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What will happen on 8th January?

Discussion in 'Animé Spoilers' started by Bennicher98, Jan 5, 2013.

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  1. Bennicher98

    Bennicher98 Member

    What do you think about this? New 6th generation pokemon? Or a new brand of games?
  2. Haunter ゴースト

    Haunter ゴースト Well-Known Member

    This is the wrong place to post this thread, sorry.
  3. Airi-Chan

    Airi-Chan Falling Roses

    I hope it's new information for rivals (maybe Trip changes his clothes or attitudes, or something new with Georgia, Burgundy, and Bianca)
  4. LizardonX

    LizardonX Banned

    This will happen
  5. KibaLG8

    KibaLG8 Well-Known Member

    The announcement will also be made the same day in the US, so I doubt it has to do with Anime, let alone the rivals within the Anime. Whatever the announcement is it will be something to the degree of a new game/New Generation, which means this is the wrong subforum to have this thread in.
  6. HatersGonnaHate

    HatersGonnaHate Throwing Shade

    Random much? The announcement is probably gonna involve a new game, not the rivals of the anime of all things.
  7. knux-the-killer

    knux-the-killer Well-Known Member

    How about the Original Dragon? In the previous international announcements revealed Reshiram and Zekrom and then the two Kyurems.
  8. Bariokie

    Bariokie rock dog

    Probably a new game for the Wii U
    or it is a announcement for generation 6 :)
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