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What will be the end of the anime?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by girazard, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. Pong0

    Pong0 Disney Master

    I honestly think the anime will never end! I mean I though it was going to end with the 4th generation because to me Arceus is the most powerful pokemon suposively I mean wht more can they do? But with Pokemon it can keep going and going, probably until they run out of ideas which I don't think will be soon.

    Although this is how I would want it to end if it ever does: Ash becomes the pokemon champion of the world and becomes this famous person and then they show Ash a a grown man married and sending his kid out to go on his pokemon Journy, starting in Kanto like he did. THE END.
  2. Black Moon

    Black Moon Member

    I honestly think it's going to end with the 4th generation after a Battle Frontier in Johto. I mean, Hoenn's Battle Frontier was the FireRed/LeafGreen arc in Kanto in the anime. Why wouldn't Sinnoh's Battle Frontier be the HeartGold/SoulSilver arc in Johto in the anime?

    As for my thoughts on 4th generation being the end, here's the thing. There's a flash movie on Newgrounds somewhere that makes a very good point. It's basically Robot Chicken for Nintendo. One of it's Pokemon shorts said something like this:

    "Let's see... Space (Palkia). Time (Dialga). Dimensions (Giratina). Every single human emotion (Uxie, Azelf, and Mesprit). Huh. What do we go for next?"

    "Only one thing left to go for. We go FOR GOD!!!"

    "...Nope. Got that too. (Arceus)"

    Pokemon 5th Generation Concept Team President: ".....craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaap...."

    Almost as if they want 4th gen to be the end or didn't think ahead one. I don't think anything can really top God's incarnate, and unless they make a Devil Pokemon (I would say Darkrai's the closest they have to that right now), they might be out of ideas.

    So let's face it. Anime, games, everything. 4th gen might be the end.
  3. I can't believe how long it took for me to think of this, but here's a great idea of something they could do to make this even better:
    During the battle between Ho-oh and Mewtwo, they cut out the sounds of the battle itsself; replacing them with the theme songs of all pokemon seasons up to that point in reverse-sequential order. The only problem would be that such a montage would be really drawn out; even a battle between those two would become tedious if it drags out too long. No, when I say montage I don't mean a sequence of three second clips of the fight; I just mean they cut out the regular sound and play something else. Either way, it would be truly fantastic; following the idea of ending back at the place where it all started, in this case, the original theme song. Such a fight would satisfy every kind of fan I know of; it would have purely epic combat as well as a soundtrack that satisfies the nostalgia of all those guys who, like me, yearn to watch the older seasons without getting the DVDs or watching poor-quality videos of them on Youtube.
  4. pikachuluver44

    pikachuluver44 pokemon anime luver

    I honestly thought they were going to end it after johto journeys... But that never happened. So I don't know when they are going to end it. However I have found out recently, they increase the legendaries in the regions. If they keep this up (as pointed out) they will end up running out of them. What more can they bring? I'm thinking the battle to end all is when ho-oh gets showed. Seeing how it's supposedly connected to Ash. It would be perfect for him to get action in battleling. In which case they probably save it for last. Seeing how shinou (sp?) is all dramatic and violent (or atleast it's supposed to be most violent yet). It get's my vote to be ended after this generation. I mean come on right now we are seeing old pokemon. Not new pokemon, not even new legendaries are supposed to appear yet. They normally end the generation of with new legendaries, not old ones. Plus who think they would stall us and put the shinou legue and grand festival in two seasons. I thought they already learned thier leson in johto and orange islands. Also the day it ends probably will be hinted. Like Brock will finally get a girl and stop traveling. Ash (and all the other main characters that are dense) will learn alot more and realise something about love. Ash will become pkmn master. Gary becomes a prof. in shinou after rowan. May and Dawn will become top coordinaters. Tracey will become an awesome pkmn watcher (maybe the greatest). Misty will become the strongest water pkmn trainer. Brock will become the worlds best breeder. Then if they think of something else and a bunch more pkmn. They can restart with new characters (THAT ARE NOT AN IMATATION OF RED!!!!!). That is what I think should happen.
  5. Champion Shirona

    Champion Shirona Well-Known Member

    I don think the anime will end,and i have no ideas on the ending.
    The anime should no go down but go up if they haven make an ending.
  6. The-Strawhat

    The-Strawhat Active Member

    The Anime ends with Ash going to Mt. Silver so he can battle the ultimate pokémon trainer named Red. Ash finds out that Red is his big brother who lived with Ash's dad. Then they battle and we never see the end of that battle.
  7. Black Moon

    Black Moon Member


    Okay, yeah, that one sounds good to me. :p
  8. S.Suikun

    S.Suikun Thank you, SPPf! :)

    My first instinct was to finally close this awful thread for its fan-fiction, but on second thought, it's a perfect outlet for my final post of the decade.


