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What was your First System and first Game?


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I think my first system was a NES, but I apparently don't remember what my first game was on that system though. It broke a very long time ago, about ten years ago to be a bit more precise. The first game system I remember getting was a Sega Genesis, but that was inoperable for some reason, which I had found very disappointing.


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Game Boy Advance

Mario Kart Super Circut

Im so nostalgic lol lol lol
Nostalgic? GBA?


Anyways, with me it was NES and in the box came Super Mario Bros./Duck Hunt. Soon came the Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog. And it wasn't that fancy pants second model Genesis that came with Sonic 2, either. Oh no. It was the bad-*** chunky one with the headphone port. Hell yes, that was awesome. And the game with it was certainly better than Sonic 2.

That's right. I went there.


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Well when i was young the first system my parents bought me was the SNES with NBA Jam, Donkey Kong Country 2, Super Mario All Stars, Kid Clown in Crazy Chase, Super Mario Kart, Bubsy, Wario Woods, Yoshi's Island and this Donald Duck game.


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First console was NES and first game was either the SMB/Duck Hunt cartridge or The Legend of Zelda. (Did anyone else almost rupture a lung blowing the console and cartridges to get the damn thing to work?) (Yes, that is an exaggeration...)
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My first system was a Sega Game Gear and the first game I had was The Lion King which was of course an adaptation of the movie. It was a great system but ate up AAs quicker than any I had seen before or since except for the Playstation Portable. I too had to blow on the cartridges every now and then in order to get them to work but that was not too often and I never nearly ruptured a lung doing so.


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Commodore 64 - Ghostbusters, Frogger, Lazarian, etc.

I win. :p
Commodore 64 - Ghostbusters, Frogger, Lazarian, etc.

I win. :p
Atari 2600. I win.

Well, not really, but my mums friend had one that I would always play until I got a NES with SMB 1 and 3 and also Duckhunt. The thing was though, we didn't have a zapper so we just watched the ducks flying around on the screen!


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MY first system was the Gamecube and my first game was Super Mario Sunshine. :)


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My first system was my GameBoy Color, which I bought from my friend, he also gave me One of the Zelda games, I forget which one now, since I traded it not long after. I was too noob for Zelda at the time. And Pokemon Blue.


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My first console was a Sega Genesis with Sonic the Hedgehog as my first game.


A Sega Master System with 2 games. Sonic the Hedgehog and Wonder Boy in Monsterland.
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We had a SNES but that wasn't mine. My parents thought consoles too expensive, so it was a few years 'til I got one for myself. I eventually got a Gameboy Colour along with Pokémon Yellow. LOVED IT.

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My first console was an NES.

My first game... well, seeing as how I kinda had one when I was born (It used to be my brother and sisters's), I had SMB/Duck Hunt, SMB2, Mega Man, The Legend of Zelda, Ninja Gaiden, Marble Madness, Bases Loaded, um... I think that's it.

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My first was an atari. (can't remember the first game but I do remember I had Ghostbusters at one stage)

The first one I brought myself was a Cube with Rouge squadron 2.