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What will be the end of the anime?

Discussion in 'Pokémon Animé Discussion' started by girazard, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. W.T.

    W.T. Donw with CIPHET!

    I just cannot envision any possible ending for the anime. Guess it'll exist as long as the human race remains on this planet. (Just like the games, but at least the games are actually getting better.)

    Like a Pokémon game itself, it's immortal. There just isn't any way for the anime to stop. Even if Ash were to die, all his Pokémon would magically get together and start crying until he was reborn as a 10 year old kid again. (Mewtwo Strikes Back reference!)

    ...oh wait, was that an ending?
  2. Kaika

    Kaika Haters gonna hate

    I think it will end with ash and Pikachu running off into the sunset. No seriously. And the thought of Ash having a kid and that will start a new series is unrealistic because Ash has been and probably always will be 10 (or is it 11?) years old. He hasn't even hit puberty yet and isn't even capable of having kids...why would they just do some random timeskip in the last episode to him as an adult with his own kid? (oh wait...Digimon Adventure 02 ending... )
  3. Tropios

    Tropios ':o Me is stinky??'

    if you want to see how pokemon is ending, watch over many years cuz pkm is getting mor popular by the minute
  4. mimefan

    mimefan Banned

    An atomic bomb blows up killing everyone except for one Cubone, one Azurill and one Kingler.
  5. pokemonfan301

    pokemonfan301 pokemon thespian

    I really can't imagine how the anime will end but it will be epic. Awesome!
  6. shamwowsavedme

    shamwowsavedme chek dis ancient ***

    i dnt thnk it will end with ash...i thnk pokemon is gonna go all yu-gi-oh on us and eventualy hav a new main character...and it will just repeat itself in the same cycle
  7. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    I don't see why anyone wouldn't want this bunch of series to end. Not that they should expect Ash's journey to end so soon, but we already have 600+ episodes? Are people going to be upset when Ash's journey ends that they're going to disregard the 600+ episodes we all have to look back on? That's like saying 493 Pokemon isn't enough. (I mean, besides those who wanted 500 or who want 600- you know what I mean. And 493's still a lot, though.)

    Anyway, I'm pretty sure that the child Ash would have would be a son. To make him as much like young Ash as possible.

    This we might see, but don't expect anything TOO big...

    Misty told Ash that Brock got dumped.

    Or two new characters. *shot*


    As much as I agree with you with the thing about the main games, they do still have the main plot line of a character having to complete his Pokedex and get all the badges and beat the elite four and champion and all of that stuff.
  8. Gipauchii

    Gipauchii Elite Trainer

    LOL! That would ruin the whole series.
  9. snoruntking27

    snoruntking27 SnoruntMaster

    that would be really cool! and how `bout all trainers have legendary pokemon! like mew, mewtwo, lugia, ho-oh, groudon, kyogre, rayquaza, dialga, palkia, giratina, and arceus
  10. bioteddy

    bioteddy Well-Known Member

    my honest guess is that the writers will all retire before the end of the series, and they won't bother to tie up any lose ends. we'll just be left with a hole in the plot big enough to drive a truck through.
  11. sgtpieman

    sgtpieman New Member

    I was surfing through and this caught my interest. Honestly I think Ash will beat the elite 4, Pikachu gets killed in the final battle, Ash cries, and then Mew or something shows up. They see the sadness, decide to give Ash a second chance, and like, aura surrounds them. Then, the screen gradually turns to white, and it fades out with Ash`s alam clock ringing. Ash sits up, and relizes he is at when he first started his journey, only now with all the knowledge and memories from the first episode onto the last. So yeah, it ends with him back in time.
  12. 1ee7leader

    1ee7leader Well-Known Member

    Well, I'm expecting the words - 'THE END'.

    Dunno what you lot are on about.

