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What will be the end of the anime?

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Pokemon will never end. by the 132nd generation he'll be some old dude running around with a pikachu that has magically weakened every new region. If it ever does end, I think it should end while slowly changing in to a more voilent show with bazookas and the like, then it'll just stop getting made
I can see some nerd in his basement playing with figurines, making a "new" series of pokemon, with his pre-pubescent voice as the forever 10 year old ash


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It will end as Ash realises that he is just an Anime Character and will break the 4th wall for the entire episode.

Plus Nachos will be involved.


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I think the anime will end the same way how the Pokemon: The Electric Tale of Pikachu manga ended with a few changes. Ash will comes to the conclusion that there's really no such thing as a Pokemon Master & realize that being the best Pokemon Trainer he can be is all that is to be this so called Pokemon Master.


Here's what I think would be the best way to end the Anime with a bang:

-A Supreme Indigo League takes place requiring (insert # of badges Ash has received) badges.
-This league will have a contest part, triatholon part, ping pong part, race part, battle part & finally you will face the strongest 4 Pokemon trainers that ever walked the Earth.
-Every Pokemon Rival Ash/May/Dawn/Misty/Brock/Max/Tracey have meet will be in it.
-The person who wins (Ash) will be Champion till' they die.

It would be really awesome if this happened, but don't count on it ;]


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I think it'll end like Teen Titans. As in, one day, without reason... a new episode of pokemon just won't come on.

I agree if it stops being popular or something it might suddenly stop, or as other people are saying it might keep going on but with new characters. I bet one of those will happen. Or it will end with of final episode, but who knows what could happen. It is going to be one of those three possibilities, it will ethier stop randomly, keep on going with new people/genarations/ or have an final episode. ;492-s;


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Not until the games end.

The anime will probably go on until GameFreak runs out of ideas (or at least until they run out of colors, lol).

My theory on how the series will end:
Ash will return to Kanto, and win a championship bout involving a Nidorino, a Gengar, an Onix, and a Jigglypuff. Some 10-year-old kid in Pallet Town will be watching it on TV at 11:49 PM, fall asleep, wake up late, and run to Prof. Oak's lab, and the entire series will be symmetrical.
...or not.

I'd actually like to see a somewhat darker protagonist eventually. And see Ashey-boy battle his old man.


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I'm pretty sure they'll just stop making episodes one day. Then it will reapper on boomerang, and it will all come back to us.


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The anime will be around as long as the franchise is alive.

However, I'm guessing that they'll eventually ditch Ash. He'll probably win some big League tournament or something (maybe even Sinnoh; this is the first season they've alluded to the Elite Four, right? That could mean something.) and be declared a Pokemon Master, so he decides to go off and train. Then the anime could take a break during the whole HGSS thing; maybe do something like Pokemon Chronicles as a filler season while Gen 5 is being developed. Then they'll start the next season with a new trainer going off on his adventure in a new region some years after the events of Ash's success in Sinnoh (assuming that Sinnoh is where Ash gets off), and he (or she) will eventually meet up with Ash at some point, and that could be the end of the series: the two main protagonists of the series duking it out in one final epic battle.


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I think you should know since Ash is tryin to be "The Greatest Pokemon Master" the series will end with him earning the title. Or it could be that he loses the Sinnoh league and the series will continue... Pokemon will be alive until Satoshi Taijiri dies! (Its true he created the franchise, Its a simple math problem) Franchise-Franchise Creator= Franchise dies. Or when nintendo decides to stop making the games everything will go on brekdown and Pokemon will be forgotten.


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Maybe they'll tell that Giovanni is Ash's father as they kinda did in Pokemon live and Team Rocket will be freaked out.
Giovanni was never stated as Ash/Red's father in any form of the media. The only time when Giovanni POSSIBLY being his dad was, as you said it, in Pokemon Live! I should also note that it also featured Pokeshipping and a EFFING AWESOME MECHAMEW2!

Actually, all I want to see for the last episode is an adaption of Live! Yes, an Anime adpation of a musical based on said anime based of the games.

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your so right maybe ash will find out who his father is. (i think it is Giovanni)
will all the champions team elite 4 champions and the elite four`s will team up to make an elite 16 and will pikachu evolve ;026;;025;


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I'm thinking he'll enter some big battle with all his friends watching and (possibly) win, then retire from Poke'mon and then we see the characters years later (Jessie, James, and Meowth's ending would be similar to the manga).


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I'd like to see this:

Many episodes before the end Ash and who-ever he is traveling with now hear rumors of the revival of a ancient Pokemon tournament so dangerous it has been banned for hundreds of years. In this tournament, the Pokemon were so strong and the battles so fierce that it wasn't safe. The trainers in it are so strong, to compete trainers must have every badge in the world. ( which, if the show is ending, ash will have ) Ash enters and battles loads of trainers such champions, gym leaders, and past friends/rivals such as Paul, Richie, Misty, Gary ETC.....
Ash gets to the final round and beats who-ever he is facing. He is then told the winner of this tournament will face off against the world's most powerful trainer: The Pokemon master! The battle is long and drawn out and probably takes something like three episodes. The final match up is something ridiculously unfair like Arceus V.S Pikachu.
Just when Pikachu is about to be beaten it unleashes an amazing electric move which has never been seen before, defeats his foe, then collapses on the floor. Everyone runs over to Pikachu. The camera then switches to Pikachu's view. Everyone is looking over him and is shocked. We don't see Pikachu's wounds, but it is clear they are grave. Everyone is crying. Ash is screaming for someone to help. Ash says Pikachu is going to be okay. Pikachu can only manage to say a weak "Pika". Pikachu's view slowly fades to black. Ash has beat his opponent and is now the worlds greatest trainer, but at a cost....