    Ash and friends one day spontaneously decide that real life is boring and instead wish to travel to the Fantasy Land known as Serebii Forums. I say it's a fantasy land because none of its residents live in reality. When they first arrive, they are greeted by the wisecracking sage, V Faction. He gives them a brief tour of the land, where they encounter all sorts of crazy filler characters like Ash-kid the two-headed Dunsparce Man and Sticktopia the crazy gnome. They befriend Sceptile Lover, who actually hates Sceptiles. Upon discovering that Ash owns a Sceptile, he calls up his buddy Waterpokes and they begin pounding the heck out of the gang in order to increase their post count. Wacky Neighbor PK0082 reports the commotion, and Juputoru, the neighborhood cop, hands everyone infractions for being stupid. But Brock, tired of being pushed around for the past 12 years, decides to contest the infraction, and takes it up with the other cop, S.Suikun. Unfortunately, S.Suikun is highly irrational and corrupt, not to mention totally unfunny, and decides to arrest the gang and leave them for Lord Serebii's judgment. In their prison cell, fellow inmate Thunderblade12 enjoys torturing the gang by rewriting their past plot pieces so that they'd actually be good. The feeble guard Torpoleon then escorts the gang to Lord Serebii's chamber. Lord Serebii loves to eat children, so he calls out his hungry dog, CyberCubed, to feast upon their flesh. He dices them up them into sushi, not to be confused with Sushi, the almighty translator. It is then that the gang reverts into their zombie alter-egos - TeddiUrsa, J-boogie200, and The 4th KIRA. Realizing that he has created such monsters, Lord Serebii does the only reasonable thing and ends the show.

    Happy 2010, puny ants.
  9. jshizzlex6661

    jshizzlex6661 Sick Of Natures

    He will be the Champion, marry Misty, have a child and give it a Pichu.
  10. Flamesword12

    Flamesword12 Active Member

    More like the worst ending.
  11. housefull

    housefull Banned

    I accept with information:Then after Ash is crowned champ, I'd like a fast forward type of thing so we can see what happens to each of the characters in the future. And though that probably won't happen, I personally think it'd be cool.
  12. Viridian's Yellow

    Viridian's Yellow Mmm~♪ Hmm~♪

    when ash becomes pokemon master
  13. Katipunero

    Katipunero Eye in the Sky

    if they ever end the series people will start to forget it.
  14. Viridian's Yellow

    Viridian's Yellow Mmm~♪ Hmm~♪

    maybe ash's son might do the same journey ash did making a new series that will last for twice as long
  15. Caseydia

    Caseydia Ace Trainer

    As long as pokemon keeps being created, the show will never end.
  16. poke freak 997

    poke freak 997 Fire Power House

    This is how i would want it to end he starts messing up and treat his pokemon wrong and when he decides to change his ways he goes to the indigo league for closure. There he meets giovanni/dad and then he uses pikachu against his persian which ends with ash winning everyone finding out there father and son including jessie and james.Ash then realises that misty likes him and goes to tell her that he likes her to, then flash forwards in15 years time and he see's his son with a pikachu heading on his journey with misty,brock,Delila,Giovanni,Oak,May,Max,Dawn,Norman,Dawns' mum,may's mum,Tracey and all of there pokemon waving goodbye.
  17. jh941

    jh941 Well-Known Member

    im not sure how pokemon will end but hopefully it will be something massive like a big tournament. I really really hope that it doesn't turn out to be a dream cos that would end up making the whole of pokemon pointless and a waste of time :(
  18. jjag20

    jjag20 Well-Known Member

    when ash discovers the dragon type eeve catches ho-oh and kills his rival in his sleep after accepting the offer as a frontier brain and heading back to pallet town
  19. CliveKoopa

    CliveKoopa Well-Known Member

    I don't know how the anime will end but I would like the full version of the original theme to be played over the end credits with a complete list of past,present and future voice cast and crew credits on the final episode whenever that will be.
  20. ijea4444

    ijea4444 Well-Known Member

    >.> You do know what final is right?
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