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What was your first Lv. 100?


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my first 100 was my AWESOMELY powerful Swampert!!! sadly he met a slow and very painfull death when my little brother found a hammer...and my gameboy:(


Pokémon Master
How come nobody ever realizes to keep their Gameboy either in a safe place where nobody will ever find it, or on their person constantly?

That said, I've never had a legit 100 yet. Had plenty in the days of R/B/Y. Just started playing FR/LG and R/S/E lately, so no time to do that yet.


Piplup Master
My Poliwrath! then Rayquaza!


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My first was a Vaporeon, lol. And then it was Charizard. But the game got restarted so they no longer exist.


Has Not Changed.
Uh.... Rayquaza... Yeh know the first one I "trained" (trained equals battling the E4 so many times to get some others to Lv. 50). In the old'un days in Yellow, a Kangaskhan. Spelled way wrong. Ah good times.


Im a Ninja IRL
Absol was my first 95+ but it was my 6th or 7th lvl 100.

My first lvl 100 was gengar or salamance cant remember (could've been charizard or swampert too)


Lickilicky Trainer
SWAMPY the marshtomp was my very first LEGIT lv 100 :D
loudred was around 98 and gorebys was also over 90 when i stopped playing


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My first 100 was a Venusaur.Basically I traded my Venusaur from LG to Emerald just to beat the E4.It had some good moves.

Super Shedinja

Can't Touch This!
I'm not sure who came first, Ditto or Kyogre. My Ditto Stayed in the Day Care and leveled up so, and my Kyogre by using him to help level up my other pokemon against the Gabby and Ty.


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my blaziken in sapphire.


Romanoff Kaiser NEX
My first and only Lv.100 is my Kyogre in Pearl.

Then again, it was traded for one of my Deoxys (which I transferred out of my classmate's FR/LG) and the Kyogre was trained by the OT a lot more, so.....


first level 100 was a totodile, back on my crystal :)

I broke that game trying to replace the battery haha


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First level 100s:
R/B/Y: Charizard
G/S/C: Typhlosion
FR/LG: Charizard and Venasaur
D/P: Torterra