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What was your first shiny?


What was the first shiny you caught and do you still have it?

Mine was a noctowl which I traded. Yesteday I came across a shiny tentacruel :)

And today a shiny magcargo :)
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Master Trainer
mine was a meditite
i still have it


Leaf Storm
My first shiny was a zubat, which i traded for a shiny eevee


Mine is a Gyarados in my Gold version.


Gyarados in Silver, which should be all of your first shinys if you owned gold/silver. Still have neglected to capture a 3rd/4th Gen shiny but really what does it really matter if the COLOR is different. I personally don't give a crap but that's just me.


ponyta in fire red, i think. i mgiht have gotten one back r/b/y but i dont remember. did they even have shinies then? anyway, i dont have it i have started my game over three times since then


Well-Known Member
Other than the Red Gyarados in Gold Version, my first shiny was a shiny Ponyta (it was brown!). I also had a shiny Nidorino or Nidorina (I don't remember) in Gold.

The only other shiny I ever encountered was a Starly in Pearl (which I stupidly traded away).


Soul Trainer
Apart from the red Gyarados my first shiny was a Roselia in ruby.


i cannot believe
The 1st shiny that I ever caught? Ironically, the shiny Gyarados in my Gold which I caught after my 6th badge. xD (above Mahogany Town)

But honestly speaking, the 1st shiny that I ever caught was a Zubat in Gold too. Unfortunately, that game was a fake, and I accidentally deleted the file. ;~;


Champ In The Making
My first D/P shiny was a Noctowl.


the first and only shiny i cought was a shiny bidoof,
it just had to be one of those huh?

it's still UT and caught in a premier ball.


I <3 Maya Fey
as unrealistic as it sounds it was palkia