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What was your most used pokemon?

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Mine is Feraligatr in my Pokemon Crystal because its the one I started with and has never took it off my team not once. It is currently level 70.
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Mightyena FTW!
Gold: Typhlosion

Silver: Feraligatr

Crystal: Houndoom -OR- Tyranitar


My Eevee turned Umbreon. I spoiled that thing to level 50. He finnaly became an Umbreon after alot of work.


From Zero To Hero
Feraligatr. The best Water starter, and my first pokemon in Gold.


~Johto Fanatic~
I always used Swinub and Piloswine after beating Pryce. It was one of those pokemon in the game you had to train quickly if you wanted a chance at beating Claire. =)


Nest of nightmares
Mine was Umbreon after I evolved my Eevee, because of it's type - I was more than fascinated with dark type ever since it appeared in the series. Other was Misdreavus, because I was more than glad to have a pure ghost type pokémon in my party (I'm not saying here that the Gastly evolutionary line sucks because it's half poison).


Lightning Creator
I mostly used my Feraligatr from the beginning until it was my first Pokemon to reach lv 100 and I owned everything with it.


Active Member
My Ho-oh, probably just because it was the one pokemon that I had that didn't know a HM. =(. I feel so stupid to give Feraligatr 3 HM's, and I have no idea where the move deleter is.
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Mighty Marvo
Feraligatr. On my first playthrough, I basically used just it, (i was 7, didnt read the instructions, thus didn't know there was a way to switch to positions of the pokemon)


X and Y Versions?!
Typhlosion in gold, because he was the coolest and most powerful pokemon on my team.

Tyrant Tar

Well-Known Member
Feraligatr and Lugia in Gold. I had a 'proper' team up until I caught Lugia, then the team retired, Feraligatr and Lugia still active for finishing story events and completing the Pokedex.


charizard tamer
typhlosion was mine


Dragon Tamer
In GSC, mine should be Typhlosion.
In fact, in every Pokemon games, I use my starter the most.
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