  13. BM14murph

    BM14murph Master Collector

    Hahahah Again you make me **** myself laughing lol

    Your sig is gas aswell mate

    Personally i don't think Pokemon will ever end but the fact that they're building up to an E4 arc then i can see the possibility of Ash leaving and having them pull a Yu-Gi-Oh and have a new guy take over................possibly max

    But to be fair the way yugioh went in japan is like how it went with pokemon too

    Yugioh - Original Series
    Yugioh GX - Advanced Generation
    Yugioh 5d's - Diamond and Pearl

    It would be weird though for them to actually have a time jump like 10 years into the future when time has practically stood still for the whole series but again we have never been told that they are not aging and that aboput 4 years has passed in the series...........they could address it when they do this by having an older Ash saying "i travgelled the world/Country(They always address all of the regions as being in one country for somke reason) for 5 years to become the Best" or something like that
  14. deathseer

    deathseer Oh, u mad bro?

    I think Ash will win a Regional competition and will say goodbye to his friends for good. On his way home he remembers all his friends and the adventures he had. When he arrives home, his mom greets him and he tells her that he is done travelling. Soon she tells him that someone is waiting for him outside. He sees a man sitting on a boulder with a Raichu. It is soon revealed to be his father. After a exchange of pleasantries, the battle he has always waited for begins.
  15. Rex Kamex

    Rex Kamex Well-Known Member

    ^ The problem with your Pokemon/Yu-Gi-Oh comparison is that, besides the fact that Yu-Gi-Oh! has four series (the Yu-Gi-Oh! you're talking about it Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters. There's an earlier series that wasn't in the US called Yu-Gi-Oh!), the first two for Yu-Gi-Oh! starred Yugi while the next two series starred two different people. Pokemon has has Ash in all three of its main series (well there's stuff like Pokemon Sunday, but that's not one of the main series), and the series is done where if you could pretty much combine all three Pocket Monsters series to make one called Pocket Monsters.

    They would never kill Pikachu, especially in something like an Elite Four match...
  16. Waterpokes

    Waterpokes Well-Known Member

    I want the series go into a darker plot, of having people possible dying.
    They have that on Yu-Gi-Oh and if they continiue of having Ash met a new girl each season and then having Grand Festival and League, that's something I won't like to see.
    So Ash defeats evil bad guy, that happens to be shown a lot and then Ash battles a legendary.

    Then Ash either goes on a journey to a new region, which we don't know about or battles Father or Max. Or he will become a proffesor and get a wife, which happens to be a girl, he knows. And then when all this is done, the shippers will spend there whole life disgussing who Ash has as wife. And we begin all over again, by having a new kid with a Pikachu. Then we spend 1000 episodes and a new saga can begin after that.
  17. Yeah, I love watching Pokemon, Family Guy, Yu-Gi-Oh 5ds, and the Simpsons; I just can't wait to see them die.
    Besides, about 493 being a very big number, aren't there far over a thousand Digimon by now. Figures that between those two it has always been a fight of quality vs. quantity; and the quantity side has never been remotely close to winning.
  18. Taylorm5

    Taylorm5 Active Member

    thanks. your sig made me laugh for a solid 5 mins.

    anyways. back on topic

    theory #1.
    Sticking with the idea of a whole dream when he got knocked out by a fearrow and went into a coma (lol)

    theory #2
    He goes on to battle everyone...blah blah... has to battle one more person, and IT IS HIS FATHHEERRRRRR

    theory #3
    Pikachu slips and falls on a thunderstone.
  19. Mr.Brightside

    Mr.Brightside You will evolve too!

    What i'd like to see is a season in which Ash travels along with all his friends. The main cast, like Brock, Misty, May etc. and even Gary. I think that if there is ever going to be an ending we will see Ash as a world famous gym leader. That would be awesome.

    To be honest though i don't think it will ever end. But it would be very interesting to have him older as happened with Naruto. I'd love that.
  20. DarkZerkerX

    DarkZerkerX Master Coordinator

    What i wanna see is a Fallout type ending. Which shows what happened to all the main characters after the final battle. I also wanna see what happened before the pokemon generation. Like pokemon was based on animals so is the pokemon world earth after thousands of years of radioactive mutations from the bombardment of nukes? Or is it the fate of all animals after millions of years of evolution and the great countries of US, China,Japan etc are forgotten?

    But what i wanna see is a great big reunion of Ash,Dawn,Brock,Misty,May, and all the other main characters. Then they do something. It will never end.As long as the pokemon contract is still legal, the saga will never die.It may change hands of the dubbers to *gulp* 4Kids.....but hopefully it will be in the hands of great godly dubbers who change as few things as possible.
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