I think that would be an amazing ending but i don't think the writers would dare do it.

Rex Kamex

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^ That's because they have as much of a chance killing the main mascot as they do evolving it. Also because someone would have to have (an?) Arceus. And Misty, Brock, and co. would also have to have all the badges in the world.

No offesnse, but as interesting as a banned tournament sounds, I don't see people in the Pokemon world bringing it back unless they took lots of precautions. (Well, maybe that happens...)
How does this sound?
Giovanni creates a device capable of completely controlling Mewtwo as well as multiplying its power exponentially. Then he finally makes his position as head of TR known to the entire world in a hostile takeover. Ash realizes that because he is one of Mewtwo's few (known) human friends, he may well be able to get through to Mewtwo and stop Giovanni.
Knowing that he can't go at it alone, Ash calls in all of his other friends (not every one he's ever met; just the one's who have been in the main group and some of their rivals like Barry, Kenny, Gary, etc.). Ash and his group reach a large tower made by Giovanni, but are met outside by every other member of TR at the door. A large brawl ensues, and the good-guys quickly realize that they are too vastly outnumberred.
Suddenly a large plane touches down and the fighting stops as everyone looks at it in astonishment. The door opens and a man who has never been shown before walks out. He introduces himself as Ash's father, and tells Ash that Delia had contacted him after hearing of what was happening. Some members of TR start commenting "so you've got one more guy" "we've got plenty more pokemon" and "come on, how are you gonna win with just one more guy?"
Ash's father answers by asking them "who said it was only one more?" He points at the plane and a gigantic side hatch opens, revealing all of the gym leaders and Frontier Brains from every region. TR starts feeling a little less confident, but they continue to fight. The heros notice thatthey are now evenly matched, not ahead; so Ash's father tells him to sneak into the building while the rest of them are occupied. Ash does as he is instructed and rushes through the door. He is met by Jessie, James, and Meowth; who tell him that they were assigned to guard the stairs in case anyone tried such a tactic.
Pikachu hits them with a Thunderbolt and Ash runs past them as they stagger back up. They chase him up the stairs until he reaches the top floor, where Giovanni and Mewtwo are waiting. Giovanni angrilly says to JJ&M "you fools! I can never count on you for anything!" Ash looks at the now cowering JJ&M and asks them "that's the guy you've been working for? why do you help him if he doesn't even respect you?"
JJ&M realize now that ever since they started chasing Pikachu Giovanni has given them zero respect or recognition; it is time for revenge. They announce their resignation to Giovanni and challenge him. Giovanni laughs as a door opens and Mewtwo emerges. Ash immediately commands Pikachu to use a Thunderbolt on a device on Mewtwo's head, presumably the control device. When it hits a puff of smoke shoots from the machine and Mewtwo goes berserk. Giovanni asks Ash "do you realize what you've done? Now he's still furious but I can't control him. Thanks to you Mewtwo is going to go on an uncontrolled rampage!" As Mewtwo stands back up, he blasts open the back wall and flies away as Ash rushes up and grabs hold of his tail. Giovanni tries to give chase, but is stopped at the door by JJ&M, who tell him that they still wish for a battle.
As Mewtwo drags Ash higher and higher, Ash continues trying to talk to him and Pikachu keeps blasting the device; but Mewtwo is too angry to listen and the device refuses to budge. Mewtwo stops and uses his psychic powers to Throw Ash and Pikachu off. As Ash plummets to earth, he thinks to himself "this is it. I've failed. I couldn't do anything to stop Mewtwo. Sorry, my friends," but before he hits the ground an orange blur rushes beneath him to catch him. He looks down and realizes he is now riding Ho-oh. Ho-oh soars back up to where Mewtwo is and confronts him. An epic battle ensues, ending when the heavilly damaged Ho-oh uses Sacred Fire on the device. The device finally breaks and Mewtwo regains his mind. Both Mewtwo and Ho-oh begin to fall from the sky, aith Ash and Pikachu still on Ho-oh's back. As they are about to land, a bright light hits them, they stop in midair, and the booming voice of Arceus echoes down from the heavens and tells them that he chooses to spare their lives as a reward for their great deed (except Mewtwo; he is saved because he had been forced to endure such madness). Arceus then appears at the site where JJ&M have just beaten Giovanni. He looks at Giovanni with great anger and says "you dare harm the balance of nature and threaten the fate of both humans and pokemon. For that you shall recieve the full force of my wrath. JUDGEMENT!" A powerful Judgement attack slams down on Giovanni, who the vanishes, seemingly vaporized.
After everyone goes home and the rest of TR disperse and/or get arrested, Ash and his family are together at their house. A long conversation takes place, and Ash tells his parents that he is still sad that he never became a pokemon master in the pokemon league. His father looks at his and says "son, one tournament will never be able to give you the name of a master. You have done that on your own. Today, you are a pokemon master!" Ash then tells his father that he has one more request before his father leaves again; a battle. The two meet outside the next morning and Ash's father reveals his main pokemon, a Raichu. Pikachu and Raichu rush at each other with Volt Tackle and the final episode ends in a epic freeze-frame of the impact.
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