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What were your thoughts on how the anime handled gimmicks

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by Sham, Feb 21, 2020.

  1. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    Considering that the Joi with the Latias was an officially certified Gym inspector whose job necessitated her having strong Pokemon so that she could evaluate the skill level of Gym Leaders, it wasn't so strange compared to a random Joi who could use Mega Evolution "just because".
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  2. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    The reason why I think that Pokemon XY didn't give Ash or the others Mega evolution because one that they didn't give generation six Pokemon any mega evolution besides Diancie and they only wanted to focus on the generation six Pokemon beside Luxray. The on;y reason why Clemont has a Luxray in the first place because he has all the electric type in Kalos region.

    Another reason why I think that they give Ash a Pokemon that has the abilty to change it's form then giving mega evolution because them only wanting Ash to get only Pokemon that are Kalos only. So giving Ash a form changing Pokemon is the best alternative to a mega. This is nothing ready new because they gave Pokemon new forms before like Giratina, Keldeo and Kyurem. So giving Greninja a form change is nothing that new

    For generation seven, it's much easier for them to gave Ash and his friends Z-Rings because any Pokemon can use the generic Z moves. Only PIkachu, Lyccanroc, and Primarina had Z-Moves that were special to them only. Even though that they Z-Ring they barely used them. It was alright that they didn't overuse them, but they felt more like a waste to them beside using them in the Pokemon League. I think that Lillie Mallow or Sopholes shouldn't got Z-Rings in the first place because they don't feel that important to their character growth. Unlike Mega Evolutions, I do think that Ash would use his older Pokemon to use Z-Moves in Alola over

    In conclusion, I think that the writer in generation six and seven ether couldn't think of a way of using those gimmicks or underselling those gimmicks
  3. SerGoldenhandtheJust

    SerGoldenhandtheJust Well-Known Member

    Honestly I too will blame the games for not giving kalos starters a mega. That was stupid. Thankfully gen 8 gave more galar Pokemon gigantamaxes and thankfully the starters are getting one in the DLC.
  4. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    If Gekkouga had gotten a Mega Evolution, that would've been somewhat better in my view than it receiving a special transformation since it would've tied directly into Gen VI rather than being Gen VII foreshadowing for the special Gekkouga in S/M.
  5. Spider-Phoenix

    Spider-Phoenix #ChespinGang

    If I recall correctly, that Garchomp has been in the lab for a long time. I think it even showed up in those Alain flashbacks in the mega evo specials.

    I'd say Sycamore had quite a bond with that particular Garchomp since it always treat it well and with kindness.

    For all we know, Sycamore might have been raising it since it was a Gible.
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  6. p96822

    p96822 Evolve me please

    If Greninja was a Mega then it would take away Ash’s way of learning how to master that form. Also there could more story about Pokémon using a power that allows them to become just as powerful as Megas
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  7. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    Not necessarily since Satoshi and Gekkouga still could've had a subplot involving them training to master the hypothetical Gekkouga Mega Evolution in the same way that Corni had several episodes that focused on mastering Lucario's Mega Evolution.
  8. Ignition

    Ignition “Go get ‘em, tiger!”

    One of the Mega Evolution Specials shows young Alain and Charamnder with a Gible iirc
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  9. Epicocity

    Epicocity Well-Known Member

    Well, of course. I'm saying it was the first time Sycamore Mega Evolved Garchomp and had no problems. The situation is not dissimilar to Nurse Joy and the Audino, which is my point. Korrina and Lucario were always a special case, but everyone acts like it is the de facto standard for learning Mega Evolution, despite the show literally spelling it out otherwise.

    Which also addresses the issue of why it couldn't have just been a Mega Greninja. Though, reminder that while Yajima asked for a special form for Greninja, it was *Game Freak* that decided on Ash-Greninja over a Mega (to my memory).
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  10. Kazuniya

    Kazuniya Reading some posts

    Ash-Greninja is a smart solution for Gamefreak considering that, if they introduced Mega Greninja, that would mean they'd also have to introduce Mega Chesnaught and Mega Delphox. This way they don't have to.
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  11. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 You can make a change

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't Joy akd Audino have a lot of trouble with each other?
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  12. Spider-Phoenix

    Spider-Phoenix #ChespinGang


    I think they are saving the Kalos starter megas for whenever they need to remake the games again.

