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What will be the end of the anime?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by girazard, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Misty-san

    Misty-san Kasumi's #1 Fan ~

    i actually do see that as a possible ending. misty replacing lorelei hehehe...
  2. Icy_Snorunt

    Icy_Snorunt Pokemon Coordinator

    well, for me I just thought the show would cancel out of nowhere, if it did end, and nobody would ever hear about it EVER again...
    that would be unfair...
  3. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    I wish the show ended before I'm dead.
  4. Alpha Gamer

    Alpha Gamer Strength & Strategy

    I don't think the show would cancel out of nowhere because it's a big part of American and Japanese culture and pikachu has become a cultural icon like Mickey Mouse and Bugs Bunny. So I don't think they would just end it, they would have to give it proper closure.
  5. o.O

    o.O Hey Girl Hey

    They would actually grow up instead of having voice changes
  6. DarthVader

    DarthVader Well-Known Member

    The anime will only end when "Pokemon" stops becoming profitable, or the company goes out of business.

    But if it was going to have a real conclusion... I would hope that we get the original "Pokemon" theme with a lot of flashbacks from Ash's journey shown. Or even a few Pokemon songs stuck together with flashbacks, almost like the ending to the first season.

    And before that we would have Ash and his current travelling companions given real endings (e.g. Ash becoming a Frontier brain or whatever), and perhaps Team Rocket being shown getting an honest job or something.
  7. Katipunero

    Katipunero Eye in the Sky

    Ash becomes pokemon champion,duh
  8. remember123

    remember123 Active Member

    I think it'll end with an ultimate tournament. This requires each BF brain and champions to regions and also elite 4, he finds out, and he scrambles to win a league(which he does) Ash beats all of the top trainers, and he has to trek to the top of mt Silver and face another... who is his father (who he eventually beats.)
    And then there is another part of the movie focusing on the main co-ordinators, which ends because of all of the major regional villains unititing, plummeting the world into chaos. Ash beats them all with his friends, who travel in Gary's and Scott's cars to evade attack.
    The world is now safe, and after the co-ordinator championship, Ash has a child (9 years later). This child wants to become a co-ordinator, which she does, Ash gives her an Evee, and she goes of and starts her adventure, and Max becomes the brock of the group.
    And a new series begins...
  9. remember123

    remember123 Active Member

    Or this
    but they grow up, allowing what i had posted previously to happen.
  10. remember123

    remember123 Active Member

    Ash runs into some evil organiztion meeting, and the battle begins...
  11. king gyrados

    king gyrados Well-Known Member

    There's a final battle with Team Rocket that results in Ash finally defeating Giovanni. Ash competes in the Indigo League again, and becomes champion. Misty replaces Lorelei (Prima in the dub) as an elite four member. May and Dawn both become top coordinators in their respective regions. Brock marries Holly and becomes a famous pokemon breeder. Max eventually replaces his now retired father as Petalburg City gym leader. Gary, who is now Viridian City's gym leader, takes over his grandfather's lab. Paul becomes an apprentice to Brandon. Ash and Misty get married, while May and Dawn both get married to Drew and Kenny respectively. Jessie gets millions of dollars off of an auto-biography, James gets a moderately happy life as a bartender, and Meowth becomes famous as the first pokemon to actually own a home.
  12. Flamesword12

    Flamesword12 Active Member

    It look similar to a Disney movie ending......
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2009
  13. Ash-kid

    Ash-kid Ash-kid

    Agree. the show will over only if TR (incluse Jessie and James) will finally disband.
  14. king gyrados

    king gyrados Well-Known Member

    Crap! That wasn't what I was going for!
  15. GalladeX

    GalladeX Well-Known Member

    I thought that was Cardcaptors xD
    I honestly don't like to think of it, as it makes me sad :(
    It will probably end when Ash becomes Champion, as after that there is no reason for him continuing his adventure..
    But who knows, for all we know after that they could do a kind of GX thingy.
  16. GaZsTiC

    GaZsTiC Alternating

    When Ash wakes up. xD

    Pokemon school...No thank you.
  17. GalladeX

    GalladeX Well-Known Member

    Oh God no. I meant as in new characters, and Ash might be regarded as a legend, etc. At least I didn't say 5D's. Then you woulda thought I meant Pikachu on a motorcycle.
  18. Ash becomes pokemon champion, obviously. That's what I think and hope.
  19. CyberCubed

    CyberCubed Banned

    ^ LOL, Ash is not marrying anyone.
  20. I think Ash will marry Dawn...and then...Ash teach their son how to be a trainer and Dawn teach their daugther how to be a coordinator
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