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What was your first shiny Pokémon?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Generation IV Discussion' started by Angela Lynn VanHulle, May 7, 2020.

  1. A while ago on my first Pearl, it was Roselia. <3 Not sure what happened to Jade, but it’s a very good shiny. I’m curious as to anyone else? I’m getting a new 3DS and a new Pearl, so I’ll have another answer soon.
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  2. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Unova Bound

    I dont intentionally look for shines but the first one I encountered in these games was a Bellsprout. A Pokemon I have no interest in...
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  3. TwilightBlade

    TwilightBlade Well-Known Member

    My first Gen 4 shiny was a shiny Starly that I found south of Jubilife. I was grinding in that area before moving on to fight my rival and the shiny just popped up all of a sudden. :]
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  4. KyogreThunder

    KyogreThunder Call of Fate

    Mine was a Magcargo in Diamond. I encountered it while exploring Stark Mountain with Buck, and luckily he didn't have his Claydol attack the snail, so I successfully caught it.
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  5. Sakuyamon

    Sakuyamon Well-Known Member

    In Diamond it was a Shiny Kadabra that I found in the rainy route near Veilstone city.

    I didn't use it because I didn't want to use any Psychic type Pokemon on my team at the time.
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  6. Alphaeon

    Alphaeon Member

    I’ve never found a shiny in the gen 4 games. >.> Actually, I’ve never randomly ran into a shiny outside of Fire Red, where I’ve found two. I must have horrifying luck!
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  7. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Unova Bound

    Whenever I do encounter a shiny Pokemon it's a species I usually have no interest in or one I find unappealing.

    That doesn't mean shiny Pokemon are completely useless to me, they're of value to someone. Example being the last shiny I encountered was a Glalie in Ultra Sun which I offered on the GTS for a Volcorona. Within minutes someone took the trade and I was one step closer to completing the Alola Pokedex.
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  8. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    My first Gen IV Shiny Pokemon was a Shiny Subomie (Budew) that I encountered by chance in Pearl version. At the time I wasn't a Shiny collector, so I ended up trading it for a Dialga since I needed one for my collection at the time.
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  9. jaden767

    jaden767 Amphetamine

    Shiny Skorupi at the Great Marsh was technically the 1st Shiny in these games that I found but as luck would have it it fled before I caught it.
  10. Storm the Lycanroc

    Storm the Lycanroc Unova Bound

    I recall my first shiny in HGSS being an Elctrode you can capture in the Team Rocket hideout in Mahogany Town. Knew I had to capture it before it used self destruct and I did.
  11. TornadoAdvisory

    TornadoAdvisory The Imminent Storm

    If we're strictly talking Gen IV (I mean, this IS the Gen IV section, so I'm assuming as such), then it was a shiny Mime Jr. in the Trophy Garden that I found and caught more than a decade ago.

    I don't recall flipping out at the time; my initial reaction was more that of pleasant surprise, and needless to say I ended up catching it. Don't recall finding any other shinies in Gen IV that weren't guaranteed encounters/events (in other words, not counting Red Gyarados/shiny Pichu/shiny Legendary Beasts).

    To this day, it's a Mr. Mime hanging out on one of my Gen VI/VII games (Don't remember which).
  12. curiousabra

    curiousabra Member

    My first shiny was a shiny Staravia I found. Actually one of my favorite shinies, it has the "sunset" vibe going on.
    The same day I found another shiny-- a zubat. -.-
    I hate zubats. And I hate crobat too. I know a lot of people like Crobat, but as somebody who likes to read Pokedex entries, I wouldn't want a companion that becomes lethargic if it can't get enough human blood. Into the box you go.

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