    Megas makes sense as a gimmick to keep older gen starters somewhat "fresh" on remakes
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  13. Leonhart

    Leonhart Imagineer

    I find it doubtful that they planned ahead for games that we probably won't get for another 10 years or so. If they didn't give the Kalos Starters Mega Evolutions in Gen VI, then it's probably because Game Freak simply didn't want to bother with them, rather than them setting up something for Kalos remakes a decade in advance. In any case, I suppose I should be glad that Brigarron and Mahoxy didn't have Mega Evolutions or a unique transformation like Gekkouga did, otherwise more people would've speculated that Citron's Harimaron and Serena's Fokko would evolve all the way to showcase those forms.
  14. Epicocity

    Epicocity Well-Known Member

    Not really. They had tiffs, but they still had a strong bond with one another, no different than how we're supposed to see Ash and Misty, or Ash and Iris, for example.
  15. Spider-Phoenix

    Spider-Phoenix #ChespinGang

    But by that time they've had ORAS planned already.

    I find it highly unlikely no one thought "you know, since you are using this gimmick to make old pokémon feel fresh, we should save giving other starters some so in case we need to remake their original games or we want to revisit their region, we can just use that".

    Maybe they didn't plan for remakes but for the case they wanted to revisit them or their region.
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  16. Twilight-Kun

    Twilight-Kun Pokemon World Champion

    I'm rather amused by the fact Ash uses Mega Evolution logic to dynamax Pikachu to avoid its whole "doesn't like going into poké balls" mindset, so Ash finally has access to Mega Evolution, two generations later, hooray!

    Mega Evolution was fine

    Z-Moves degraded over time and they made several of them absolutely pathetic and literally do no damage to the opponent

    Dynamax is all style over substance, which gives us beautiful particle effects, but nothing else
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  17. CMButch

    CMButch Kanto is love. Kanto is life.

    Mega Evolution gimmick is the best so far. It was shown to be amazing and badass in the anime.It degraded in SM because of Z moves and because there are no visible Mega stones in Pokemon like a necklace yet they're invisible which is kinda lame( I know it's for surprise, but still in XY they had Mega Stones on them( Venusaur on its plant, Charizard as necklace, Alakazam on spoon).

    Z moves are the weakest of all 3/4 gimmicks so far. Z moves are only good when you see them once and that's it. Cringe dancing to some; repeating of same Z move is kinda boring and with overused stock animation put on repeat. Unlike with Megas where you get excited seeing Mega Pokemon and its battling style, you get to see one Z move once in the battle and it's same every time you battle ( E.X: Inferno Overdrive on any Fire move).

    Dynamax is close to Z moves but not as bad as Z moves. Pokemon get big and can use similar Z moves(Max moves)( which are not as strong as Z move or Z power moves of course but still strong) and similar with Z moves they can use one type of move like Max Strike for Normal moves. Only thing that saves this not being as bad as Z moves is you don't get to use 1 attack, but several ( like 2-3 Max Strikes)and you can move around and dodge.

    Gigantamax is cool but not as good as Mega Evolution because it feels like rip off or not original. It's same as Mega + Dyna + Z move combined. Pokemon gets big, changes forms and can use one G move which is as strong as I guess Z move( maybe not as powerful as Z power move though but Z move yeah), it can freely move around and can use those moves several times( like G max moves).

    Mega > Giga > Dyna > Z moves.

    When it comes Z move vs Z power move vs G max vs Max move
    Now put like 2 Pokemon at same strength level on table like Ash's Pikachu and Ash's Pikachu per say and one which is Gigachu let it use G-Max move and other let it use 10MV as Power move. I think 10MV is stronger because you get to use 10MV only once and Gigachu can use G max move several times but when it comes to Gigavolt Havoc and per say Gigachu's G max move maybe they're equal at best or maybe I'd say G max move does edges it out( because GH is weaker than 10MV).

    Z power move > G max move > Z move > Max move.
    Last edited: Feb 29, 2020
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  18. shoz999

    shoz999 Sonic's the name! Speed's my game!

    Haven't watched much of the anime recently. Did they explained how those "Dens" are literally dens where there's an giant cavern underneath containing a wild Dynamax Pokemon? Just recently, I saw a fan stating how surprised he was after reading the SwSh manga that the "Dens" were literally caverns explaining the dark background during Max Raids and that the six pentagon stones with the hole in the middle are the entrance to those underground caverns, which as someone pointed out is going to be explored in the Crown Tundra. I think what surprised me the most however is how big those pentagon stoned entrances can be which makes sense in how four people are needed for a Max Raid battle.
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  19. mehmeh1

    mehmeh1 You can make a change

    I was also wondering how the dens were enterred, seeing as they appeared too small for anyone to get in.

    Anyways, no, it seems like pokemon just dynamax if they're in an open power spot

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