdude

    slowdude Well-Known Member

    In the 3rd Gen in order.

    Rayquaza is used as my flyer on HG now.
    Blaziken and Medicham are quite weak and have been over shadowed by the likes of Breloom and Swampert.
  3. Beebar234

    Beebar234 Well-Known Member

    Blaziken, then Flygon
  4. stevendat

    stevendat Wandering Demon

    Blaziken. I was so proud of it and I still use it till this day. Noticed a couple of people here trained the beast that is Blaziken also.

    WE MUST UNITE!!!!!!!!
  5. JR10

    JR10 New Member

    Blaziken was my first Lv 100
  6. deokishisu.123

    deokishisu.123 Justified Trope

    Red: Charizard
    Yellow: Pikachu
    Silver: Feraligatr
    Crystal: Typlosion
    Ruby: Blaziken (still have)
    Emerald: Sceptile
    Pearl: Empoleon (still have)
    Platinum: none yet.
    SoulSilver: none yet.
  7. Serebii!

    Serebii! Well-Known Member

    On Fire Red it was Charizard and on Ruby it was Blaziken
  8. Wishing_Star*

    Wishing_Star* Wish I was a balloon

    Blaziken. He totally kicked butt in the elite 4!... over and over again.
  9. Charoshi

    Charoshi Charmander is best

    In Ruby, it was my blaziken, which narrowly beat out my swampert, sceptile, manectric and altaria.

    In LG it was my Charizard.
    And I never bothered to get any to that level in any of my other 3rd generation games.
  10. TehLulzMastur

    TehLulzMastur Well-Known Member

    I'm ashamed to say it, but my first Lv. 100 was Palkia. I leveled it up at Wayward Cave.
  11. Mine was Charizard.
  12. hitman00128

    hitman00128 New Member

    On ruby and emerald it was Swampert, on FireRed it was Charizard
  13. Dslrocks10

    Dslrocks10 Playing since 1998

    Never had any 100lvl pokemon in Gen III but my first lvl100 was Feraligatr in Gen II
  14. sammy p

    sammy p Member

    mine was my precious swellow in 2004... it is BY FAR my fav pokemon,and its been traded in every game that it could be(ruby, sapphire, emerald, diamond, and pearl), so i wouldnt lose it. it NEVER leaves my team. i just love it too much
  15. Mine was Sceptile, but I used several Rare Candies, so its stats weren't amazing. I think I still have it, actually.
  16. tom-tom

    tom-tom Furret <3

    My first 3rd gen lv 100 was a Minun, I thought it looked cool so I decided to train it.
  17. TheE4Expert

    TheE4Expert New Member

    my kyogre on sapphire :]
  18. nathandg0924

    nathandg0924 Back in the meantime

    If I remember correctly, I think it was rayquaza. I think I may have had a starter who reached lv 100 or near that but I don't recall
  19. Takaru

    Takaru Werk, Werk, Werk

    Vaporeon <3
    On fire red.
    From lvl 5 to 100.
  20. Hikari Paradise

    Hikari Paradise Forever Alone

    Mine was a Mewtwo, however I've gotten a new one also at Lv100.
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